Cali County Plans To Create Task Force To Seize Guns From Banned Owners. Are You Next?

There are some people in this world who should not own firearms, but when the government forms a task force to take them from you, it’s frightening.

Trump Links Weinstein to Michelle Obama in Reaction to Conviction

Disgraced former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein, a Democratic Party mega-donor, was just convicted in a New York court of two felony sex crimes that will likely land him

Trump Campaign Sues New York Times: ‘Systematic Pattern of Bias’

President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign sued The New York Times for libel on Wednesday, alleging the paper falsely reported about collusion between the president and Russia.

Biden Says He’d Put Black Woman on SCOTUS but Voted Down Conservative Black Woman for DC Court

If there were a pandering and lying Olympics it would be held by the same people who participated in the Democratic presidential debates and town halls this week.
In a shocking move Tuesday, nearly every Democratic senator voted against requiring that medical care be provided to babies who survive abortions.

Active Shooter Situation Reported at Molson Coors Facility

Milwaukee police are responding to what they are calling a “critical incident” on the Molson Coors Brewing Co. campus amid reports of a possible shooting.

Bob Ehrlich: There Are No “Moderate” Democratic Presidential Candidates

I have a serious problem with the media, and it is not confined to the left-wing press.

Herman Cain: There’s No Such Thing as “Democratic” Socialism

Bernie Sanders would have you believe that he is not like the socialists who have ruined Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba and – going back a few years – all

Tim Allen Smashed Bernie During Debate by Reminding Country What Socialism Really Is

A surging Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders took his fair share of licks over longstanding expressions of support for socialism during this this week’s Democratic presidential debate.

Calls for Sotomayor, Ginsburg Recusal Spread as Sen. Cotton Demands Action

Apparently, if you’re a lower-court judge who is appointed by a president, you’re not supposed to rule in favor of that president when cases involving him come up.

Ilhan Omar Slammed by Refugee Republican Challenger with Simple ‘I Am an American’ Message

Sometimes one word says it all.
U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, the Somali refugee who now represents her Minnesota constituents as a first-term Democrat in the United States Congress,

Republicans Celebrate After Special Election Flips Kentucky Seat Held by Democrats for 33 Years

A Kentucky Republican flipped a longtime blue state House seat red in a special election on Tuesday.

2020 Tokyo Olympics Will Proceed as Scheduled Despite Concerns About Coronavirus

As the threat of coronavirus spreads across the world, the International Olympic Committee and Japanese organizers of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are continuing to prepare for the summer

NYT Ed. Board Member Blames Trump for Water Main Break in Lib-Run NYC

A member of The New York Times editorial board appeared to blame a water main break in New York’s East Harlem neighborhood on President Donald Trump this week.

D Is for Disease

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Appeals Court Sides with Trump Administration in Fight Against Sanctuary Cities

The Trump administration can withhold millions of dollars in law enforcement grants to force states to cooperate with U.S. immigration enforcement, a federal appeals court in New York

Records Contradict Elizabeth Warren’s Debate Story About Being Fired for Being Pregnant

It was one of the highlights of Tuesday night’s Democratic debate — but it was a low point for Elizabeth Warren’s ability to tell the truth.

Dick Morris: Dems Rush Toward Deadlock – and Possibly to Hillary?

With only a week left until Super Tuesday, it is becoming exceedingly clear that no Democratic candidate is likely to win a majority of the elected delegates.

Trump Weighs in on ‘Crazy’ Democratic Debate, Assesses Candidates’ Performance

President Donald Trump labeled Tuesday’s Democratic presidential debate in South Carolina as “crazy” and “chaotic.”
President Donald Trump said he’ll discuss the coronavirus threat at a White House news conference Wednesday evening, a day after he sought to ease fears of the virus