US Firms Tried To Get Own Med. Equipment Out of China but Chinese Kept It All for Themselves

China should be on its knees expressing remorse for the virus that emanated from its shores and infected the entire world.
It wasn’t hard to predict what the media would do with COVID-19. In no time at all, it was transformed from a foreign virus into a bludgeon against

Mike Weinberger: Media, Opportunistic Politicians Deserve Blame for Coronavirus Coverage

With each passing day, the estimates of the so-called “experts” of how badly we would be hit by the coronavirus come under increased scrutiny.

Dan Crenshaw Reaches Across the Aisle To Echo John F. Kennedy’s Famous Call to Action

Texas Rep. Dan Crenshaw, a rising star among GOP lawmakers, asked Americans to remember President John F. Kennedy’s famous call to action on Fox News on Monday.

Ted Cruz Blasts Dems for Treating Americans Like We Live in a Police State

Sen. Ted Cruz had had enough.
The Texas Republican – like much of the country – apparently has been watching the increasingly extreme steps being taken in some

Allstate Announces It Will Return $600 Million in Car Insurance Premiums to Customers

American insurance company Allstate has announced it will return more than $600 million in premiums to its auto customers as fewer motorists are on the road amid the

Op-Ed: Tyranny Is the Deadliest Virus

Why do men lust for power over other men? Here, I refer to “men” in the classical sense, as in “mankind.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson Taken to Intensive Care as Coronavirus Symptoms Worsen

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was moved to the intensive care unit of a London hospital after his coronavirus symptoms worsened Monday, just a day after he was
Nikki Haley hasn’t gone away.
The former South Carolina governor, who put her own unique brand on the job of ambassador to the United Nations, stepped down from

Fred Weinberg: Media Still Spinning Coronavirus To Hurt Trump

Forgive me for sounding like a broken record, but we live in the world’s greatest nation and I’m getting more than a little tired of the legacy media
An anti-malaria drug touted by President Donald Trump as a possible treatment for people suffering with COVID-19, the disease brought on by the coronavirus, is being used in
A week ago, emergency rooms and intensive care wards in Spain and Italy were overflowing with woozy, coughing coronavirus patients and literally buzzing with breathing machines.

As World’s Distracted with Wuhan Virus, China Invades Foreign Territory

Territorial fishing wars aren’t an unusual thing, even in a modern world where ships have GPS and governments can keep a closer eye on things. What gets unusual

Trump Admin Considers Legal Action Over Apparent Chinese Mask Hoarding Scheme

As Americans are dying from the coronavirus pandemic that originated in Wuhan, China is being accused of hoarding medical safety equipment.

Honor Blackman, Bond Girl and ‘The Avengers’ Star, Dies of Natural Causes

Honor Blackman, the potent British actress who took James Bond’s breath away as Pussy Galore in “Goldfinger” and who starred as the leather-clad, judo-flipping Cathy Gale in “The
Likening the path of America in the coming week to the way of suffering marked by many Christians during Holy Week, America’s surgeon general did not mince words

Bedside Manners

For more A.F. Branco cartoons, go to

The Masters and US Open Get New Dates, British Open Canceled

The British Open will not be played this year for the first time since 1945, golf officials announced Monday as they tried to reconfigure a major championship schedule

GOP Chair: Democrats’ Mail-In Plan a ‘Way To Undermine Democracy’

As Democrats from 2016 presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to presumptive 2020 nominee Joe Biden call for overhauling America’s system of elections and instituting voting by mail amid the

Lib Harvard Prof Floats Wild Conspiracy Theory on Trump and COVID-19

It’s a metaphor we’ve become fond of using in these dark times: If you’re a hammer, everything looks like a nail.