Miami Buildings Evacuated After Huge 7.7 Quake Hits Near Cuba, "Hazardous" Tsunami Possible

A powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake has been detected between Jamaica and Cuba on Tuesday afternoon, reported the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS).

All Eyes On Apple: Will The Market's Biggest Pillar Finally Crack

It is safe to say that of all the companies reporting this earnings season, only one truly matters: Apple, which is reporting today after the close
For those who have been following the trajectory of the US budget deficit in fiscal 2020, which as we showed two weeks ago blew out to

Hunter Biden Settles Paternity Case; Avoids Courtroom Confrontation Over Financial Info

Hunter Biden reached a temporary settlement agreement in his child support case just 48 hours before a deadline for a mandatory court appearance to explain why
Families who have lost loved ones to opioid overdoses or other opioid-related deaths cheered last week when a judge sent the founder of drugmaker Insys to

"It's Time To Sell" - Charles Nenner Warns "Market Will Go Down 40%"

Via Greg Hunter’s,

Revealed: Trump Releases 'Deal Of The Century' Map Of Future "Palestinian State"

President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be delivering joint remarks from the White House, scheduled for noon EST on Tuesday. 

"I Believe John Bolton" Says John Kelly In Support Of Fellow Failed Trump-Handler

Former White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has given a rubber-stamp endorsement to John Bolton's new book-claim that President Trump tied military aid for Ukraine
Will this Harvard Chemistry Department Head be remembered as the Aldrich Ames of the modern-day 'Cold War'?

Mediocre 7Y Auction Tails As Yield Tumbles To 6 Month Low

Following two tailing coupon auctions, which saw both the 2Y and 5Y note sales tail the When Issued as a result of this week's sharp drop

Hong Kong Researchers Have Developed A Coronavirus Vaccine, There Is Just One Catch

With scientists from around the world scrambling to be the first to market with a vaccine for the Chinese coronavirus pandemic, Hong Kong researchers said today

France Confirms 4th Case Of Coronavirus

Update (0700ET): Minutes ago, CNBC reported that the White House has held multiple meetings about the coronavirus led by Deputy National Security Advisor Matt Pottinger.

Impeachment Moves Into Q&A Phase; Here's What To Expect

With President Trump's defense team set to wrap up their third and final day of opening arguments in his Senate impeachment trial, and a debate over

Central Banks Have Made Markets So Fragile, Liquidity Premiums Are Now Negative

Back in late December, when the market was melting up every single day with zero regard for economic data or newsflow, we pointed out something ominous:

Watch Live: Trump Unveils 'Deal Of The Century' Mideast Peace Plan With Netanyahu

President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be delivering joint remarks from the White House, scheduled for noon EST on Tuesday. 
No, this is not from the Onion.
Somehow, before driving his firm and himself into near bankruptcy due to his insatiable lifestyle addiction, Michael Avenatti was

Is It Time To 'Buy The Dip'?


Doctor Copper Catches Coronavirus With Worst Performance In 34 Years

Copper prices are down 9 straight days - the longest streak of losses for the commodity with an economics PhD since 1986!

Bernie Sanders Staffer Admits Campaign Attracts "Marxists, Leninists And Anarchists"

Two more Bernie Sanders staffers have been caught on tape speaking passionately about 'the revolution' they're fighting, they type of people the Sanders campaign attracts, and