Gates Calls for a “Digital Certificate” to Identify COVID-19 Vaccinated

Bill Gates recently stated on Reddit that “digital certificates” will be used to identify who received the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine. And these certificates will also be used to identify who can

Who Was Bill Gates Before Microsoft?


Coronavirus Psychic Predictions and Naadi Prophecies

To see more of what Hamilton-Parker has to say go to

Three unmistakable signs that WAR is coming to America


Saudi-led forces airdropping virus-infected masks in Yemen: Minister

A Yemeni woman puts on a protective face mask in Yemen’s capital Sana’a. Click to enlarge

Sick and Sadistic: World Fights COVID-19 Amid U.S. Sanctions

Dozens of U.S. government-chartered flights have begun to airlift vital medical equipment and supplies from China to the U.S. as the latter becomes the

Lockdown Reminds Reader of Wartime Jewish Ghetto

(Above, Fritz Springmeier on Slavery) “I watched “The Pianist” a couple days ago.  Jews in Poland had a whole year to get out of dodge

It’s Only a Matter of Time Until Lockdowns Lead to Civil Unrest and Crime

The United States of America is basically closed for business, leaving citizens jobless, broke, and without

Breaking News!! UK mortality since CV crisis is 5% BELOW average

Official government stats show a staggering DROP in mortality as the CV-19 allegedly ‘hit’ Britain in mid-January. Five thousand LESS people died from then onwards – January to March of

The Devil’s Virus: Apocalypse Now?

Edited and abridged by Lasha Darkmoon
with an introduction, pictures and captions. The certitude and sincerity of this doom-laden article cannot be doubted.  Dismiss it at your peril. The fact

Biggest Deception On The Whole World EndGame Plan


Bill Gates’ Quantum Dot Digital Tattoo Implant to Track COVID-19 Vaccine Compliance

Microsoft founder Bill Gates announced on March 18, 2020 during a “Reddit ‘Ask Me Anything’ session” that he



“The Destiny of the Reactive Mind is Suicide for the Purpose of Demonstration.”

Dog Poet Transmitting……. There is only one source of conflict in this world that occurs between PEOPLE and themselves; that is The Personality. There are 12 basic personality groups and

Lies, damned lies….and statistics

Well we haven’t all died yet. In fact my readership has gone up over the last few weeks. So what’s going on? I don’t know but I repeat what I

Police with batons disperse party-goers from one-year-old girl’s birthday

This is the shocking moment a huge line of police officers were forced to disperse a little girl’s birthday

People dying equals Coronavirus? An engineered virus?

This article is intended for close study. I urge you not to jump to an early conclusion about what I’m proposing here. For

2018 Flashback – Doctors deliver blunt message about a record 80,000 flu deaths

Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams receives a flu shot as Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Joe Thomas looks