Wake Em' Up Wednesday!!4/1/2020


@fluffz74 KaReN1111BRC

We tune into to your youtube so we can watch the pressers as we're in the UK and total black out and my partner spotted in yahoo news the aggressive reporter in blue who trump moved on from it was reported emphasising her being a black reporter rather than her aggressive manner

@AuthenticAnon_ Authentic Existence??

Much Respect to you my brother. I fuckin love everything you just said!!!

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@ClemsonPrez Jim Clements

Important news: #Clemson students will be getting a refund on housing, dining and other fees due to the closure of campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. For more information, click https://t.co/g0V4CL7S6M

TRUreporting Covers The Presser


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TRUreporting Live PODCAST and CALL IN SHOW!


TRUreporting Interviews Tommy G!!


TRUreporting Live Podcast / Presser / Call In Show!!!




@jones3918 Quinn Jones

Hey Thomas I just wanted to thank you for being a truth seeker and using your platform to get the truth out to the masses. I’m very excited about the future. God bless you and the truth movement!!!

@Emet_or_2020 טליה95

Hi. Friendly eyes you have. Thank you for all you do for us. I watch often on youtube. You offer a calm and encouraging presence. AND will continue to be needed during these times.
See you on the tube.



TRUreporting Covers The Presser 03/25/20


TRUreporting Live With Special Guest Inevitable_ET


What We Are Up Against Isn't Of Flesh And Bone:coded:


Live Podcast And Live Call In Show With Presser 03-23-20


TRUreporting Live Podcast And Presser Coverage 03/22/20


@CommonLawRules1 Sonny Skies

Your the best!! Keep doing what your doing, we need you. You are always the 1st with the best ideas! Stay safe and healthy so you can bring us the real news and keep us Patriots connected to one another. Excited for tomorrow!