Dear Adam Schiff: Shove it

  I normally strive to stay civil in my writing. Not this time. Adam Schiff distorts the truth so far beyond reason, it’s time for all of America to tell him to shove it. For years now, this human being who represents California’s 28th Congressional District has regularly tweeted arrogant, disrespectful comments directed at President […]

Steve Gruber & Tracy Beanz, Why Italy?

Listen HERE for Steve Gruber Show with Tracy Beanz on “Why Italy?”

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@tracybeanz⁩ Cares Act Final Text | Medicare (United States) | Unemployment Benefits

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Dr. Deborah Birx suggests the media is irresponsibly presenting distorted coronavirus numbers to the American people in an effort to frighten them

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Call the President:

Comments: 202-456-1111
Switchboard: 202-456-1414

Comments: 202-456-6213
Visitor’s Office: 202-456-2121

Or message his office:

Dark To Light: It’s Stimulus Time!

Click Arrow to Listen It is Wednesday so we talk about the new stimulus bill, go over a few of the things in the last iteration that weren’t mentioned, and we turn our sights to the criminal media, a media responsible for sharing dangerous disinformation about a couple (we are wondering if it is even […]

Updated Stimulus Bill Read LIVE by Tracy Beanz

Tracy Reads the Updated Stimulus Bill
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@philbak1 Phil Bak

Family friend, healthy male about 65 or 70, was about to go on ventilator last night for covid at NYC hospital. They gave him the new drug cocktail (hydroxychloroquine and whatever else), woke up this am breathing easily and no fever. Firsthand story.

Tracy Beanz and Chris X Radio Discuss Coronavirus and “Why Italy?”

Listen HERE at 30:00 to for a great conversation between Chris X and Tracy Beanz discussing Corona Virus and her article “Why Italy?”
Listen HERE for Tracy Beanz and Jimmy Lakey discussion on “Why Italy?”, her article from UncoverDC and Coronavirus.
Listen HERE for discussion between Lars Larson & Tracy Beanz on “Why Italy” and her article from UncoverDC

Trump Versus the Globalists

  Trump Is Fixing the Mess The Globalists Left Behind As all Americans look on aghast at the spectacle of Nancy Pelosi and her party holding the entire country hostage with this CCP Virus stimulus bill, Trump is getting the job done. However, the President faces a difficult task as he tries to lead us […]

Tracy on the Dianna Ploss Show

Tracy Beanz with Dianna Ploss discussing “Why Italy?”  Listen HERE starting at 1:40 (or listen to the whole fantastic show!)

@ChoralReave Russell Flowers

This may be correct:

"She thought it was the drug 'chloroquine'"

And? How would you safeguard against a person thinking such a thing? What if we promoted sanitizer that was 60% alcohol, and someone drank 60% rubbing alcohol? Would we be complicit in someone's death?

The Left’s Scorched-Earth War on Trump

By Daniel Bobinski Does anyone remember hundreds of thousands of protesters flooding the streets of Hong Kong? Only a few months ago, demonstrators were waving American flags, singing America’s national anthem, and asking the United States to help them deal with China’s oppressive policies. Videos traveling at the speed of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube showed […]

@MillerLite Miller Lite

We’re donating $1,000,000 to help the bar and restaurant workers suddenly without pay. If you can, please join us and donate to the @USBGNCF Bartender Emergency Assistance Program. Every virtual tip helps. #VirtualTipJar

@melissapcole Melissa Cole

They don’t want us to take the malaria drug. If we have a drug, the death toll will be lower & we will be able to get back to work faster. The longer this goes on, the more deaths there are & the more the economy tanks, the happier the dems & media will be. #Evil

@CjStafford5 Seriously?

My husband hates Trump and said after they blocked the stimulus deal today he will vote anything but Democrat in the election. So thanks Pelosi you literally lost one of Trumps biggest critics today when 3 years of debating with me wouldn't budge him at all 👏👏👏👏

@toddstarnes toddstarnes

Democrats believe #coronavirus can be cured by providing $35 million in funding to the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts.