Flu Season started early this year. Or did it?


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America is releasing people from jail — including registered sex offenders — because of the virus.

Now this reporter suggests we shut down all grocery stores too.

Freed prisoners + no food + virus =

Let’s not do this, folks.pic.twitter.com/Cm87TTRXle

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Here is an article of a school being closed in my area due to illness in early January. https://t.co/uBE8Lf8G5F

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Looking forward to this. An analytical approach to the many anecdotes.

My EMS service and hospital experienced a rash of ILI (in patients and staff) late last year before even starting the standard flu "mask up" precautions, which are timed on gov't data to preserve supplies

Could CDC Data Prove COVID-19 Infections in November 2019?

CDC Data supports theory of much earlier COVID infection than has been reported. Data shows a dramatic spike in “Influenza Related Illness” in certain states as early as November of 2019 A number of states appear to have already experienced an ILI and made it through to a more stable ILI footing for this time […]

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Healthcare pro here:

Coding is subjective.
We can hope that if the cause is “unspecified” they’ll use the correct code & won’t be counted in mortality stats but that is solely dependent on the individual coder.

& last paragr allows broad interpretation

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It's like being 16 again.

Gas is cheap and I'm grounded.

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⚠️ Any medical personnel ⚠️

If you’d like a headband for your mask PLEASE dm me your address & how many you’d like!! They are absolutely free!! We’re just trying to help in any way we can ♥️ pic.twitter.com/XblvNdwMNd

How is the CCP Leveraging COVID-19?

  Leveraging the Virus to Achieve Chinese Communist Party Goals and Objectives Long-time China-watchers have come to understand several tenets in monitoring the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) since the Chinese Communists seized power in 1949: The CCP lies routinely, and their official public statements, as well as the semi-official public statements through the use of […]

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My job is considered "essential" as we print bags and sandwich wraps for some of the biggest players in the fast food industry. That business is still strong. A lot of our business is wraps and basket liners for smaller mom and pop bars and restaurants. The orders have stopped.

Dark To Light: Back To Work Time

Click Arrow to Listen It’s the “Frank’s Birthday” edition of the Dark to Light podcast and we start with a little greeting for him and move on to some Wuhan virus news. It is becoming increasingly more likely that we are much further into this virus progression than previously thought and we have stories flooding […]

Fearmongering vs. Your Liberties

By Daniel Bobinski Has anyone noticed how quickly, and easily, and willingly, Americans gave up their liberties? It’s baffling. I’m watching otherwise patriotic Americans let their rights slip away as they give into media-driven fear, shame, and guilt. Just look what’s happening around us. The government now says, “Shut down your business – it’s non-essential. […]

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-2.2 million could die in US because of coronavirus
(1 week later)
-100,000-200,000 could die

(1 week later)

Fauci: "I've looked at all the models, I've spent a lot of time on the models. They don't tell you anything. You can't really rely on models"

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I am sensing a slow and steady rumble on social media and in communities and even the @FoxNews evening pro @realDonaldTrump shows. There is an uprising if things don't open up soon. Americans are not going to sit back and watch their entire world crumble over 6500 US deaths.

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@BankofAmerica We're a small business banking client for 3 years, but since we haven't taken debt you won't help with an SBA #PPP loan? pic.twitter.com/xYqm9gUFxS

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So I think it's time for a thread.

This was very frustrating to watch develop in real-time. The media overwhelmingly dismissed very real possibilities as conspiracy theories and helped China avoid real questions about the origin. https://t.co/GJObGvpjin

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How can we fight these jobless numbers?

The #PaycheckProtectionProgram starts tomorrow, a lifeline for #smallbiz to pay workers, including rehiring those they may have laid off.https://t.co/WaxK5IVT95 & @marcorubio have more on this critical relief @realDonaldTrump signed. pic.twitter.com/IiHLMvRhjP

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Nancy Pelosi Has No Credibility: She Should be Ignored

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