Restrainer in Chief

Believe it or not, John Roberts handed conservatives two big wins at the Supreme Court last week, just not the win they wanted.
This Independence Day is certainly unlike any most of us have witnessed in our lifetimes, but we can take comfort in the knowledge that the United States has been here before.

Bushed Biden is Getting Beat

Bidens lackluster stamina raises a host of important questions about his mental fitness for the highest office in the land.

'But Gorsuch' Is Still Trump's Best Argument


Happy 244th Birthday, America


Masks Will Save Lives! (Fact Check: Mostly False)


Lincoln Statues Must Go. Margaret Sanger Stays?

Anytime things go from widely disputed to sudden, virtually-overnight national scientific consensus, its probably a good idea to be a wee bit skeptical.

We Must Decide Whether We Want to Save America


COVID-19 Shows Why Borders Are Necessary

With millions of coronavirus cases in over 200 countries, the COVID-19 pandemic shows how rapidly a disease as contagious as COVID-19 can spread between and within countries.

Biden’s Sister Souljah Moment That Wasn’t


Are Uncivil Protests and Mob Violence Winning?


No, This Isn't the End of Oil -- And That's a Good Thing

Fortunately for the millions of Americans who rely on oil and natural gas to power their lives, fossil fuels aren't going anywhere.

Proud To Be an American

I am proud to be an American.

Unpredictable John Roberts

Chief Justice John Roberts has re-enforced a longstanding theme: there is no guarantee a judge nominated by a Republican president will decide cases based on the text of the Constitution.

Universities Sowing the Seeds of Their Own Obsolescence

Many of the young people on the televised front lines of the protests are in their 20s. But most appear juvenile, at least in comparison to their grandparents -- survivors of the Great Depression and World War II.