Jordan Peterson Vs Milo On His Fall From Grace

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Kyle Kulinski Vs Charlie Kirk

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Sam Seder Vs Tim Pool

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The Weird Genius Of Shia LaBeouf

See my article on Shia: Genius means carrying the child spirit into adulthood. I don't...

The Problem With Candace Owens | Coleman Hughes

From Coleman's interview with Rebel Wisdom - link below

Eckhart Tolle Explains The Political Divide

From Eckhart Tolle on The Rubin Report:

Coleman Hughes VS Ta-Nehisi Coates

From the congressional hearing on reparations this past week - Link below

Coleman Hughes: Reparations Debate

Taken from the Bric TV Reparations Town Hall: "We can either direct resources toward the individuals who ...

This Is What A Healthy Disagreement Looks Like

This content is taken from Russell Brand's Under The Skin Podcast with Jordan Peterson, link below. Full interview: ...

Jordan Peterson and Russell Brand Talk 12 Steps Program

This excerpt is taken from the Russell Brand's "Under The Skin Podcast" with Jordan Peterson. Link below: In this...

Jordan Peterson Goes Full LOBSTER In Feminist Debate

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DEBATE Jordan Peterson and Russell Brand discuss politics

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Jordan Peterson and Russell Brand on "The Devouring Mother" archetype

Taken From Russell Brand's Under The Skin Podcast #46 With Jordan Peterson Here, they discuss the devouring mother archetype and it's role in modern civiliza...

Amusing Ourselves To Death

Review of Neil Postman's "Amusing Ourselves To Death". Great message. Well written. Meaningful. Powerful. Walk This Path With Me