The Director of the San Francisco Public Works Department was arrested this week by the Federal Bureau of Investigations on suspicion of public corruption and other charges, according to

McCARTHY ON HANNITY: ‘They Have the Transcripts, They Have All the Facts They Need’

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stopped-by ‘Hannity’ Monday night just hours after the President’s defense team presented their case to the Senate; saying lawmakers “have all the

NO EVIDENCE? Warren Says ‘The Evidence Against Trump Will Not Be Hidden Forever’

Despite Congressman Adam Schiff’s repeated assertions that the case against President Trump is a slam-dunk, Senator Elizabeth Warren suggested Monday night the evidence to remove the Commander-in-Chief remains “hidden”
The 92nd Academy Awards is reportedly focusing on a “plant-based menu” for this years ceremony to help combat climate change; conveniently ignoring the hundreds of limousines and private jets
Project Veritas released another explosive undercover exposé of Bernie Sanders’ 2020 campaign Tuesday; showing two more field organizers calling for “violence against property” and dismissing the horrors of the

HANNITY: Trump’s Legal Team ‘Demolished’ the Democrats’ Impeachment Case

Sean Hannity weighed-in Monday night on the Democrats’ never-ending impeachment charade in the US Senate; saying the President’s legal team “demolished” their entire argument in just a
Hours after city officials vowed to crackdown on the recent rise in anti-Semitic attacks across New York City, graffiti was found in an apartment complex; blaring ‘F*** Jews’ alongside
CNN found itself the center of another national controversy Tuesday after a panel mocked Trump supporters as illiterate “rubes” who don’t understand math, geography, or spelling.
Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ripped her former rival Bernie Sanders during a wide-ranging interview published this week; saying she feels the “urge” to run again in 2020 because

Sean Hannity Radio Recap: Jan 27


LATEST POLL: Donald Trump Gaining Ground in 2020 Battlegrounds, Head-to-Head Match-Ups

A new poll from ABC News could spell big trouble for Democrats less than one week before the Iowa Caucus, with President Trump gaining ground in potential head-to-head match-ups
Controversial Congresswoman Ilhan Omar doubled-down on her demands for massive new entitlement programs over the weekend; saying the US government must “guarantee housing for all” to fight the “climate
The United States Department of State issued a direct warning Monday; urging citizens to avoid travel to China as the coronavirus continues to strengthen and spread across Asia.

KEN STARR: ‘We Are Now Living in the Age of Impeachment’

Former Independent Counsel Ken Starr addressed the United States Senate Monday during the impeachment trial of President Trump; saying House Democrats tried for months to remove the Commander-in-Chief from

NYC CRIME WAVE: Robberies UP 32%, Car Theft 61%, Burglaries 18%, NYPD Chief Blames Bail Law

New York City residents were left fuming in the early weeks of 2020 following a massive spike in crime, with the NYPD Commissioner publicly blaming new bail laws on
A new poll published by the Washington Post could spell big trouble for the Democrats’ never-ending impeachment push; revealing the President is now “more competitive” against his challengers than

DEVELOPING: Pentagon Confirms Military Plane with 5 Onboard Crashes in Afghanistan

A US Air Force plane carrying five people crashed in eastern Afghanistan Monday, confirms Pentagon officials.

BREAKING NOW: President Trump, Netanyahu to Announce New Mideast Peace Plan Tomorrow

President Trump announced Monday his plan to introduce a new Mideast Peace Plan within the next 24 hours; calling the framework a culmination of work from multiple countries around
Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi doubled-down on her demands for more witnesses in the ongoing Senate impeachment trial Sunday; saying Republicans must permit further investigations or “pay a
Fading presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren ditched the entire premise of the US justice system on social media over the weekend; saying the President must “prove he did nothing wrong”