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2020 showed me the importance of owning a gun. Full stop.

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convince me this guy that started shit at autozone windows is not a COP pic.twitter.com/zmirgedQkD

#ScumMedia is Trending


Boo For Boris


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Another vid highlighting that @twitch need to very carefully consider what the aim of their “council” is, why ferociously steph should be nowhere near it, and that these people have no idea what is actually going on in gaming.
From @Rational_Sargon https://t.co/7OUwfm8gzT

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60% of americans under 30 play video games (regardless of gender)

I think its a great idea for the left to demonize these people and tell them they're ruined and broken.

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More likely to drop Biden for Ted Bundy.

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Sinason was a prime mover in DID/MPD therapy which is responsible for 1000s of false-accusations of abuse over past 30 yrs. The @rcpsych should have banned #DID early on but it's a growth industry in Therapy.
Does far more harm than good.
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@realDonaldTrump pleas tweet abot gamergate! Its a movment about grabbing femal devlopers buy the pussy.... Nee @Rational_Sargon and @MisterAntiBully would implode if you just tweet the term Gamergat

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This is an example if what I am dealing with in addition to the threats and harrassment online.
I am not " unbalanced" and I do not have " malicious" motives.
I was sexually harassed and assaulted by my former boss Joe Biden in 1993. https://t.co/0DrwKCxsoi

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According to centrists:

Chris Hayes isn’t allowed to report the allegation against @JoeBiden.

We can’t criticize @SpeakerPelosi even when she puts corporations over people.

We can’t push Biden on #Medicare4All even though 69% of all voters want it.

This is cult-like behavior.

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Chris Hayes covering Tara Reade’s allegations against Biden pic.twitter.com/zs5BJEZGVb

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1. I respect the will of the voters.

2. But new information has emerged supporting #TaraReade's account of being sexually assaulted by #JoeBiden.

3. Credible rape accusations are disqualifying or we have NO moral standards.

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a whole lot of americans are mad at me, a british person, for not supporting joe biden enthusiastically enough. maybe i don't get how it works over there, being british and all, but i might recommend you spend your time trying to convince people who can maybe actually vote

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Trump is going to skullfuck Joe Biden into dust. This outcome is, to my reckoning, inevitable.

The left should focus on the 2020 downticket, the 2022 midterms, and the 2024 election.

Biden is DOA, and even if I'm wrong about that, he's still useless to us.

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Bernie Sanders is pushing to protect Amazon workers and make sure everyone has health care.

The newspaper owned by Amazon's CEO responds by publishing @JRubinBlogger's screed calling Bernie "selfish." pic.twitter.com/dW3EXEnk4O

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This is a good start, but is it ok to die from cancer or diabetes becuase you’re poor? https://t.co/3emqCgcfC9

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remember Pete Buttigieg?