PLEASE SHARE ON SOCIAL MEDIA:  The total destruction of the German city of Dresden in February 1945 has never been justified. There are squalid attempts to downplay

Truly Shameful BBC Israeli Propaganda

In a genuinely outrageous piece of victim blaming, BBC News just blamed Palestinian intransigence in refusing to accept Israeli annexation of the West Bank for the deaths of Palestinian children caused
The sensational disclosure by the New York Times on June 26 that Russia’s military intelligence agency paid bounties

The Latest Lies About Russia Paying Afghan Bounties Is Russiagate's Last Gasp

On Friday The New York Times featured a report based on

This Russia-Afghanistan Story Is CIA Propaganda At Its Most Vile

All western mass media outlets are now shrieking about the story The New York Times first reported, citing zero evidence and naming zero sources, claiming intelligence says Russia paid out bounties to

China's Economy Is the Least Hurt by COVID - How She Is Responding to US Moves

The world community can heave a sigh of relief that there isn’t going to be a new cold war between the United States and China. A Cold War needs two blocs:

Putin Announces Big Tax Cuts to Transform Russia Into an IT Hub

In a televised address to the nation Tuesday, Putin also announced big tax cuts for the IT sector, apparently a bid to “turn Russia into India” by using tax incentives to

Victoria Nuland Alert

It is difficult to find anything good to say about Donald Trump, but the reality is that he has not started any new wars, though he has

Russia Unblocks World's Largest Free-Speech Messaging and Social Media Platform (Telegram)

Roskomnadzor, the Russian Internet and telecom authority, announced today that it is lifting restrictions on access to Telegram.
В июне отмечается «Месяц гордости» ЛГБТИ. Права ЛГБТИ - это
The U.S. Embassy in Moscow has hung a rainbow flag on its

China Snaps Up Russia's Expensive Urals Oil

China’s refiners have purchased a quarter of Russia’s Urals oil exports planned for June in the Baltic despite record high premiums for the grade due to a lack of sour barrels
In the near-two decades since the International Criminal Court was set up to try the worst violations of international human rights law, it has faced harsh criticism for its highly selective
“Why does life almost come to a halt on June 22? And why does one feel a lump in the throat?”
For the first time in eight years, the largest railway station China’s Heilongjiang province has facilitated the export of vegetables to Russia.
Black Lives Matter is a terrorist, Marxist organization which promotes abortion and homosexuality. This wicked group was founded by lesbian feminists, and has received tens of millions of dollars in funding

Was COVID-19 Created in a US Lab?

It was amusing to watch the emergence of this debate on the US-China stage. The Chinese were understandably unwilling to be blamed for the emergence of a