The Lawyer and the Pornstar

Category: Rebel of Oz
Date: 7 March 2018
Author: Rebel of Oz

A Jewish lawyer and a pornstar come to an agreement in an election year forbidding the hooker to go public about having sex allegedly with the presidential candidate who happens to be rather unpopular in that town, especially within the Jewish community.

Now which part of this story is NOT suspicious? Is it just me seeing more red flags than on a Chinese Communist Party Congress?

1. Red Flag: A Lawyer. Lawyers lie for a living, no different from politicians and journalists. That’s how they make money.

2. Red Flag: A Jew. Jews have an annual license to lie. It is called Kol Nidre. That’s why Jews gravitate naturally towards professional liar professions such as lawyers.

3. Red Flag: Election Year. The non-disclosure agreement occurred shortly before an election. How conveniently timed. Just when a struggling political candidate is most likely to pay silence money irrespective of guilt.

4. Red Flag: Cashflow. The Lawyer paid the “opposing” party before receiving the client’s money. Lawyers don’t do that

5. Red Flag: Trump never paid. If the alleged indiscretion was real, Trump would have paid very quickly. He would not have waited two years and risked getting sued.

6. Red Flag: Biologics. The sexual encounter supposedly happened one year after Donald Trump’s wedding, when he was 60. With a very attractive and classy wife like Ivenka, 24 years his junior, what is the likelihood of him cheating on her with a porn star, just one year into the marriage? Enough said. Common sense.

In all likelihood, our crafty Hollywood lawyer came up with the scam, how to bully Trump out of 160,000 USD. He hooked up with the porn star and concocted his silly story.

Trump did not blink. He is too streetwise. The lawyer needs to pay the hooker himself for services provided and is pissed. Maybe he can pay her with his personal services. She will need a good lawyer once Trump had enough of her nonsense, but so will he.

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