Q: Please be Patient and Trust the Plan

Category: Rebel of Oz
Date: 17 October 2018
Author: Rebel of Oz

It's been a painful week since Q's last post. It contained a detailed explanation of why the wheels of justice are so painfully slow. In other words, Q asks us to be patient. There have been lots of delaying factors such as the Kavanaugh confirmation hearings. The Coalition has decided that, as a side-effect of the Kavanaugh's hearings, the likelihood of the #DeepStateSewerRats regaining control of the Senate is so low that it's not necesssary to risk triggering all-out civil war by starting the "storm" before the midterms.

I trust the plan. The movement is lead by some of the greatest strategists who ever took on themselves the task of fighting the dark side. It's brilliant how they left dealing with Israhell for last. Sun Tzu said, you want to kill kosher nostra octupus, you better suck kosher d*** till you've chopped off all his legs and testicles.

Never before, the odds were stacked up so high in favour of humanity. My only fear is that the coalition is merely acting on behalf of the Old World Order, the folks who gave us Fascism to fight the Elders of Zion's Communist New World Order. Last time around, they flipped on the German leader, because he decided to do what he felt what was best for his people. The world does not need another Hellstorm. It just needs a storm that sends ALL #DeepStateSewerRats and their pedovor minions straight to hell for a reunion with their beloved Satan.


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