McCabe better shut up

Category: Rebel of Oz
Date: 19 March 2018
Author: Rebel of Oz

Disgraced Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe is not very happy, understandably, about being fired just hours before reaching his pension entitlement. If I was him, I'd be very quiet, though, to avoid receiving a very personal demonstration of Thomas Edison's finest invention, the electric chair. Zzzzzzzapppp...

McCabe only has to blame himself. When he deceived the FISA court about the dodgy evidence, linking Donald Trump to the "Russian collusion" conspiracy theory, he was committing a serious criminal offence. He lied to the court to spy on a presidential candidate. When he repeated the exercise to enable the NSA to spy on the POTUS, for the stated purpose of overthrowing him, he committed nothing less than high-treason, a capital offence.

The #DeepStateSewerRats are livid. Not so much about McCabe losing his job and his pension. Why would they care! What they are really scared of is the effect his case will have on their co-conspirators. They had ample of warning from Donald Trump. On his SOTU 2018 speech, he made them a very generous offer. When he spoke about firing bad players within the administration, for harming the American people, what he really said was, stop fighting me or you end up losing your job. No mentioning of prison, leave alone death penalty.

The scary part for the globalists is that what clearly motivates their minions is mostly money. They are pathologically greedy, in a clinical sense. If they lose their jobs due to their role in the globalist conspiracy, they lose more than just their salary and pension. They - in all likelihood - also lose their spouses and their friends. No wonder, they are in full panic mode.

What that means is that there is a good chance, that as a result of the McCabe firing, the globalist conspiracy will collapse due to lack of minions. It increases the likelihood that many of them will get so scared that they switch front, negotiate plea bargains and rat each other out.

All that Trump needs to do now is keep up the momentum and follow the plan. Fire those rats one by one, the higher profile, the better. It's only a matter of time, till they will have to leave the sinking ship.

The Illuminati New World Order had its Stalingrad experience when Donald Trump got elected. With all the election fraud going on and the anti-Trump frenzy in the Mocking Bird fake news media, it was literally a miracle that he won. No wonder, Hillary Clinton had not prepared a defeat speech. The miracle of Trump's election, one day, will become the basis for his canonisation. No kidding.

I just hope and pray every day, that the Trump team will never go soft on those monsters. If we want humanity to survive, as a more-or-less thinking, conscious, compassionate and creative creature, all traces of the #DeepStateSewerRats must be pest-controlled, their entire gene pool. Hang them Nuremberg-style, shaft them Vlad-the-Impaler-style, burn them Salem-style, in that order. And then, for good measure, shoot them in the head with a silver bullet. The very minimum we must do with them is neuter and lock them up - for good - in a high-security facility for the criminally insane.

In a funny way, though, I'm highly grateful to Hillary Clinton. She helped me find peace with the Middle Ages. Before I found out about her antics, I always thought there could not be any justification for medieval witch burning. She's convinced me otherwise.

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