Give Obama Credit Where Credit Is Due

Category: Rebel of Oz
Date: 13 January 2018
Author: Rebel of Oz

Former president Obama keeps making a fool out of himself, proving himself to be the delusional narcissist faggots like him tend to be. He keeps going around claiming credit for the boyant state of the economy. However, one thing Obama deserves credit for and deserves our gratitude.

He woke up a critical mass of "America first" White Hats within US military and intelligence, making them realise that they can no longer sit on their arse. He made them realise that if they don't destroy "deep state" now, humanity as we know would have seized to to exist by now. Instead of being being populated by thinking, conscious and creative beings, planet Earth would be roamed by zombies and cyborgs. Putting Trump into power was an act of desperation. It would not have happened without the humiliation that President Obama constituted for the United States.

The realisation that "deep state" had raped "the world's most powerful country" by giving its highest ranked job to a Satan-worshipping, White America hating, cocaine snorting, foreign-born gay prostitute and Communist activist, married to a transvestite, is just too humiliating and too much of an insult for any patriot to bear. It woke them up sufficiently, to realise what else is going on. They came together, planned and executed a brilliant strategy. They knew that "deep state" is just an euphemism for Kosher Nostra. They picked Donald Trump because they knew the unavoidable deadly libel of antisemitism would not stick on him.Trump had learned as a businessman in the JewSA that in order to play on the same turf as the Jewish Mafia you must enthusiastically suck Jewish dick wherever you can. That's why there is all that posing against Iran and Hezbollah. That's why he recognised Jerusalem. While the Jews are busy with one of their favorite past-times, endlessly bickering over whether or not Trump is good for the Jews, he systematically destroys all their sources of power, drugs, paedophilia, media, Hollywood...  Palestine may wait. The survival of humanity is at stake.

Humany as we know it will not survive unless we remove all traces of the reptilian bloodlines and their Satan-worshipping pedophile minions are removed from planet and universe, their entire gene pool.

Support Trump! Pray for Trump!

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