10 Reasons Why Amazon Must Be Put Down Like a Mad Dog

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Date: 30 March 2018
Author: Rebel of Oz

You want to kill kosher nostra octopus you must suck kosher d*** till you have chopped of his legs and testicles.- Sun Tzu, Military Strategist

President Trump, once again, has challenged Amazon. Like so many deep state joints, they rather spend their money on farthering the Khazarian-Illuminati NWO agenda, than giving back to the country that made them so rich.They just hate it too much.

DT on Amazon not paying taxes

That tweat, the other day, sent the Amazon shares tumbling, at least temporarily. It's called dead cat bouncing. If I was holding Amazon shares, I'd get rid of them immediately, at whatever price I can sell them for as long as I still can. They are toxic.

Amazon is not the only I.T. company the POTUS is having on his hair cross. By the looks of it, the "Kosher Four", Amazon, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are all on death-row, together with a "dirty dozen" of other "Deep State" whores. I bet on Apple, SAP, SanDisk, Samsung, Yahoo, Intel, Cisco and Reddit. They are coopted by the same #DeepStateSewer.

Q on Amazon

Obviously, Donald J. Trump must operate extremely carefully and watch what he says. There are still way too many sheeple who are conditioned to switch off their brain the moment they are confronted with any facts they are trained to label as "conspiracy theory". They can't tell the difference between a conspiracy theory and actual conspiracy. A conspiracy is a conspiracy theory that has been proven beyond any reasonable doubt.

Take 9/11, for example. While the usual suspects are still trying to lull us back into sleep, on that matter, there simply cannot be any doubt that 9/11 was a conspiracy, not just a conspiracy theory. If you come across anyone still struggling to wake up to that fact, all you need to do is ask him, "Please explain how it is possible that over 110 floors of concrete, steel, furniture, furnishing, copiers and printers can fall into their footprint like a French souffle, in 10 seconds and turn into dust? Pufff! How much rubble would you expect? At least 30-40 floors, wouldn't you think? But there was hardly any. In fact, the firemen trapped in the underground basement when the 110 floors came down, could see the sunlight shining through the dust, a minute after the collapse, once the wind blew the dust away. Figure that! Where did all the rubble go?






But I am digressing. Back to Donald J. Trump's war on Amazon.Not paying taxes is probably the least of the President's grievances with Amazon, seriously, but the easiest for the sheeple to comprehend. Here are my ten reasons why I would love Amazon to be "terminated":

1. Tax avoidance

Tax avoidance is indeed a problem, for sure, even though I feel that there should be no taxes at all. It's day-light robbery. A lot of people think something along the lines of "everybody tries to pay as little tax as possible". They think, the richer a person or company is, the better lawyer and lobbyists they can get to help them avoid taxes. That's true, however, if the rich pay proportionally less or no taxes whatsoever, than the poorer are forced to pay more. That not fair! Common sense. It's a reversed Robin Hood. Steal from the poor to make the rich richer. My point is, if not everybody wears his fair share of the tax burden, according to their ability, then those who are richer pay proportionally less. That's unacceptable!

2. Employment policy

Amazon is one of those companies that - more or less openly - discriminate against White people under the disguise of "affirmative action". Amazon's distribution centres employ predominantly non-English speaking immigrants, the less White and Christian, the marrier. This is all execution of the genocidal Kallergi plan, which suggests replacing us pesky White Christians with Afro-Asian mongrels. If you don't get how giving jobs to the poorest of the poorest amounts to genocide on White people, let me explain it to you simply. If White men can't find a job to support their families, then what do White women do? They leave them and/or marry and have children with non-Whites, resulting in less white and more brown children, until there are no white people left. That's White genocide!

3. Destruction of competitors

Amazon has put thousands of competitors out of business, lots of white man's family businesses, employing white workers. They were deliberately and purposefully pushed out of the market, giving more work to non-white immigrants. Some people might argue that's just capitalism. Fish eats fish. I wish it was that easy. One of the main reasons why Amazon is more successful than small retail businesses is that it gets much better prices and payment terms from publishing and media companies, making them more competitive. On top of that, the state-owned postal service is delivering Amazon's parcels below costs prices, 1 dollar 50 per parcel, effectively subsidising Amazon with billions of of hard-earned tax-payers money. What's fair "capitalism" about that? That game is rigged, by design. Donald J. Trump sees it the same.

POTUS scolding Bezos on Twitter

4. Big Brother spying

Amazon is spying on its customers. You don't need to install the Alexa toolbar to be spied on by Amazon. Whenever you visit a site that's associated with Amazon or one of its brethren, they plant cookies in your browser and other tracking devices. Those nasties than reports back to Alexa which sites you are visiting and more. Together with Facebook, Google and Microsoft, they provide the Deep State with everything there is to know about you, without a warrant. Big Brother is a corporation, a group of "Deep State" owned corporations, to be precise.

5. Industrial espionage

With Amazon Webservices Customs (AWS), that espionage goes even further. It's the equivalent of the old patent registry trick. In the olden days, the Illuminati enriched themselves systematically by having their moles in the patent registries delay patent registrations and then pass the designs to one of their brethren and have them register the patent instead. They have been doing this for almost hundred years. These days they are even smarter. They steal and register creative people's inventions before they even submit a patent application so they can register them before the actual inventor has set foot in the patent registry. How much more convenient can it be to spy on inventors and whole companies if they store their secrets on a server provided by the thief? This is particularly true with the "cheap as dirt" Amazon S3 storage which is becoming increasingly popular to offload large files such as images, videos and backups from expensive and scarce mass storage.

6. Censorship of books

When Amazon first started, one of its competitive advantages was that it did not appear to censor its publishers. However, that was a deliberate illusion. What really happened was that Amazon took on any kind of book to prevent their producers from using different distribution channels, thus putting them out of business. They did that on purpose. But then, when the non-kosher book are listed, Amazon does everything in its power, to minimise the "damage". Books they don't like, are just not put in a prominent position, nor recommended, just like on Youtube and Google. On top, a couple of years ago, Amazon started delisting whole categories of books whose content they are unhappy with. They have been doing this ever since, even if the books are written fully legally and reading or selling them is not illegal either. What's illegal is Amazon's rape of freedom of expression of writers and publisher, as well as the rights of their readers.

7. Censorship of customer reviews

As if that wasn't bad enough, Amazon is going the extra mile by making negative reviews of disliked books more prominent, and positive reviews invisible. As to be expected, by this kind of people, they are very smart about how they are cheating. They have got lots of experience. Just like on Facebook and Youtube, they trick writers into thinking that their postings are published, and they are, but nobody else can see them, except their closest friends. Thanks, Facebook. It's called shadow banning. They are all working together.

8. Sabotage against websites of political opponents

If you are hosting your server on Amazon, Microsoft or Google you are basically inviting them to mess with you. You don't give the enemy control over your weapons! Common sense!. They are their weapons. The moment you are turning their weapons against them, and are being effective, they are bound to stop you. You know it's true for Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Youtube, What makes you think Amazon, Microsoft or Google are better? Anyhow, they can harm your server and site in so many ways. They can infest it with viruses, bombard it with DOS traffic, give it less RAM or CPU than you are paying, disable other features that increase your site's safety or performance and being less than helpful when it comes to fixing your problems. I've been in that game for over 12 years, I've seen it all.

9. Web traffic fraud (Alexa)

Amazon-owned Alexa is one of the best examples of how the Kosher Four, Alexa, Facebook, Twitter Google and Microsoft, are working together against humanity. What's happening is that Google and Microsoft are using the Alexa ranking for a website in their "algorithm", what a fancy word for censorship, to determine their page ranking. In other words, they are not telling their search engine to rank your webpage lower, Amazon does. The truth is out there, but the likes of Alexa, Facebook, Microsoft and Google are making it harder and harder to find.

10. Collaborative search engine ranking fraud

Now, Amazon claims that the Alexa ranking was based on objective traffic data which they are collecting. Bullshit! I've seen many websites, in the alternative media, have their physical traffic exploding, if you go by the AWSTATS URL hit statistics, and yet their Alexa ranking is collapsing simultaneously. Figure that! There is no other explanation for this phenomenon than someone or something, possibly artificial intelligence, deciding that a particular site should not be ranked as highly to avoid a prominent page ranking.

Where is the trigger for the artificial intelligent script or person turning the switch coming from? AIPAC? ADL? SPLC? Yes, the good old fashioned way is still happening, but way is happening increasingly now, on a far bigger scale, is that Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and Google are providing the data, the decision is based on whether to promote or demote a site's Alexa ranking and thus its search engine page ranking.

We live in a matrix, a virtual reality, controlled by the Kosher Nostra Octopus. Amazon is one of its stronger legs. Happy chopping!

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