@WakeUp2Q Que

Spotted a patriot today! ✊✊🏼✊🏾✊🏿 pic.twitter.com/m7YmMAnEhK

@redwins3_first Red Viper 2.0 2020

Thank You to this woman. pic.twitter.com/fwnFwASY90

@WWG1WGAUSA Army Of Frogs ????? ⚔️


@RepGregMurphy Greg Murphy

Am calling for a Congressional inquiry into who has mobilized Antifa to spread out thousands of violent activists. What say you @SpeakerPelosi ??

@seanfeucht Sean Feucht

We’re gonna get through this together. 😭🇺🇸🙏🏾 pic.twitter.com/nlnZOlpM52

@Martin_Dempsey GEN(R) Martin E. Dempsey

Just watched again Bobby Kennedy’s 1968 speech in Indianapolis announcing Martin Luther King’ murder. In such times, in these times, measure leaders not by the thickness of their skin but by the thickness of the walls of their heart.

@ItsDylanJones D. Jones ??

A product of not understanding History.
If America Falls, The World Falls. https://t.co/XCV0V7dJ6I pic.twitter.com/cyRxSaT2LF

@AndrewBeckNYC Andrew Beck

Barr: It is Antifa.
Cops: It is Antifa.
Protestors: It is Antifa.
Antifa: It is us.
Blue checks: It is something else.

@Godschic4u Tee⭐⭐⭐

I email @realDonaldTrump about my concerns of nursing homes. I got a call today about my concern. You think he is not reading things, think again! Never in all my yrs have I had anyone n the gov jump on something & handled it. My confirmation...HE CARES!! Thank you sir!

@QdAmericanBlitz Blitz MacGyver

“Those people who will not be ruled by God will be ruled by tyrants.”
-William Penn

@SidCharming Robert Wagner ⭐⭐⭐

Together we are the strength of waking those who can't shake off the sleep.

We are of ONE.
We are hungry for truth.
We are loaded with ammo of research.
We are capable of digging deep and wide.
We are a force that pushes back.
We are a movement that can't be broken.

@cbensonofficial Carolyn Benson Official ⭐️⭐️⭐️


@ReeseJohn_ ✷ John Reese ✷ ?️

Perseverance is what makes us more robust in the end. We must stay united through these hardships.

These Patriots make Twitter worthwhile because we can showcase skills and hone knowledge. 💪

The truth of the matter is: WE ARE THE STORM! I appreciate all of your efforts here! pic.twitter.com/g0Ditu3P9g

@Herrly5 Herrly ?????

This anon is well stated.

"The responsibility lies with we, the people." pic.twitter.com/1sDsosvhrh

@thejointstaff The Joint Staff ??

#GenMilley: This #MemorialDay, we pause to honor the more than 1 million Americans who made the ultimate sacrifice since the founding of our nation. We remember their courage. We remember their selfless service & we remember how they lived.

Watch his full tribute to #HonorThem. pic.twitter.com/qsF7eNrpyJ

@RedAlert1718 RedAlert

Life is that of Amazement.

If wonder is something not beholden... Try Gratitude first.

@HigherSelf_1_ The Awakened One Within ?

The small accounts are just as special. As you know, the big accounts keep getting taken out, so us small but mighty soldiers are there to bolster until they return. #WWG1WGA

@mtnfilly TJ

I don't have a lot of followers but if any of you are from Washington state please rt, these people murdered my nephew and assaulted my sister, they need to be caught. pic.twitter.com/B1pwonLgsa

@Bruno062418 BrunoBarking

"Be Not Afraid.

Neither be thou dismayed,
for the Lord thy God is with Thee."
Joshua 1:9

We will Succeed.@TJHproject https://t.co/HSjFgQdY36 pic.twitter.com/3FgqORWZwE

@shadygrooove ShadyGrooove

HUGE!!! @PerkinsForUSSen wins R primary in OR.

Get to know her better here. We need Country wide support behind Q and @POTUS candidates.

You are making a difference!!

See how triggered they are?

Matrixxx / Grooove Showhttps://t.co/ijLFJXa2Eo https://t.co/FmxqHEcGf8