Supernatural Saturday January 11, 2020 - Be Still


Qanon December 30, 2019 - The Silent War Continues

Ever since Donald Trump came down the escalator there has been a silent war to remove him from office.

Qanon December 28, 2019 - Pelosi's Gambit

Having voted to impeach Donald Trump in the House of Representatives, why is Nancy Pelosi withholding the articles of impeachment from the Senate?

Supernatural Saturday December 2019 - We All Hear God

In this episode of Supernatural Saturday, I discuss the ways in which God speaks to everyone, whether they know it or not.

Qanon December 21, 2019 - Know Your History

The events we are witnessing will be written about in history books.

Qanon December 18, 2019 - Watch What Happens Next

Q gives us a hint at the first Spygate criminal who will be indicted.

Qanon December 16, 2019 B2 Bomber Revealed

Q explains how Attorney General Willam Barr has operated like a stealth bomber and we look at some compelling Q proofs.

Qanon December 9, 2019 - Think Timing

The mainstream media took one last swing at Q before the release of the Inspector General report on FISA abuse. The report gave us some interesting Q proofs.

Qanon December 4, 2019 - Tripcode Confirmed

Q updated his tripcode and warned the deep state that justice is coming.

Qanon November 27 2019 - Tripcode Verification

Soon, Q will verify his identity and tripcode with photographic proofs.

Qanon November 24, 2019 - The Great Awakening

A time is coming when the public will become aware of the depth of corruption in society—a time known as The Great Awakening.

The Senate Was the Target - November 23, 2019

Senate Judiciary Chairman Lindsey Graham is perceived to be an ineffective politician. Is he actually one of President Trump's stealth bombers?

Qanon November 22, 2019 - It's time

As the impeachment effort against President Trump seems likely to move to the Senate, is it time for the truth to be revealed?

Qanon November 20, 2019 - Information Warfare

Information warfare is used to control public opinion and retain power. The deep state has pulled out all the stops in an effort to maintain control.

Qanon November 16, 2019 - The Harvest

Qanon sent a coded message to James Comey to inform him that his arrest is coming.

Qanon November 15, 2019 - Follow the Family

In this Qanon update, I speculate that elites know that the future they desire will never come to pass. My website:

Qanon November 12, 2019 - Dangerous Freedom

Q returned with a flurry of posts, including a prediction that indictments are coming by the end of the year. My website: (I'm usin...

What You Avoid Limits Your Growth - Supernatural Mentoring

Avoiding uncomfortable situations limits our growth because growth comes from the changes we experience while overcoming difficulties. My website: https://pr...

Qanon November 3, 2019 - Rig for Red

As Q returns, confirming his identity is one of our main concerns. One of his concerns is maintaining operational security. My website: https://prayingmedic....

Qanon November 2nd, 2019

There is activity on the new 8kun website that looks suspiciously like our old friend, Qanon. My website: