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@mad_liberals Mad "MemeWarrior" Liberals

If Twitter starts removing accounts that are tied to the terrorist group Antifa, will anyone at Twitter be able to use their own product?

@DanODonnellShow Dan O'Donnell

Last night, the City of Madison announced that it would not be arresting any rioters who loot and burn buildings.

Today, the City of Madison is strictly enforcing a ban on Catholic Churches having more than 50 worshippers at mass.

Let that sink in for a second.

Qanon May 29, 2020 - Nobody Escapes This


@esaagar Saagar Enjeti

Timeline of events so far: Dems cheered on riots and looting until they realized how bad those things actually are and now they are desperate to blame phantom Russians and White Nationalists so they don't have to own the responsibility for the chaos they allowed