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Date: 22 December 2019
Author: Neon Revolt

my segment had run its course, and I had hopped off for a bit. But I was so excited by this idea I had to hop on later in the broadcast and share with them, too, because I really want to get this going in the next day or two, because the impact potential for this is just through-the-roof.

(You can check out that broadcast here, if you want):

After my first segment, I was on the research boards cruising around, when I saw a post by an Anon who had hung Q-lights over his house.

That’s when it hit me like a ton of bricks.

What a great idea! Do this – but with Christmas Wreaths!

Tons of people have Christmas Wreaths up on their homes and businesses right now. All it would take to accomplish this is a simple modification: find a branch of evergreen or holly or what-have you, and turn the O of the wreath into a big, beautiful Q!

Even better – after you’ve done so, snap a pic of your beautiful Q-Wreath, and upload it to social media with the hashtag: #MerryQMas!

Guys, this has the potential to go HUGE. And what’s best is it’s so subtle, so clandestine, you wouldn’t even know to look for it if you weren’t aware it was happening!

Plus, imagine the Salt from Lefties everywhere. They already, for the most part, hate Christ and Q. They walk around every day, thinking that the masses share their “obvious” and “educated” opinions. Imagine walking down your street, as a Leftie, and seeing home after home with Q-wreaths on it.

I’m sure it would trigger more than a few meltdowns and existential crises.

Why, just imagine Tapwater Travis View, or Butthurt Ben Collins, spinning in circles, surrounded by Q-wreaths all over. I’d laugh so hard, and I can see them seething in rage on Twitter now – as they’re forced to acknowledge that – shocker – the real world isn’t the Leftie blue bubble that is Twitter!

But yeah – this has HUGE potential because it’s so easy to do and so innocuous and just – done in good fun. You don’t have to hang lights or anything. If you have a wreath, all you have to do is find a branch that works with what you already have, and arrange it clearly.

We could have a ton of fun with this, guys.

Please, share this article on Facebook and Twitter, and let’s make this happen! We’re turning Wreaths into Real-World MEMES, folks!

Let’s make this a #MERRYQMAS to remember!

It’s amazing, I started posting about the book here in the footnotes of my site, and the sales rank jumped over FOUR-THOUSAND spots on Amazon, overnight. Thanks so much to everyone buying the book. Your support has been tremendous, and so many are finding the book to be a valuable addition to their home libraries. Because remember – you are the cornerstone for your communities. When the Great Awakening happens, people will be coming to YOU with questions. And we all know how much heavy lifting there is when it comes to the subject of Q. The book helps with all of that, and is designed to break the mental shackles that have been holding your friends, family, and loved ones prisoner for so long.

Take one review from a reader who picked up a Kindle version, entitled Crucial Book for All Patriots!

“I bought the print version through the crowdfunding, and added the Kindle version to my library. Neon Revolt’s research and analysis is deep, thorough, profound, historical, and vitally important. “We wrestle not against flesh and blood,” yes, but the powers etc. work through people and ideologies and families. If one insists on seeing our current struggle as merely political jockeying-for-prominence, the crucial understanding of its greater ties is lost. Come discover the extent of the battle, the true identity of the foes, and the real stakes for which we fight, in this amazing work. Just don’t expect it to be an easy journey; your life WILL change. wwg1wga.”
I’m always floored by the response of my readers! And really, the book couldn’t exist without your support. If you want to pick up a physical copy, you can do so on on Amazon, or, if you prefer, an ebook version at all major ebook bookstores. Thank you, and #MerryQMas!


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