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Date: 27 December 2019
Author: Neon Revolt

a whole host of #QAnon-related accounts for the past few days, much to the chagrin of #GammaGrifters in the MSM everywhere. It started slow at first, earlier in December, when Trump first retweeted Tracy Beanz – who was involved with QAnon very early on, but who I think moved on after a bit to, perhaps, put it charitably. But I want to track all of this, so people can clearly see what’s just unfolded over the past few days, and rest assured in the fact that Q is undeniable at this point, and that nothing can stop what is coming.

(And to be clear, I’m pulling the tweet caps from – so if they look a little different, you know why).

A little over a week later, and POTUS retweeted CJTruth – a longtime Q-reader and researcher.

After that, POTUS made it even more blatant, retweeting an account who posted a status loaded with Q-related hashtags:

Then, a few days later, POTUS retweets another three Q-patriots!

Who can forget Incarnated_ET, who had his 16th account promptly nuked by the Twitter gods following his retweet from POTUS – which is why the screenshot looks like it does.

(Oh, and they nuked his girlfriend’s account, too, even though she hadn’t done anything wrong. Such is the vindictive nature of Leftists when given just a smidge of power – which is why they must never have any, at all, because they can’t be trusted to arbitrate anything fairly, ever).

And because so many people have been asking me what IncarnatedET’s next account will be, I’m going to say this here: follow him on Gab, where he created a new account some months ago:

POTUS cooled the Q-posting on Twitter a bit over the Holidays – which was for the best, considering all that was going on – but as soon as Christmas was over, he was back and retweeting Qrelated accounts again!

That was followed by this big retweet:

After a few days of beatings, the MSM was in total meltdown mode, and fired off a slew of articles condemning Trump for his “reckless retweeting.”


Trump just retweeted a ‘QAnon’ conspiracy theory hashtag to his 68 million followers

President Donald Trump retweeted a video message on Friday morning with a hashtag referencing a fringe pro-Trump conspiracy theory known as “QAnon.” The tweet included a video of a woman praising Trump’s approach to urban poverty and included the hashtag #WWG1WGA, which stands for the QAnon slogan, “Where we go one, we go all.”


Oh, and the NYT had to get in on the action, too, with one of those crappy “animated” articles” that they do every so often, because let’s be honest –

Who actually reads the Times any more?

Opinion | Milestones in Mistrust

By Eve Peyser and Frank Augugliaro Ms. Peyser is a freelance writer. Mr. Augugliaro is the deputy design director for Times Opinion. Some months before the 2010s began, a shiny silver disc floated above the snowy mountains of Colorado. Trapped inside this balloon was a 6-year-old boy, his parents claimed.

And as if to just twist the knife that little bit extra, POTUS also tweeted out an article referencing the Whistleblower-that-must-not-be-named (because we’re all supposed to plug our fingers in our ears and collectively pretend like we don’t know his name, right?) Eric Ciaramella.

Which meant that all the #GammaGrifters in the universe also had to partake in the media meltdown, as though it were some kind of ritual obligation:

And after the dust settled…

After they all thought it was over…

The beatings continued as President Trump unleashed what can only be described as a veritable blitzkrieg of Q-related retweets – all while Q himself was posting on the boards, no less.

Let me be clear here: Every single one of these accounts has interacted with Q-related content in some way. And POTUS was retweeting them all tonight:

Oh, and the Lefties freaked out at this one, especially.

Never forget – the Left HATES Christ. John 15:18 says it plainly:

“If the world hates you, understand that it hated Me before it hated you.”

So any implication of Christ even coming CLOSE the the government sends them into apoplectic fits of rage.

Deb Porter was another account that follows Q who had her post retweeted by POTUS… and Twitter promptly deleted and censored her entire account:

Another account that got nuked by Twitter had a meme which listed a ton of the independently verifiable scandals by the Obama administration on road signs – including listing the “Clinton Foundation” and “Haiti” on one sign:

And Newsweek must have had the pile of reject chromosomes known collectively as “Matt Keely” (pictured below)-

-locked in a spare janitor’s closet they convinced him was the “Night Editor’s” office, in order to have him turn out the lights when the regular staffers all went home for the evening, and to churn out this hitpiece in record time:

Trump retweets photo showing Bernie Sanders “free sh*t” sign in grass with feces

Friday evening, President Donald Trump retweeted a photo showing a piece of dog feces with a fake political sign for 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) stuck through it, promising “free shit.” The picture was originally posted by Twitter user Deb Porter, who identifies herself on her Twitter profile as a “Proud Trump Supporter!”


But then….

OH, but then came the Tweetpocalypse, with POTUS posting TWELVE Q-related tweets in under an hour:

These twelve posts, plus the nine from earlier brought POTUS’ grand tweet spree total to TWENTY-ONE Q-related tweets for the day.

And the reason I post all these screenshots it so show you, in sort of a play-by-play, what went down this evening. I realize, given the lateness of the posting, some people may not realize what just happened tonight, but this was one MASSIVE troll of the Deep State’s media apparatus, and it was absolutely GLORIOUS!

Meanwhile, while all this was happening, Q was stoking the flames, getting Anons ready – just like he’s been doing for a few weeks now:

As much as I may want Indictments in 2019 – I’ll give it to Q here – this is the kind of night that makes Q undeniable to those just waking up right now – and yes, I am seeing evidence of that cropping up. What makes it even more glorious is that its happening because POTUS is forcing the MSM to address the fact that he’s doing this. And many, many, many Redpilled Conservatives instinctively know that the media lies to them nonstop – so they start to perk up, pay attention, and love Q if just for the fact that he’s making all the right people – the subversive Leftists in the media – rage ineffectively.

And if you want to talk about ineffective rage, look no further than #GammaGrifter Travis View on Twitter – who sees Trump posting and reposting and reposting QAnon accounts literally all day and doesn’t pause to think to himself:

“Gee, maybe I’ve been wrong this whole time!”

“Gee, maybe my life is about to be ruined, because I’ve squandered all my credibility for the past two years fighting and demeaning the very people trying to save this country!”

“Gee, maybe I’ll never be able to find work again, because no one will hire treasonous, grifting liars after all this criminal activity is exposed!”

“Gee, maybe my wife will divorce me because I won’t be able to walk the streets without everyone knowing what a dirty, subversive traitor I was, and I will bring shame to my children unless I cease and desist now!”

NOPE! There’s not even a hint of self-awareness here.

Instead, he doubles-down on a nonsense line that will evaporate just like every other rhetorical cover he’s tried to shield himself with thus far – even as the masses of “supporters” he’s convinced to donate thousands of dollars to him every month start to wake up and realize… he’s been lying to, pandering to, and manipulating them this whole time!

Uh-oh, Travis. Your Patrons are starting to wake up!

In other words – “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

Mkay. Your bed. You have to sleep in it, I guess.

(But it will be alone, because your wife will leave you – if only to protect her kids – because at a certain point, even you have to admit this whole Q-thing is real. Trump doesn’t go on a 21-Qpost Tweeting spree because he’s incompetent – not even you believe that, no matter how much WaPo pays you to sell that lie. This ultimately means you’ve already become a major liability to your own wife and kids, by virtue of your actions, whether you realize it or not).

Travis might throw another tantrum at me over this – much like he did over my last article:

And he can if he wants, I suppose. But I would think he should realize I’m actually being nice to him and attempting to shake him out from his stupor by telling him the unvarnished truth – which is something that seems to be critically lacking in his life. The last thing I want is for his family to be broken up as a result of his terrible life choices. Because every man makes mistakes in his life. I’d prefer he turned back now, said he was sorry, and kept what remains of his domestic life intact – because that opportunity won’t be available to him, later.

After all, Travis, how long ago was it that you came to Gab when I offered you an olive branch? How long ago was it that I said I was hoping you’d see the light, and turn away from what you were doing? Sure, we’ve had some back-and-forth, but it’s the internet, and that’s part of the fun.

At this point, you may think I’m joking about the divorce stuff, but in reality, I may just be the only one actually being honest with you about this whole Q-situation, “Travis.”

There are consequences for your actions.

There are costs for your choices.

There is a price to pay for the decisions you make – and not necessarily by you.

“Travis” – you may not want to hear this – but I truly think the choices you are making will cost you everything. And I don’t want to see that.

Consider what this will cost you when this is all said and done, “Travis.”

(Whew, gettin’ kinda heavy there. Let’s bring it back a bit).

And who better to bring some comic relief than the ultimate #GammaGrifter of them all! He was having meltdowns of his own, as well!

Don’t worry,  Gamma. No one expects you to do it. You don’t have to concern yourself because you’re not a real journalist, so they wouldn’t even let you in in the first place. You can rest soundly under your TNG blankie at night, now.

Seriously though, why is it that these anti-Q #bugmen always lack any sense of self-awareness?

Somehow, everyone is always wrong but them. LOL. Let’s watch the dissonance build and build and build until it boils over and they start to crack under the pressure. I want to see a Kony-2012-styled breakdown, complete with nude pavement slapping.

I mean, at least the Kony guys were trying to help people, albeit in a rich hipster kind of way. What do the #GammaGrifters do all day but, well, grift?

But in all seriousness, things really seem to be coming to a head, everyone. Q’s been prepping us to go public for some time now, and today’s display on POTUS’ twitter timeline was the most blatant public display of Q support from President Trump that I’ve seen.

But think a move ahead here. What does that do for the movement?

Was this all just an empty display?

What was the objective, here?

I believe this tweet-spree was establishing the public pretense for a keen-eyed journalist to finally “Ask the Q(uestion).”

We have friends in the media, too, remember. We don’t have to rely on the enemy press to do the job for us. All it takes is one of /ourguys/ presenting Trump with the question about QAnon, and Trump answering truthfully for this all to go ballistic.

And I believe Q is preparing us for that moment.

It’s like I can see storm clouds gathering on the horizon. It’s like the air shifted and I just felt the first drop of rain. Some still want to say “It’s perfectly clear outside” and stand there obstinately, but pretty soon, no one will be able to deny the overwhelming deluge.

Which means – it’s almost go-time for Anons.

From QDrop 1644:

Frens, we’ve been through a lot together over the past few years. It’s been quite the journey, and by all metrics, things are heating up in a way we haven’t seen before. Q is quickly becoming undeniable – and what will happen when the masses are confronted with this reality?

Well, so much of that relies on you. I’ve tried to help as much as I could during all of this, with this website and my book, but in truth, this movement needs (you). (You) are the frame for the Public Awakening. People are going to be coming to (you) for answers and support. (You) will need to be ready.

Today, before writing this, I happened to read what’s written on the inscription on the Lincoln memorial. It comes from the Gettysburg address, and I want to leave you with this thought, because it’s something we should all keep in our hearts and minds as we venture forward, following Q and President Trump, as they lead us into the penultimate stage of the “Great Awakening:”

‘It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us…That this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom-and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.’

That’s what (you) are fighting for. That is the Great Task set before (you). And (you) are well-prepared to rise to the occasion.

Now… fingers crossed for those indictments we were told about!

I’ve said it before, and I’m going to keep on saying it until every copy is gone – if you’re in the QArmy, my book, Revolution Q, is a great resource to have at your side. I poured over a year’s worth of research into this volume, and the reception has been so positive, people already want a sequel from me! (That’s not a joke. I’ve literally had publishers ask for one – but it’s going to be a while before I’m able to even begin thinking about that!)

Here’s a review from a Verified purchaser I enjoyed reading, entitled A breathtaking journey into The Great Awakening!

“Mr. Revolt has earned my deepest respect and gratitude for meticulously researching and documenting the greatest communications event in world history, the QAnon phenomenon.
He explains everything in an easy to read format, with tons of graphics and he does it with style.
It immediately draws you in and takes you on a journey toward understanding and enlightenment. We are truly living in a time of Great Awakening and this book is the road map you need to navigate it.”
I think that qualifies as a glowing endorsement, and what’s staggering to me is how many read just like this! If you want to pick up a physical copy, you can do so on on Amazon, or, if you prefer, an ebook version at all major ebook bookstores.

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