The Enormity of the Implications of #QAnon. #GreatAwakening #NEONREVOLT

Category: Neon Revolt
Date: 20 December 2019
Author: Neon Revolt

And who could have possibly predicting such at thing? I was just an angry /pol/lack exiled from Facebook, looking to assert my presence online in a censorship-free environment. I was frustrated with the deplatforming that was going on, and was determined to start publishing my content in an arena where I had total control over what I posted – even if that meant I had to build the platform to make it happen myself. I covered all manner of Anon-related topics; not just Q. I started to cover Q because it, like so many other conversations, were happening in the world Anons occupied. I had no idea this Q thing was going to grow like it has, nor did I fully realize the vast implications Q would have on the world at the time when I first built this site. Truly, it was a confluence of being in the right place, at the right time.

I was simply pursuing what interested me, personally, and pouring that out to the world, in the best way I knew how. And in a weird way, I suppose I was searching for some kind of hope for the future. Anyone who read my book knows that, frankly, I didn’t have much at the time. I, like so many others, was swept up in the cultural drama – looking for a solution, a way out. And the more I began to dive into what Q was saying, I realized that Q offered that, in some sense – or at least, in a greater degree than anything else. In my mind, if the world was going to come crumbling down all around us, I at least owed it to myself and everyone else to give what Q was saying a shot. Nothing to lose, right? Things at the end of the Obama era had gotten so bad, I figured either we all die in the Great Boogaloo, or we can give Q a shot. If this whole Q-thing works, all the better. And if it doesn’t, well… at least we gave it the old college try. Or so spirals the logic.

But – I almost hate to admit this, and undoubtedly this will be used by naysayers against me – I’m not sure I’m really interested in Q any more.

Okay, let me qualify what I mean by that radical statement, before this goes off the rails.

I used to do these articles where I would go through the drops – almost in a rote fashion – and try to present any relevant analysis either I or other Anons could provide. It was my way of trying to help make some of the research that was going on more accessible to the broader population. And for a while, that “worked.” It felt right, and natural to approach things that way. But over time, that feeling faded. The drops seemingly became more repetitive and granular (not that that’s a bad thing – but it doesn’t make writing fresh articles easier). I’m reminded of that time Q posted all the #FLAGSOUT drops, reposting all these photos from Twitter. That’s great and all, but… what do I have to add to it? The answer? Nothing.

And I’ve never been a fan of “adding to the noise.” These an old Switchfoot song that’s stuck with me through the years for one line, where the singer goes “If we’re adding to the noise, turn off this song.” Well, that’s the way I’ve long felt about my writing. I didn’t want to add to the noise. I wanted to contribute actual value and move the needle in some tangible way. And the only real way I know how to do that is if information is hitting me fresh; where it excites the dendrites and I get to pass on the latest revelations to others who may not know how to dig up this stuff on their own, or who might otherwise lack the time.

And in a unique way, it worked (for the most part), I think. Why was this? Well, I think it was because I approached it like a job when, frankly, I didn’t have one.

After all, Q recently posted, in #QDrop 3751:

How does the average person, who is under constant financial stress (by design), find time to research and discern fact v fiction?

Majority of people more prone to believe someone in power sitting behind a big brand ‘news’ name?

So while others were working in their normal jobs, I was sitting at my computer, absorbing everything I could, giving me the background needed to really hit the ground running early on. In essence, my work became a way for people with normal lives to better understand what was happening – and I’m more than happy to have been able to provide that for people.

But after over two years of publishing articles in that style… I don’t want to say that the format has entirely lost its luster (because it’s still very much an effective communication tool), but it’s almost felt like things have really shifted in the past few months. And that shift requires something quite a bit different from me.

I’ve actually done this several times now – where I shift tactics and formats in order to better address the challenges at hand. One of the things I did, when drops became more granular, was I shifted a lot of my content over to Gab. I could have just as easily switched to a smaller, more frequent posting pattern here on my site; something like what Vox Day does, and I’m sure I could have grown this site even bigger than it’s already grown. But the format Gab allows me to post in is great for addressing the granularity of the Qdrops, as well as for interaction with readers. It’s one thing to be a lone nut posting on your own site. It’s another thing to cultivate and be surrounded by an entire community every day.

I also, of course, wrote my book – which serves a different purpose from the site. That was a tough balancing act, because I had to appeal to both old and new, as we geared up for the impending Great Awakening.

I think you take my point: different scenarios require different tools and tactics. I suppose I could have maintained a rote kind of output, where I addressed each drop here on the site – but again – I’d guess that 95% of my readers know how to use the various Q aggregators out there already (or otherwise get the drops delivered on their phones) – and if I don’t have anything of value to add to them, I don’t want to add to the noise.

But beyond all that, I’m at a point now where, personally, the enormity of the questions presented by QAnon VASTLY outweigh my interest in the individual, granular drops we’re receiving about the day-to-day political drama we’re witnessing play out – and I’m in a place, personally, emotionally, spiritually – where I feel quite alone, and part of it is because I’m not quite sure if the broader movement has quite wrestled with the implications of some of the “bigger” drops just yet.

Call ’em “hang-ups” if you need to, but the questions I have are so massive – I’ve actually been surprised more aren’t asking them. So it occurs to me that… maybe people haven’t properly grokked the implications of all Q is saying. (Or maybe they have, and I’m just being extra spergy about this).

In either case, that’s the topic I want to tackle today – and hopefully, you’ll find some value in it.

Because this has been the fundamental problem I’ve been running into with all my attempts at writing articles, recently. I’ve got a number of articles I just started and couldn’t finish, sitting in my drafts folder, because I keep running into the same issues over and over: that the enormity of the broader implications of Q far outweighs the (in comparison) minor details being revealed in Q’s drops.

(I’ve also been dealing with a pretty serious lung infection, and managing general burnout, tax season with the book, and other responsibilities, but that’s not what I want to talk about today).

To get back to the topic at hand, the implications of Q’s drops right now are so immense that – just logically speaking – it would be easier for me to walk away from the table entirely at this point and dismiss QAnon as the most effective and engaging LARP to have ever existed on the planet, than to admit he’s telling the truth… (And a big part of me hopes he’s not telling the truth, as the unreliable narrator he may be at times).

So that’s the level of #disclosure we’re talking about here. Which leads me to the obvious question:

Why haven’t I just walked away and dismissed it all at this point?

Frankly, it’s because the #Qcoincidences and the #Qconfirmations keep piling up. Why, just a couple days ago, we had two big confirmations from #POTUS himself, where he retweeted out a big QAnon account on Twitter (and long-time reader of this site, I might add), CJTruth. (The #Quisling reaction was about what you’d expect – complete with the rehashed lies about being “targeted” when the meme merely listedhim and others, accurately describing the treasonous, coordinated nature of their disinfo efforts):

But if that wasn’t enough, POTUS then went the extra step and retweeted out a tweet loaded with Q-related hashtags:

And then again, today, POTUS links two more Q-related accounts in his Twitter feed:

And recall that this was all on top of a recent, prescient Q-post, wherein Q predicted the timing of Durham’s statements disagreeing with the findings of the #IGReport:

And this is all on top of the piles and piles of #QConfirmations we already have, which have been documented in great detail elsewhere.

Because, let’s get one thing clear here: while “disclosure” is part of this whole Q operation, the real goal of Q (as far as I can see) is to gather a critical mass of people large enough to effectively countersignal the media apparatus of the existing worldwide power structure. We got a hint of that a little while ago, when Q linked Jesse Watters’ recent segment on QAnon:

There was also the bit about Laura Ingraham dropping in on the boards and posting:

And Q confirming, a couple days later:

(Twitter link to video:

And wouldn’t ya just know it, but as I’m writing this, POTUS tweets out a quote from Ingraham!

So, we all understand now what Q means when he says “You are the News now” and to handle this responsibility with care.

And like the Watters’ report says, we’re over 10% of the population of the US now (and personally, I feel that’s a very conservative estimate). 10% doesn’t sound like much, but that’s THIRTY-FIVE MILLION PEOPLE when you do the math.

This isn’t some obscure, estranged thing any more.

This is a critical mass.

Many will remember, in the article I posted… gee, it’s gotta be almost two years ago now… I referenced this clip from Derek Sivers about Leadership and the Dancing Guy:

Watch the whole thing again.

Cause right now, I’d estimate that the QMovement itself is at the equivalent of 1:17 in the video. With all the drops we’ve seen – it really, finally feels like we’re at that tipping point. And frankly – though this is only anecdotal – I’m seeing it everywhere. From people on the street to conversations I’ve had in my local barbershop – the Great Awakening we’ve been building up to is imminent.

And this is especially remarkable – given some of the more extraordinary elements of Q’s message which – again – can’t be ignored, and can’t be understated (though I think, for many, they have chosen to ignore these aspects which we shall talk about shortly).

And then there’s this:



And in case you didn’t notice – there are only 10 days left in 2019, as of this writing.

So, if Q is planning on delivering on this, well… it’s bound to happen within the next week and a half.

And Q already told us about what will follow the unsealing of these indictments:

T-minus 10 days (MAX!!) until “mass pop awakening,” guys. In reality, it may be much sooner than that.

The threat towards Obama is obvious: change we can believe in was his campaign slogan, after all. And look at how wonderful all that “change” turned out to be. So I find this to be delicious – especially when you consider that Durham is going through all of John Brennan’s private records and communications right now, to find any disparities between his private communications and his Congressional testimony.

And Q already told us this leads back to Obama. The orders to spy on Trump (and Cruz, and others) came from the Oval Office. So, like a kid who already snooped out what his parents bought him for Christmas, I’ll pretend to be shocked when I find out that Obama was the one who authorized it all, and that Brennan’s own records will prove this beyond a shadow-of-a-doubt.

Q has been getting us ready for this to go public in a big way for some time now:

(As a sidenote – do you see how it’s easier for me to thread the narrative needle after having several weeks to process the themes in all the drops?)

So it’s looking more like our collective impending Q-Day is almost upon us…

And as I alluded to earlier, I’m not quite sure the broader community has quite grasped the epistemological implications of what that means for the human race just yet.

Because if you read Q long enough, a few fundamental propositions about the nature of reality emerge. What are these propositions?

Put simply:

  1. Reality itself is a simulation
  2. Alien life exists
  3. Q can see across space and time

Many in the Qmovement are profoundly religious, and profoundly Christian, and as someone who at least tried to be one myself (though, am often not very good at it), I don’t think it should be a surprise that I’ve struggled to reconcile these three tenets with my Christian faith. And this is what I mean when I say I don’t think the broader community has quite grasped the full implications of Q just yet. Many, I dare say, probably think the Lord is going to return in the next 50-100 or so years, and that we’re living in the much fabled “end times.”

At the same time, they’ll whole-heartedly believe Q (given the evidence we’ve all seen) – while ignoring that Q says we’re basically hooked up to a giant machine, and other entities inside the machine exist on other worlds, and he can also see the future (which is, itself, a god-like power).

So… how do you reconcile all this?

Well, let’s look at the drops where Q makes these claims and see what we can glean from them.

But before we do, I want to address one thing.

There’s a famous “New Atheist” by the name of Richard Dawkins who was all the rage on Plebbit about a decade ago or so. The so-called “New atheists” are all deterministic materialists and empiricists. Dawkins, in particular, is famous for a line where he says:

“Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

But he’s wrong about this.

See, “extraordinary” isn’t an empirical term. It’s a subject term. What’s extraordinary to us is ordinary to the next generation.

When electricity was discovered and harnessed, and you could suddenly produce light at the flip of a switch – that was extraordinary… at least until it became mundane.

Before the Wright brothers, man was earthbound. In fact, some “religious” folks of the day thought it was evil for man to try and harness the power of flight, because if God wanted man to fly, he would have – in His wisdom and prudence – given man wings.

And yet here we are, in the 21st century, where human flight is common – and even mundane. Heck, it’s turned into a job like any other job. And one that’s not all that pleasant.

No, the reality is there are only claims, and there are only evidence. Our subjective reaction to a phenomenon has no bearing on whether something is true, or false.

In fact, “extraordinary” claims can be validated by quite ordinary evidence. The mundane would suffice to prove the “extraordinary” claim.

So Dawkins makes a categorical error, but unfortunately, that pithy turn of phrase has somewhat penetrated the collective consciousness and lead people to some incorrect conclusions.

So let’s dive into where Q makes these claims, and what kind of evidence we see for them:

Reality itself is a simulation

The bulk of this claim comes from one drop in particular, Qdrop 749, where Q, with tongue placed firmly-in-cheek, insinuates that we’re only really scratching the surface here:

It’s funny, in Epistemology, there are a few schools of thought. The classic one which practically everyone knows is the classic line from Renee Descartes.

I think, therefore I am.

Cogito ergo sum.

Us moderns often miss the profundity of this statement, because it’s actually become a cliche now. But what Descartes was doing was attempting to get down to the most fundamental reality he could discern using the “equipment” he had. It was a reductionist thought experiment in which he was trying to discern that which he could actually be certain.

And to do this, he actually invented the concept of an Evil Demon, here to deceive him at every turn – thus turning all his senses against him, rendering them useless. After all, he may very well think he exists in a world, but that would itself could be an illusion rendered by this Evil Demon. He may think other people exist, but those too may very well be the evil demon in disguise. He may think his very body actually exists, but this too may be a clever trick by this powerful foe.

So of what could Descartes truly be certain?

In the end, he could only be certain that he, himself existed. He may be a brain floating in a vat somewhere, but at the very least, he knew he was a thinking thing. Therefore, that thinking thing existed, in some form, somewhere.

Cogito – I think.

ergo – therefore.

sum – I am.

I am a thing which thinks. Therefore, I exist.

This lead to the establishment of, what’s known in the philosophical community, as properly basic beliefs. Properly basic beliefs must meet a standard of “warrant,” and from there, dependent beliefs are established.

Other properly basic beliefs include things like:

I’m a thinking thing which exists, and I believe other thinking things exist (ie, other people).
I find the external world consistent and stable, operating according to sets of natural laws. Therefore the world exist.
I find that all logically complete systems by necessity must have their point of origin outside themselves; therefore, the world has a point of origin, and possibly a creator.

Of course… there are some who reject all those claims as not having enough “warrant” to meet their own personal sniff test, and those people are called Solipsists. They genuinely believe that other people don’t actually exist, that the world doesn’t exist, and that they really are just a lone brain in a vat somewhere, interacting with various illusions and delusions being presented to him from god-knows-where.

(Very few people are actually true solipsists – and rarely act like it, because the true end of solipsism is nihilism, in which nothing actually matters, since everything is either an illusion or a delusion anyway).

But what Q proposes here is actually just an extrapolation of Cartesian philosophy. That you and I and every human being on planet earth truly exists somewhere else, outside of this world – and that this world itself is some kind of neutral simulation – in essence a “server” where all the active (read: living) “players” congregate all at once.

Before you dismiss the theory out of hand, listen to what Musk had to say about it a couple years ago:

I can testify to this, personally. I’ve recently had the opportunity to explore VR gaming a fair amount – most recently with the new title Boneworks – which was just released.

Boneworks, for those unfamiliar, is one of the best “real world” VR physics simulations to date. Weight, momentum, body presence – everything is simulated inside the game. I pop on the VR googles, and suddenly, I have a different body. I rotate my hands, and I see, in real time, hands which look and function like my own, but are not my own. I love to the left, the simulation tracks it. I step to the right, it does the same. I can run and jump and the simulation will emulate that all, in real time.

It’s an uncanny experience – but the effect -that which my brain perceives – is that I’ve just done a 1-to-1 replacement of my entire body:

To be clear, some of this stuff wasn’t possible even just two years ago. This is largely thanks to advances in hardware and interface tech that allow this level of interaction. (Frankly, what I think is going to be the next big leap is mastery over “gravitics” which will allow users to physically touch surfaces of objects, and even run and move about in a limited space: ie, the Holodeck from Star Trek).

But what you saw above was really just the work of a small studio. The big-boys are getting involved, and this is currently what they’re producing, as a AAA+ flagship VR title:

Clearly, there’s a leap in graphical fidelity between Boneworks and Half-Life Alyx. There’s also more polish on some of the mechanics involved (though, from what I understand, much of this was due, in part, to Boneworks existing in the first place, with the team who developed it travelling to Valve, showing off the tech, and the Valve dev team being very impressed all around).

But the reason I’m showcasing this is to show you how close we currently are to the realities Musk is describing. We’re not talking about a pixelated Mario stomping on Goomba heads any more. We’re talking about creating entire systems of reality and interaction which, when layered upon each other, are effective replicas of reality itself.

To quote William Gibson:

“The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.

And it’s demonstrably true, in this instance. Right now, I bet only 2% of my readers have VR headsets in their home.

Give it 5-10 years. That number will be closer to 100% and the tech will have progressed exponentially by then.

This won’t be the only “simulation” point I touch upon in this article, but the broader point I want to make is that we’re seeing this simulation hypothesis play out in real-time before our very eyes, and this all has its roots in some very old philosophical thought experiments.

And really, how different would this ultimately be from the classical Christian conception of “heaven?” (Or rather, the afterlife).

Full disclosure: I had a problem with the Western conception of Heaven and Hell for the longest time, however – and I mention that because I know I’m writing to (mostly) Protestants and Catholics (ie, Western Christians). The reason I had a problem with it is because, frankly, you have to erect a whole system of Penal Substitutionary Atonement around it – in which Christ basically takes on all the wrath of God which we deserved for our sins – in effect, taking on the punishment of Hell in our place.

And a lot of Western Christians believe that as Gospel without considering that:

  1. It makes Wrath, not Love, the defining characteristic of God.
  2. If makes God fundamentally unjust. If someone commits a crime, and I as a judge punish a completely innocent person instead of the criminal, well, no person on planet earth would say any kind of justice was carried out, no matter how willing that innocent person was. No, it’s still clear I wrongly punished an innocent person.
  3. It also sets the persons of God against himself, turning God into something of a schizophrenic. I mean, really, if God the Father, and God the Son are co-equal and in perfect alignment, what benefit is derived from God punishing himself?
  4. It’s not actually in the Bible. It’s an extrapolation made by some theologians who come much later and get more than a few things wrong.

And with that, I can already hear the REEEEEing coming from a certain corner, who have made certain “Systematic Theology” texts the cornerstone of their lives. But the fact remains – all this was an extra-biblical “innovation” which, at best, you can track to Anselm (Augustine, if you have no understanding of how the words he used were understood in his time, and how our understanding as modern Westerners differs).

No, I had to dissect and uproot this system of incorrect, perverted doctrine and return to the original teachings, which was Christ, the God-man, entering our world in humility, bearing our sufferings, conquering sin, and trampling down death, for all time – all because of a superabundance of love for his creation. The work is on-going, and the ultimate hope of the Christian is for when Christ remakes the heavens and the earth, and we experience a bodily resurrection – which is why Christ himself had to rise. He was not held down by death, but rather, gave his life up willingly, and had the authority to take it back up again.

This older, orthodox doctrine is known as Christus Victor – Christ the Conqueror – and by all objective measures predates all western conceptions of “substation.” It’s the original doctrine of the Church Universal; end of story. Everything else is a fraudulent doctrine which only serves to diminish the power of the Gospel message by either perverting the character of God, or the means by which this victory was accomplished.

And in this conception, there isn’t so much the dichotomy of heaven and hell as much as there is the afterlife – where all will experience the uncreated light of God, unfiltered and unobscured. And your experience of that uncreated light will be determined by the condition of your soul upon death. If your soul is right and repentant, joy will be yours. If your soul is rotten, wounded, and afflicted by all manner of attachments – the glory of that light will be like hellfire.

This is where the ideas about Heaven and Hell originate. It’s not so much that they’re distinct places, physically separated from each other by an unfathomable chasm, as much as they’re reflections of the reaction of our true selves to the unmitigated reality of being in the presence of the being which knit us together.

Which means what we do in this life matters very much, indeed.

So… how does the “simulation” hypothesis Q presents fit with this? I think it should be relatively evident from what I’ve laid out here, thus far, but the overall gist is that this world, this universe, this creation by an intellect far greater than our own – is part of a giant “machine.” And when we die, we exit that “machine” and come face-to-face with that being.

As for Angels and Demons? Potential helpers and corrupted, renegade “robots” in this system – ones which can interact with our “minds” on an insubstantial level. Archons might be a helpful term, here.

And it’s no coincidence, I think, that Unix programmers named background processes which ran on their computers “daemons.” The term is still used to this day in all *nix-based systems. But why even have them in the first place, if reality itself is a simulation?

Well, even demons can serve the will of God. After all, it was Martin Luther who once said the devil was God’s devil, and anyone who has read Job has been forced to wrestle with this idea.

And in a scenario like this, the advent of Christ himself becoming incarnate, taking on flesh, and sharing in our suffering to fundamentally alter our condition is akin to the Admin of a server taking control of a character and stepping into the “game server” itself.

So, the idea of reality being a “simulation” actual falls in perfect alignment with ancient Christian thought on the matter, as far as I can see. It just colors some of what those teachers are in a radical new coat of paint, I think.

Alien life exists

(Q for Q: Highest classification: COSMIC-MAJIC?)

I’m surprised more didn’t just up and leave Q when he dropped this tidbit on the boards. I know I almost did. I was only the experience of seeing (and recording) a TR-3b “Black Manta” with my own two eyes that opened me up to the possibility that Q was telling the truth here. You might remember the article I wrote at the time, where I posted the clip I had recorded showing the triangular craft performing a hovering maneuver:

This one drop combined with my own personal experience of seeing that craft lead me to months of pulling on a thread that challenged me in ways I never expected to imagine. Because the traditional Christian view is that man is the pinnacle of creation, made in God’s own image – and that’s literally all there is in the universe. “Alien encounters” are often dismissed as “demonic activity” and those who experience them as being possessed or oppressed in some way – rather than with serious consideration for an experience that might be outside the realm of their own experience.

While it still may very well be true that we’re made in God’s own image, frankly, I don’t see any reason to exclude the possibility of alien life having made contact with the human species – or limiting God to only creating mankind. In fact, if I were to be truly objective on the matter, I would need to fully examine the claims being made, and what I’ve found is generally the exact opposite of what I expected to find. I was expecting lunatic fringe – and that does certainly exist, but alongside that, there are many calm, rational, intelligent people telling remarkably consistent stories, the more prominent/recent/relevant of which I tried to compile and examine in this article here:

Many of my readers will recall, earlier in the year, my dive into the topics presented by the likes of Bob Lazar, William Tompkins, and later Dan Burisch. I even asked Q directly on Gab, I want to say it was six, or maybe eight months ago about Project Looking Glass (which we’ll talk about in the next section) – though I can’t check because the search feature is intentionally broken on Gab right now in order to keep vindictive “journalists” looking to harm Gab from dredging up posts they don’t like to defame the whole thing. My long time readers, however, will recall my posts from when I was plumbing the depths of this rabbit hole, and coming back with… well again, we’ll talk about it shortly.

But even if you’re not ready to look at the evidence for intelligent extraterrestrial life, there are a number of publicly available documents and events which have occurred which demand consideration and explanation.

We all know that Q has made a lot of callbacks to the “B2 Bomber.” A coded reference to Bill Barr, the actual B2 was a blacksite project which was only declassified in 1988.

And yet… for some reason, a lot of people think that blacksite projects just… stopped, for whatever reason.

Really, folks – do you think the US Military stopped developing top secret projects? Or do you think we’re more likely on the cusp of a new wave of declassifications?

To better illustrate this point, I’ll point my readers to what CleanupPhilly over on Gab had to say. He posted an excellent post along with an excellent photo of what is (supposedly) a TR-3b photographed in broad daylight (I believe this was taken over Washington State).

When the B2 was made public finally it was because far more powerful aircraft had already been born due to billions if not trillions in development and production to supplant it, and there were enough in the sky to rotate the B2 from the frontlines.

Northrop-Grumman went public with the B-2 “Spirit” in 1989, and aviation writers confirmed it used classified electrogravitics tech. By 1992, the Government admitted that the B-2 used electrostatic charges on its leading wings and exhaust. Dr. Paul LaViolette traces this back to earlier work by Thomas Townsend Brown. The effect is radar evasion or cloaking by electrostatic charging the leading edge and exhaust. This theory applied to a plane, as Brown and LaViolette’s work both confirm, makes the B-2 an antigravity craft that slips into the spacetime in front of itself like a fish that displaces water before it swims forward, then sheds any water that slows it down so there is little drag.

What craft took the place of the B-2? It is tough for a civilian to say but it is public that there are iterations of the Joint Strike Fighter F35 that have stealth tech, read, antigravitics. The Lockheed A12/SR-71 Blackbird can cruise at Mach 3.

But what certainly replaced the B-2 were the craft that came out of Project Aurora. Three craft did, and calling them planes is not quite accurate since unlike Blackbird they flew above 16.7 mi/88k ft.

The SR-75 flies a Mach 5 plus, and is the mothership for the SR-74 Scramp that flies at Mach 18. The old SR-71 Blackbird, still a legend, flies at Mach 3.3. But the mother and Scramp can place satellites. While still hybrid propulsion, they are spacecraft using electrogravitic propulsion in the mix.

The third craft in Project Aurora is the TR-3B by Rockwell, first known as Astra but now in many iterations. The TR-3B uses a Magnetic Field Disrupter and estimates were that Groom Lake had 3 in 1994, but it is likely far higher. This is where the SDI money went. The tech was available in the 1980s. The photo below was taken in Washington State.

The TR-3B is a big leap forward because of the the MFD. The MFD generates a spinning vortex field that neutralizes the effects of gravity on mass in its proximity by 89%. Then any other system is used for propulsion: jet engines, scramjets, or electrogravitics as with the ancestor craft where a repulsive force is created like magnets do permitting propulsion.

So imagine Bill Barr is the B-2: Cloaking, stealth, electrogravitics – a stingray in the sky. And then they go public with him because what they have to do battle with now is next gen.

[From Dr. Michael E. Salla, “Insiders Reveal Secret Space Programs.”]

And this isn’t new news, per-se, but some might still not be aware of it, so I’ll share it again here. The US Navy filed several remarkable patents earlier this year, one of which is for an aircraft that not only looks exactly like what we’ve come to call the TR-3b Black Manta (which the Navy calls a HAUC – or Hybrid Air and Underwater Craft), which supposedly flies via a working anti-gravity system – and what’s best described as a “force field generator.”

Hybrid air and underwater craft?

Sounds a lot like what Bill Cooper – the author and Cabal researcher noted by Q very early on – described seeing when he worked for the Navy:

The Navy also filed a patent for a portable fusion generator – which could be installed on a ship like this and which is capable of producing up to a terawatt of power.

To understand how much power that is – you’d need just 15 of these devices to replace the power consumption of the entire planet. And they’re not much bigger than a few feet cubed.

(And I gotta say here, h/t to David Wilcock for talking about these in his recent documentary. I knew some of the details, but watching it really cleared up some of the specifics, so thank you David!)

The exceptional thing about all of this is that the Navy itself attests to the fact that these aren’t hypothetical craft – but, as detailed by the first article linked, actual working craft.

So now we’re talking about gravitics being used in US Military Blacksite projects for, potentially, decades – and this just now being made public now, part of a rolling declassification effort by the Trump administration.

Many readers may recall from my earlier article on Bob Lazar that he claims he was tasked with reverse engineering the gravity drive on alien spacecraft the government had collected through the years, at site S-4 at Area 51 in the 80’s. How the government got these crafts in the first place, Bob never tells us, but he has gone into great detail about how the mechanisms work:

Assuming they‘re in space, they will focus the three gravity generators on the point they want to go to.  Now, to give an analogy:  If you take a thin rubber sheet, say, lay it on a table and put thumbtacks in each corner, then take a big stone and set it on one end of the rubber sheet and say that’s your spacecraft, you pick out a point that you want to go to – which could be anywhere on the rubber sheet – pinch that point with your fingers and pull it all the way up to the craft.  That’s how it focuses and pulls that point to it.  When you then shut off the gravity generators, the stone (or spacecraft) follows that stretched rubber back to its point.  There’s no linear travel through space; it actually bends space and time and follows space as it retracts.  In the first mode of travel – around the surface of a planet – they essentially balance on the gravitational field that the gravity generators put out, and they can ride a “wave,” like a cork does in the ocean.  In that mode they’re very unstable and are affected by the weather.  In the other mode of travel – where they can travel vast distances – they can’t really do that in a strong gravitational field like Earth, because to do that, first of all, they need to tilt on their side, usually out in space, then they can focus on the point they need to with the gravity generators and move on.  If you can picture space as a fabric, and the speed of light is your limit, it’ll take you so long, even at the speed of light, to get from point A to point B.  You can’t exceed it – not in this universe anyway.  Should there be other parallel universes, maybe the laws are different, but anyone that’s here has to abide by those rules.

[T]he craft does not create an ‘antigravity field,’ as some have surmised:  It’s a gravitational field that’s out of phase with the current one – it’s the same gravitational wave.  The phases vary from 180 degrees to zero … in a longitudinal propagation.

In other words, Bob tells us that the craft he worked on bend spacetime itself, in order to move “downhill.” And the element powering the generator needed to make these craft function, worked on a fuel called Element 115:

Inside the reactor, Element 115 is bombarded with a proton which plugs into the nucleus of the 115 atom and becomes Element 116, which immediately decays and releases, or radiates, small amounts of antimatter.  The antimatter is released into a tuned tube which keeps it from reacting with the matter that surrounds it.  It is then directed toward a gaseous matter target at the end of the tube.  The matter and antimatter collide and annihilate, totally converting to energy.  The heat from this reaction is converted into electrical energy in a near 100% efficient thermoelectric generator…

Element 115 is a superheavy element found probably on a planet of a binary star system.  Supposedly the craft uses 223 grams, cut to a triangular shape, within the reactor structure (in a cloud chamber it was shown to alter, by gravitational forces, the paths of released alpha particles).

Rare elements making it possible to harness huge amounts of energy, in order to bend spacetime itself.

It was big when Bob went on Joe Rogan’s show back in June, and while you should listen to the whole show, I want you to listen to a specific clip, which I’ve linked below.

This clip should start at 1:51:22 . Listen for a few minutes:

Did you catch it?

Bob named Project Looking Glass and he also noted that Gravity affects time.

When I first heard this, my jaw hit the floor, because it was one of those obvious “holy crap” moments I hadn’t ever considered before – but when he spoke it, it all became so obvious.

See, most people tend to think that a second is a second everywhere in the universe. It’s as though the whole universe is tuned into the same clock, and if it’s 4 AM right now here on earth, it’s also 4 AM on a planet circling Zeta Reticuli.

This is false. In fact, the only “constant” in the universe is the speed of light, and time itself is relative.

What is time relative to?

Gravity, which is related to mass.

The larger the mass, the more it pulls on spacetime, and the more gravity is produced.

The more gravity produced, the “slower” time is.

And this isn’t just high-minded, theoretical mish-mash. This is a demonstrable reality right now.

See, we have satellites up in orbit right now, and the clocks on those satellites have to have their clocks tuned slightly slower than the clocks we have on earth in order for them to remain synchronized.

(EDIT: A clarification: When dealing with satellites, you’re dealing with both gravity (general relativity) AND velocity (special relativity) – both of which affect time. Higher velocity objects experience time slower, but objects in lower gravity experience time faster. The net effect of this is that the gravitational input is much stronger than the speed input – given the size and proximity of the earth – so time still proceeds faster, in geosynchronous orbit. If the satellites were to increase in speed, the clocks onboard would have to be tuned slower).

You read that right: if we had two identical watches set to the same time, and we put one on a satellite and kept one here on earth, when we brought that satellite back down, the watch inside it would be ahead of the watch that remained here on terra firma.

(And of course, you also have to account for velocity – because the faster you move through space, the slower you experience and perceive time).

Weird, right? But it’s true. And it’s something all of the Military has to keep in mind, since they maintain the planet’s GPS networks. Without accounting for this reality – known as time dilation, which is itself a part of special relativity – our satellites would be an expensive trash heap orbiting our planet.

So while the first application for researching gravitics might look just like flight… to the educated mind, secondary applications – such as control over time itself – quickly manifest themselves.

And this is what initially lead me to Dan Burisch. (But again, more on that in a moment).

But regardless of how one feels about the likelihood of ET life existing, the simple fact is that the Drake Equation asserts it’s statistically probable that other intelligent life exists in the universe. I believe this is what Q was referring to when he said “Consider the vastness of space.”

And what’s more, is you see a chain of causation here, with remarkably similar stories being shared by various insiders and whistleblowers and disclosures. If the HAUC exists (and the Navy says it does) it means that there was a blacksite project that worked on gravitics. If there was such a project, and Bob Lazar has been saying so for over 40 years now, and that project was successful in reverse engineering this tech, it means 1) aliens have been to earth and interacted with humans, and 2) we now have the power to manipulate gravity… which means…

Q can see across space and time

Much has been written about this drop since the day it came out. I do believe I was among the first to freak out when Q dropped this, because I had been down this rabbit hole as I was learning about Lazar, and Burisch, and all the implications of this:

Admittedly, I shouldn’t have called it a “time machine” as that paints a picture of people sitting in something, going to different eras. I was just kind of freaking out that Q actually confirmed this, and wasn’t thinking of the best way to communicate the reality of what was going on. In fact, I had no real idea how to even approach the subject – which is why you didn’t really see an article on this at the time. There was just… too much to unpack – at least, for me, at the time (which was during the launch week of my book, remember).

That said, there’s been considerable work done since then.  Where We Go One We Go All on Youtube had an excellent video summarizing the main points of the subject which most following this will be familiar with now. Basically, the central claim is that there’s a device in Area 51 that basically creates a “lens” through which different potential timelines are displayed. And as the video says, this certainly puts a new spin on Q’s refrain of “They never thought she would lose.”

I recommend you watch this before continuing with the article, if you haven’t already:

But there’s something that’s bugged me about all of this – and that’s that the main video that got passed around at the time – the one featuring that Navy Seal, Bill Wood – was actually something of a fraud/disinfo operation. Bill (and admittedly, I haven’t looked into this nearly as much as I should have) was supposedly forced to admit later in court that he never was a seal to begin with… which is kind of critical to his whole backstory.

That interview is here, but the part that concerns Project Looking Glass starts at 1:38:00:

But I was struck by how quickly that video propagated across various social networks – and not Dan Burisch’s videos – which are not only older, but again – verify so many of the things that Bill Cooper said about groups like #Majestic12, and correlated Bob Lazar’s testimony about #S4 at #Area51. Most of the central claims have been documented by the same channel, Project Camelot, in their documentary series “Out from Under Majestic.”

That said, Dan’s testimony is not without its own problems, and his credibility has been called into question, too (see: And George Napp – who is a big proponent of Lazar – doesn’t like Dan. Lazar himself has supposedly said Dan has the “biggest bull***t story I have ever heard in my life.” Make of that what you may.

But it just struck me how one side of the story (Bill Wood’s side) was being propagated and shared, while Dan’s was being ignored.

Now, who knows who’s telling the complete truth here? It’s hard to say. Perhaps Q will provide some insight on this point. There are, however, a number of consistencies between both versions of the story.

  1. The Looking Glass functions by manipulating spacetime to create worm holes in spacetime.
  2. That the Looking Glass itself was built based on very singular, ancient Sumerian cylinder seals.
  3. The device itself is probabalistic, showing possible futures.
  4. In the end, those using the device were only ultimately able to see two potential timelines that humanity could choose, T1 (which included mass disasters which killed billions) and T2 (which is, supposedly, what we’re in now).

So… maybe the first question you have is – what on earth were the Sumerians doing with plans for such a device?

Burisch offers an answer, and frankly – it’s not for everyone.

See, much of Burisch’s testimony revolved around his friend with someone he calls “The J-Rod” (If you’re going “Where have I read this name before?” it was a bit of an inside joke I made a while back when dissecting the FBI field agent’s fraudulent report on 8chan. I was hoping Q would pick up on the reference, at the time, and maybe spill some beans).

In Burisch’s testimony, he says that the J-Rod was actually a human being from the year 52,000, who had evolved quite a bit, and resembled what we would stereotypically think of as a “grey.” The J-Rod suffered from a degenerative neural disease, but could also communicate through “entrainment,” as Burisch calls is. J-Rod was from the T1 timeline – which lead to the deaths of 3/4ths of the planet.

And as Burisch tells is, other J-Rods from the year 42,000 were the ones who planted the Sumerian seals with the plans for the Looking Glass, so that future generations would find it, create the device, use it, and create the cataclysm found on T1, which would eventually have humans evolve into J-Rods.

In other words, the J-Rods were trying to create themselves.

And the “Illumined” of the world were fine with this scenario, because it allowed them to plan things out and retain power for themselves.

(Starting to see shades of the “16 year plan to destroy America” here?)

(Bonus round: You know who Dan claims was holding the cylinder seals in the years before the Looking Glass devices were assembled? Ghadaffi and Saddam Hussein. In the words of Q, “bake your noodle).”

Burisch would even go on to say that time-travel by the J-Rods have created paradoxes; what Burisch calls “Newtonian superimpositions” – which lead to paradoxes such that we’re starting to take notice of it all. I note this because it might be a possible explanation for some of the “Mandela effect” phenomenon we observe in reality – such as the who Shazaam/Kazaam debate. If what Burisch says is all true, I can definitely say I know for a fact there was a Shazaam movie! (At least, in the timeline I was in, before the “superimposition” occurred – if such a thing actually did occur).

So… Where does that leave us? Well, for one, I’m not saying I’m committing to any one of these “whistleblowers” interpretations. I’m really just presenting the information in as succinct and relevant form as I can, and trying to help the community weigh it out and dig more. I’d love for more clarification on all these topics from Q.

(In a “strange loop,” potentially. But that’s a talk for another time).

Which brings us back to… a conundrum.

See, we know President Trump isn’t just creating the Space Force from scratch here. No, he’s actually disclosing much of what was already in place.


What is out there, in space, that we would need to confront it with “force?”

Could it possibly be that J-Rods from 45,000 and beyond are coming to try and instigate the destruction which would create them, themselves?

(And I completely realize how far into Sci-Fi territory that sounds, but remember what Q said:

Now comes the ‘conspiracy’ label.

Deeper we go, the more unrealistic it all becomes.

Oh, you thought you were getting a regular drop dissection article from me today, didn’t you! LOL!

But I think you’re beginning to see why I had a very difficult time trying to compose an article about the Qdrops when topics of such enormity were on the table. Like I said earlier, I’ve been diving into these subject for quite some time now – so when Q confirmed Project Looking Glass during within a week of my book being released – well, on top of the burnout, the exhaustion, the sickness, the general difficulties that come with running a large Q forum, and the holidays – my brain just kind of said…

“Nah. Nah, bruh. Come back later.”

If ever there was a moment I wanted to walk away from Q, it was that moment. And yet, I couldn’t. I’ve seen too much of it which convinces me Q is still true otherwise. I may not be able to sort through all the specifics. I may be dealing with a near insurmountable amount of disinfo to sort through as well. But I’m still buckled in for the ride and wanting to see what comes next.

(Which, again, supposedly are indictments. Indictments – plural – in 2019, remember? If that doesn’t happen, and the can gets kicked down the road again – I may just walk away then – because I think that’s going to be a real moment of truth. If it doesn’t happen – absent a really frickin’ good explanation – I’ll probably be done, because I’m certainly not sticking around for video posts of convulsing grandmas).

All this is a bit overwhelming, and frankly, more than a bit loony-sounding, but I had to compile it all here to show the enormity of the information I’m grappling with. I’m completely aware of Its not just one extraordinary claim we’re talking about here, but multiple extraordinary claims layered on top of each other, in one nearly-unbelievable sandwich.

Because – just to recount and summarize all we’ve been through – Q is basically insinuating that:

We live in a simulation built by a massive intelligence, which is potentially one of many parallel simulations, which can overlap, collide, merge, and perhaps even tear apart with each other, and these simulations are populated by intelligent entities which are entirely other from us and which have deeply affected our history (and possibly even our evolution), and there are entities outside the simulation which affect us, and we now have the power to fundamentally control one of the most defining aspects of the simulation; spacetime.

Got all that?

Or put otherwise, it’s like playing Rust with admin privileges and extra NPCs… if God was running the Rust server.

And now, hopefully you see why I had to refute Dawkins in the beginning of this article. Because even though these are extraordinary claims, to believe them would only ever actually require ordinary evidence. And while we don’t have nearly as much evidence as I would like right now, we do still have reason to believe Q, and judge Q as accurate.

For now.

(Again, if those indictments don’t land in 2019 like Q said… I’m going to have SEVERE issues moving forward following all this).

But what keeps me going, what keeps me pressing in to all this, I suppose, is honestly my desire to know more. I want to know the absolute truth about the reality of our universe. I want to shake an alien’s hand (assuming it’s friendly). I want to bend the laws of the universe. I want to see the face of God.

The end won’t be for everyone.
That choice, to know, will be yours.

Show me everything you’ve got, Q! Cause I want to know!

Well guys, it’s certainly been a while, hasn’t it? If you’re not keeping up with all the happenings over on Gab, be sure to do that. Here’s a couple links about Dan Burisch that I couldn’t fit into the article itself, but which you may find interesting: 1, 2. Believe me when I say there’s a LOT more to his story than I was able to include in this article today, and it may warrant a more thorough follow-up at some point.

And of course, if you haven’t done so yet, pick up a copy of my book, Revolution Q. Reception to the book has been overwhelmingly positive, and I think that’s largely because I designed the book to be both a crash course in Q for any newcomers, as well as a powerhouse of information for long-time followers. This is the kind of book that’s made to be given away – which I think will be especially valuable moving forward, into the future (especially if Q’s timeline for 2019 indictments holds true). I think it makes a great Christmas gift, and will be a valuable redpilling tool for all who read it.

You can pick up a physical copy on Amazon, or an ebook copy on all major ebook bookstores. Thanks so much.

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