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Date: 2 November 2019
Author: Neon Revolt

and will be able to seemingly indefinitely.

I’ve been alternating between the latest Wilderun and Demon Hunter metal albums all day, watching as the news as it rolled in, and as many are already aware, it seems our favorite Anon has once again reappeared and dropped a number of posts for us to examine as well!

Before I get into the #NewQ drops, I want to talk a bit about how one actually goes about accessing 8kun again, and thus, the QResearch boards – because it’s immediately apparent that not everyone is able to right now. And that’s understandable because it can be a bit involved, this time around.

When the announcement first dropped that 8kun was going live, readers were met with a number of options for accessing the site

First up was the

Clearnet address:


Note: the is not 8kun.com. That domain was bought up the day after Ron Watkins (8kun’s administrator) announced the name/branding change by a domain squatter who supported the now thrice-debunked-by-Q theory that #JFKJrLives, and would redirect to a site related to spreading that misinformation by confusing people. For comparison, this would be like me buying Google.net, or Amazon.org, and pointing those sites towards whatever I wanted it to say. It’s a fundamentally dishonest and shady practice, and many were deceived by this for a while, unfortunately, because they still do not understand the tactics of the enemy, and are thus easily lead astray by something as simple and transparent as that.

So yes, the official address is 8kun.net.

However, due to the amount of traffic the site has received (and a number of other factors), the site might not be accessible for everyone over the clearnet: which in normie-speak means the site won’t load if you were to try and visit it.

That’s where the next to pieces of the puzzle come into play.

Tor address:

First up is the Tor address, and that looks like this:


Funny-lookin’ huh?

That’s because the Tor address runs as a hidden service on…

You ready for it..?


That’s right, 8kun has its very own Tor hidden services now, which means even if you can’t get to the site on the Clearnet, you will still be able to access a mirror of it on Tor. What this means is that you can read and post on 8kun in relative anonymity (though some researchers would argue that point, and advise you to take extra security precautions when doing so – and for good reason).

But how does one go about doing accessing the Tor version of the site?

Because if you were to try to click that link, you’d get an error page.

Well, before I explain that, you need to understand a bit about how Tor works first, and for that… I’m going to turn it over to Linus Tech Tips, who put together a pretty good explainer video a couple years ago:

See, so it’s not quite as frightening as one might think at first glance, given the name.

Oh, to be sure, all kinds of illicit activity takes place across Tor. And for that reason, along with things like man-in-the-middle attacks, I advise only accessing the site via Tor if you have a VPN you trust in place. Oh, and because the Government and intelligence agencies world-wide run an absolute ton of exit nodes themselves.

In all honesty, having a VPN is really a pre-requisite.

But beyond that, you also need a Tor-capable browser. As Linus mentioned above, there is the Tor browser available for everyone – but you remember my favorite site apart from the chans, Gab?

Yeah, you might recall they released an excellent browser a while back called Dissenter.

Well, that has built-in Tor-browser functionality, right out of the box as well!

It’s actually really simple to use.

Simply go to the hamburger menu in the top right of the browser, and it’ll open up a menu:

See that option for “New private window with Tor?”

Click it, and you’ll get a window that looks like this:

And right there in the address bar is where you’ll paste the Tor address. (You can also click the shield icon and disable javascript if you so desire, though I don’t think that’s entirely necessary).

Click enter, and in a moment, you’ll be whisked away to the site as usual.

The only difference is… you probably won’t be able to post to the research boards via Tor. Last I checked, Tor-posting was disabled. Hopefully FastJack changes that, given the current situation, but you will still be able to read.

One other thing to keep in mind is that since this is a private window, none of your browsing history will be saved. So if you saw a post you really liked – you had better screenshot it, or otherwise bookmark it, because you won’t be able to go back in your history and get to it again.

But that’s how to use Tor in a nutshell, and hopefully demystifies the “dark web” a bit for you. All URLs work exactly like you think they would, so instead of typing in something like:


For Tor, you’d go to:


Same exact URL structure. If you see a clearnet post you wanted to access via Tor, all you’d have to do is substitute the tor address for the clearnet address, and it will work, because it’s a 1-to-1 mirror of the clearnet site.

Oh, and one other note: don’t stray from 8kun, or go clicking random onion links (should you see any posted by shills). There’s often no telling where they’ll lead.

Only EVER use a verified Onion address, from a source you trust. All manner of hell can be unleashed if you fail to heed this warning.

Okay, moving on to the next subject of:

Lokinet addresses:

This was a new one for me, but very wild to see in action.

Basically, Ron gave us three LokiNet addresses which we can use to gain access to 8kun in a manner similar to Tor.

Duke : http://pijdty5otm38tdex6kkh51dkbkegf31dqgryryz3s3tys8wdegxo.loki
Dune: http://s5swbfcf4joom9tzf8w7ss5fptywwpnnfop3pxcf5ebjnz8ioksy.loki
Rosie: http://pchpjz7ubqsfwa7qeyotqszrx5ayt3p1y4mbfnuffoupwq53nury.loki

LokiNET was a new one for me, but is a very interesting project indeed. Essentially, you install a program to your desktop from https://lokinet.org/ and that acts similar to how a VPN would act (my understanding is this is sort of a hybrid project, pulling elements from Monero, Dash, OpenVPN, and the Tor project into one big mixnet – but with increased speed and security).

This is actually my preferred way to access 8kun right now – which is something I wasn’t expecting, because I hadn’t used LokiNET before.

But it takes a bit of set-up to get going.

First, you have to download and install the client from https://lokinet.org/.

Then you have to follow the installation steps:

Here’s the steps for MAC OS:

Loki Documentation | Lokinet MacOS Install Guide | Onion Routing

 Head to lokinet.org, download the latest MacOS Lokinet release and run it. First, try and open the lokinet Mac software you just downloaded. It will most probably cause a security error. If this error occurs, go into your System preferences and search for Security. Now jump into your Security & Privacy Settings.

Here are the steps for Linux:

Loki Documentation | Lokinet Linux Install Guide | Onion Routing

 Author: Jason (jagerman), Johnathan (SonOfOtis) Source: https://deb.imaginary.stream/ We should update our package lists, the below command downloads the package lists from the repositories and “updates” them to get information on the newest versions of packages and their dependencies. It will do this for all repositories and PPAs.

And here are the steps for Windows:

Loki Documentation | Lokinet Windows Install Guide | Onion Routing

 Head to lokinet.org, download the latest Windows Lokinet. Run Lokinet-win32.exe installer and allow permission as prompted. Please make note to set an exclusion or turn off Windows Defender/ Antivirus for this step. After reading through the dialogue boxes, hit install. You should now be connected.

All three of these require you to set your default DNS server to (although some instructions say… which is just a loopback to home. Either way, I’ve tried both, and I’ve only had success with

If you’re on Linux, I expect you to be technically savvy enough to figure out how to do this already.

The Mac instructions above actually have you do this by default.

But on Windows, you need to first:

Go to the Control Panel.

Open the Network and Sharing Center.

Click Change Adapter Settings.

Right click on your active connection and select Properties.

Scroll down the list to Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)

Select the Properties button once again.

And enter the address in the primary field as show below:

After that, you’ll boot up the LokiNet launcher. That will look different depending on what platform you’re on, but on Windows, you get a window that looks like this:

There’s one other thing you may need to do before Loki will work for you, and that’s bootstrap your client.

On Windows, you just select Settings, and click Bootstrap Client from Web.

You’ll be prompted to enter a URL.

This is the URL you want: https://seed.lokinet.org/bootstrap.signed

Hit Okay, and your client will work some magic and you’ll be ready to go!

When you press “Connect” a bunch of Matrix-like green code will fly by, and you’ll be on the LokiNET network.

After that, it’s just a question of pasting one of the three .loki address listed above in your normal web-browser, and you’ll be able to boot up 8kun in no time flat.

The nice part about this is you should be able to post when you’re browsing with Loki, as opposed to Tor. Also, your history will be viewable in your browser. So yeah, it functions exactly like the clearnet site, but now you’re anonymous, secure, and don’t have quite the same concerns you would have browsing on Tor.

Much like Tor, the urls follow the same structure as the clearnet address. However, they seem to be very case sensitive on LokiNET.

So for instance, if you were to append /QResearch/ at the end of the URL, that wouldn’t work.

/qresearch/ is the official way to type it.

So just mind your letter cases and slashes when using this method to access the site, and you’ll be good to go!

But I have to laugh, because we have to once again commemorate the failure of #JudasAssChariot in all this, whose repeated attempts to drive 8kun aground have only served to make the site more resilient than ever:

Well, 8kun decentralized, AssChariot.



The nice part about this all, of course, is that we’re not the only ones who can access #8kun.

I am, of course, speaking about #QAnon.

And it would appear that Q has been active again on the boards today.

That said, before I get into the new #QDrops, some may have some concerns which I hope to address here and now.

The first big concern about Q is that there are supposed to be “No Outside Comms.”

8chan isn’t 8kun, right?

Soooooo technically, this means it’s outside comms, right?

Well, let’s look at where and when Q actually said that:

At the time, Q had only recently migrated to 8chan from 4chan, and in the process, was posting at a board called /CBTS/ or Calm Before the Storm.

It was run by an admin named BaruchTheScribe, and Q was under endless assault by the Deep State, with various actors threatening to compromise Q’s tripcode.

In fact, the owner of the board, Baruch, flipped and told Anons that Q’s tripcode had been compromised – specifically, that “the real Q” had been speaking to him on the side.

Q responded by calling Baruch compromised.

It was a devastating betrayal at a very early stage in the movement:

And then he proceeded to move to a new board, entirely:

At this point, Q moved to /theStorm/, a board that would be run by a different team of Anons, and then eventually to /QResearch/

But the whole context – the whole point  of the “no outside” comms was not to limit the way in which Q could communicate – but that no one could claim to be an authority FOR Q.

Baruch tried to control the Qmovement by saying that he had spoken to Q on the side, and could thus verify who the “real” Q was.

He hadn’t.

THAT is the context of the entire affair which is OH SO CONVENIENTLY IGNORED by the #Quislings in the media as they attempt to smear anti-Q #FUD everywhere they can, sowing seeds of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt by twisting the truth just a tiiiiiiiny bit, in an attempt to control YOUR mind.

Ironically, that’s exactly the same tactic Baruch tried to employ, for whatever reason – sow a “reasonable doubt” with a little lie.

So no, the point of that drop wasn’t that Q would never communicate through other means ever, ever, ever.

And when it comes to 8kun being a different platform from 8chan…. EHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH… That argument doesn’t really hold water.

8kun isn’t so much a different platform from 8chan, but an evolution of 8chan.

It’s essentially the exact same software stack, with MORE tools added on top of the existing tools.

It’s also run by the exact same people.

And it has the exact same tripcode system built into it that 8chan had.

Put differently, it would be like me taking my site, NeonRevolt.com, installing a few new plugins, and then changing the name to something like, idk, NeonRevolution.com.

Is it a new platform?

Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh not really. All the preexisting content and source code is all still there. It’s just been upgraded and rebranded.

I mean, really, trying to call 8kun a new platform is like saying you’re driving a new car cause you bought new tires and got the oil changed and put in a bluetooth capable stereo-system.

It’s not a new car.

But again, the most important element of all this is the tripcode system.

And thankfully, the former admin of /Qresearch/, 8Bit, ran a test today using his own tripcode:

This is a pretty complex topic, because we get into cryptographic territory here, but the basics you need to know is that if the cryptographic Salt system used by 8kun (and previously, by 8chan) were altered in any way, none of the tripcodes would function. They’d all be broken.

8bit’s tripcode functioned as intended; therefore, Q’s has been as well.

So yes folks, that really was QAnon posting today.

Which means…

We’ve got new drops to talk about, folks!

When Q first came back, we witnessed a number of security tests, which is what I would expect from Q as he settled into the resurrected site:

The DoD_route bit is telling, because when the site was struggling to come back online in the previous weeks, various traceroutes were showing the site was being routed through DoD-owned IP addresses.

Now, this isn’t entirely uncommon. IPV4 has basically run out of addresses, and the DoD owns a ton of them, so networks use numbers ostensibly owned by the DoD on their own internal networks (which they are free to do).

(For the non-technically inclined – basically, IPV4 is like phone numbers. And we ran out of combinations. All the phone numbers are in use. And the government owns a bunch. But if you were a company and only wanted to call other people within your own building, you might use those same numbers owned by the Government, so long as you knew they were going to stay inside the building. Same thing, roughly).

However… this did plant a severe seed of doubt in the minds of Judas AssChariot and all the other #Quislings… who surely had to force themselves to choke back down the vomit that had suddenly made its way to their back teeth.

I’m not sure if there was any real message Q was trying to convey with this post – other than he was able to communicate again, and wanted to bolster people’s spirits.

After all, how does the song go?

And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there;

It’s still here, and so are we!

And then, Q dropped this:

Do I really need to add any commentary to this?

I know that these past three months has been trying. Believe me, as a prominent figure in this movement – and someone who speaks to other big names – we have ALL have felt the weight of this past span of time, fighting in the dark. I had a gut feeling this particular span of time would last longer than ever before, and even  tried to prepare people for this eventuality.

But I don’t think I was even fully prepared for how long this was going to drag out.

Oh, don’t get me wrong, I’m very proud of what everyone in this movement has accomplished on their own during this time. Many have been active in bunkers like on Voat, and over in my little slice o’ paradise, Gab’s Great Awakening group – where information, news, and research continued to flow, unabated. People really did step up and rise to the occasion. We functioned together like a military unit, and kept taking ground the whole time.

It wasn’t easy by any stretch of the imagination, but I can’t think of anything more worthwhile.

And despite all this, I had a lingering feeling in the back of my mind that Q would always return precisely when he intended to.  It’s great to get the Cabal to think they scored a victory, and to expend resources, but even think back: Q has already informed us he has contingencies in place should 8chan be taken offline permanently.

The fact that he didn’t activate those contingencies attested to the fact that he was expecting 8chan – now 8kun – to come back online.

And between the DoD routing – and that number 93 proof – well…

Q, you don’t surprise me any more. And it’s good to have you back.

And of course, I think Q amplified this message more for the #deepstate , than for us.


Hello again, Cabal.

Did you have a good “vacation?”

Because I know I certainly did.

Which brings us to Q’s own line:


What does this mean?

AmjurFinah shared an enlightening explanation over on the Great Awakening Group on Gab:

Get ready, everyone.

QAnon’s coming to the surface!

Alright guys, just a bit of housekeeping before we go.

Firstly, if you didn’t catch my interview with Redpill78, be sure to. It was especially fun because his second guest ended up missing their time-slot, so I ended up staying on for the entire second hour, where things got fast and loose!

It was a lotta fun, as it always is with Redpill, so if you have the time, be sure to check it out!

Secondly – I have a TikTok now.

I know there’s been some controversy about TikTok, and yeah, it’s probably one big Beijing honey-pot, but there are so many rightwing and conservative voices on the app, and just downright hilarious memes, I can’t ignore it.

TikTok TikTok

If CFIUS wants to kick into gear and force China to divest from Musical.ly, they better get on it FAST – because THIS is the memetic platform of the future. Seriously, the tech is unbelievably powerful.

I may talk about why more in the coming days.

But for now, if you use it, I’d appreciate a follow.

And lastly – #RevolutionQ is NOW AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER on Amazon.

Many people missed out, or were otherwise unable to join in the Indiegogo – and if you’ve been paying attention to the #RevolutionQ hashtag on social media – you already know the response to the book has been overwhelmingly positive – so many have been asking how they can snag a copy of their own.

Well, now’s your chance! The book releases on November 6th, and is available in both Print and for Kindle!

And what’s more is we’ve been absolutely killing it in the numbers.

Currently, Revolution Q sits at number 12 among all books in its primary category:

Look at that – right up there with some heavy hitters! But I’ve GOT to beat that clown Bob Woodward – I’ve just got to bump him off this list, because he doesn’t deserve to be up there.

Overall, it’s at #388 on the entire Amazon site – and frankly, that’s only because right now, the Kindle version and the Print version are listed as two separate books (an error that’s getting resolved shortly).

When combined, I wouldn’t be shocked to learn if it was actually in the top hundred books.

Frankly, my goal is to be number one on the site.

And boy, what a day that would be for the movement.

So again, if you haven’t picked it up yet, consider doing so! The consensus seems to be that it’s a fantastic redpilling tool, and people seem to have a hard time putting it down! But again, don’t take my word for it. Just go search out some reviews on the #RevolutionQ hashtag, and I think you’ll see for yourself!

I’ll thank you in advance, and just finish by adding that the book releases November 6th (that’s THIS WEEK), worldwide!

Here’s the Kindle link again:

And here’s the Print link:

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