Interview and #RevolutionQ Giveaway with @SGTReport! #NEONREVOLT

Category: Neon Revolt
Date: 7 November 2019
Author: Neon Revolt

giveaway for #RevolutionQ!

Details follow the interview about how to enter:

If you want to enter to receive a copy of Revolution Q, just head over to and enter your best email address. Three winners will be chosen at random, and we’ll be sending out one copy of the book to each!

This is especially cool right now, since physical editions are so hard to come by. Amazon has been exceedingly backed up with their processing, and has not been able to re-stock (due to Black Friday inventory issues) just yet. We’re hoping they’ll become available for purchase again in the next few days, but for now, this is a great way to get your hands on the book – especially if you missed the Indiegogo campaign!

You have until the end of Monday, November 11th to enter. So get on that!

Or, if you don’t want to take your chances, you can always purchase a copy through Amazon (like I said earlier, physical copies are being restocked at the moment, but the Kindle edition is readily available) or at Apple Books!

Reviews have been overwhelmingly positive (if you have the book, please leave a review! They help me tremendously!), and I want to highlight one review I particularly liked:

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