"Genius" Einstein Calls for World Government

Even for those of us who watch a minimal amount of the "boob-tube" each week, a bit of channel-surfing was sure to stumble across the hype over National Geographic's 10 part mini-series titled "Genius" --- about the communist, crackpot, plagiarist, warmonger and Time Magazine's "Man of the 20th Century," St. Albert Einstein (cough cough). The artificial exaltation of the slovenly, sock-less fiend, -- that the great Serbian-American scientist / inventor Nikola Tesla referred to (in a private letter) as "a long-haired crank" -- ranks right up there with the Holohoax and the 9/11 scams as the most elaborate con jobs of all time.

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Holocaust Scholar Debunks Himself

The sport of Judo teaches one how to use an adversary's own weight and strength against him. There is as much of a philosophical component to the sport as there is an athletic. The Judo response is to give way, to not meet force head-on, but to use the enemy's force in your favor for the purpose of beating him.

White Genocide at the Funeral Parlor

A mind that thinks on auto-pilot is as much of a curse as it is a blessing. For even amidst the grief over the recent sad spectacle of "pop" -- age 95 -- laid out in his casket, the ever-active mind of your bereaved blogger here could not refrain from philosophizing while recalling the words of 19th Century British political giant Benjamin Disraeli (cough cough), which he attributed (via a fictional novel based upon real people) to Lionel Rothschild (cough cough)

NY Times: ‘There Is Still So Much Evil’: Growing Anti-Semitism Stuns American Jews

Well, if that sin of sins known as "Anti-Semitism" ™ can be described as the growing awareness that the usual suspects are behind much of the trouble and suffering in this country and in this world; then yes, it is definitely "growing." However, in spite of the increasing awareness of "The International Jew" that Henry Ford warned about in his book by the same name, and others including Adolf Hitler, Little Joey Goebbels, and Father Coughlin all warned us about, the reality remains that the normies outnumber the "woke" and the partially "woke" by a factor of at least ten to one.

Google Promotes White-Genocide

In a normal world, the daily "Google-Doodle" of March 31, 2017 would have infuriated Whitelandia. But because the West has ceased being normal, few will see anything wrong with the subversive messaging. Notice how the Jewish girl is positioned front & center -- the obvious ringleader.

Why Did Hitler Invade Scandinavia?

Though war upon Germany had been declared by Britain and France in September, 1939, there had been minimal action among the warring parties. The text of a top-secret document, written by Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill, detailed a plan for first entangling Germany in the Scandinavian theater, thus drawing Sweden and Norway to Britain's side.


Whenever a man of true accomplishment ventures out beyond his field of expertise; he runs the risk of falling into the trap of superficiality and inserting his foot in his mouth. And so it is, once again, with the esteemed anti-Establishment economist and columnist/blogger, Paul Craig Roberts. After having twice been previously corrected by your favorite alternative historian here over erroneous statements regarding the meaning of 'Deutschland Uber Alles' (here), and the Soviet-German war within World War II (here) -- Roberts has repeated a big lie about the late great anti-Communist Senator, Joseph McCarthy (R-WI).


Hoping to draw the United States into the "Great War" (World War I), British Lord of the Admiralty Winston Churchill had, in May, 1915, engineered the sinking of The Lusitania. As the munitions-laden liner approached British waters, the British Mad Dog called off the ship's escorts so that a German U-boat could torpedo the sitting duck. About 1,200 passengers and crew were killed, including about 100 Americans. Needless to say, the doomed passengers knew nothing of the dangerously explosive contraband that was being secretly transported from New York to London.