Senate Must Say No to Schiff Abuse

Impeachment-Coup Update
The President, the rule of law, and our Constitution continue to be abused as the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump continues.

Sanctuary City Pays Illegal Alien Arrested for DUI Cash Settlement Over Immigration Hold

In the latest example of sanctuary madness, a U.S. city is awarding an illegal immigrant with a cash settlement because police detained him for federal authorities after being

The New Anti-Semitic Moment

The impeachment trial of President Trump rolls on, but back in the real world, signs of a different sort of trouble are growing. It now seems clear we

U.S. Spends $113.5 Million in 3 Weeks to Give Rural America High-Speed Internet

In the last few weeks alone the U.S. government has spent a whopping $113.5 million to help bring high-speed broadband to several rural areas throughout the country.
Abortion providers lack standing to challenge health and safety regulations on behalf of patients

Deep Dive: Trump Senate Impeachment Trial & “The Kavanaugh Approach”

In this week’s , President Tom Fitton focused on the impeachment trial, Schiff’s abuse of the Senate and the need for a strong legal defense for
From President Tom Fitton’s Article for Breitbart:

NewsLink: Rosenstein Released Strzok-Page Texts

(Washington, DC) – Judicial Watch announced today that it filed two Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuits against the State Department for documents tied to the alleged
As hundreds join a new U.S.-bound caravan in Honduras, authorities in the crime-infested Central American nation reveal that four Iranians were recently arrested there. Like thousands of

Judicial Watch’s Deep Dive: The Iran-Deal Cover-Up & Biden’s Ukraine Connection

In this week’s Judicial Watch Weekly Update, President Tom Fitton discussed ongoing Judicial Watch investigations and legal efforts to uncover Kerry and Biden’s communications in Iran and