Video Surfaces Of Harvey Weinstein Thanking Bloomberg For Helping Movie Company

“The mayor’s there in a big way. The mayor was there in a visual way,” Weinstein continued.

Wisconsin Teacher Put on Leave After Celebrating Death of Rush Limbaugh on Twitter

The Milwaukee Public Schools teacher ended up in trouble after tweeting that she hopes that Rush Limbaugh dies a painful death from lung cancer.

Pelosi Just Accused Trump Of Being On Drugs

Pelosi’s really losing it now. Talk about projection!

FBN’s ‘Lou Dobbs Tonight’ Scores 100th Consecutive Weekly Win Over CNBC

FBN may be the “small” financial network, but it continues to rack up the ratings wins against the far older, and more established CNBC.

President Donald Trump is Acquitted on Both Impeachment Articles

As expected, the Republican Senators voted as a block with every Senator but one voting to acquit on both charges.
“This was a warning shot from the Trump campaign to liberals, and we need to take this VERY seriously in order to win.”

Liberals Jump for Joy Over Rush Limbaugh’s Cancer Announcement

The Internet became filled with hate on Monday, displaying the evil in each Democrat’s black heart that we’ve gotten so used to seeing, as thousands of them ran pell-mell

MSNBC: ‘The Iowa Caucus Is Essentially The Perfect Example Of Systemic Racism’

“It could be perhaps that white children are not in the cages,” she said, referring to the detention of minors who

Sean Hannity’s Interview with President Trump a HUGE Ratings Hit

During the interview, President Trump warned that the extreme left is poised to take full control of the already left-wing Democrat Party.

Liberalism Has Turned San Francisco Into Cesspit


PETA’s Rejected Kneeling Animals Super Bowl Ad Backfires Even with Leftists

The rabid animal rights group claimed that the message of their ad is to take a stand against “speciesism,” TMZ reported.
“Absolutely” Trump is now a “king,” “we are not living in a constitutional republic anymore … Donald Trump is the supreme element of the state, like North Korea”;

Domestic Terrorist Outfit Antifa Plans Massive Anti-Cop Demonstrations in New York City

The NYPD increased its presence in the city subways after rumors of the coming attacks leaked out, according to Fox News.

TV Network Fires News Anchor for Daring to Quote ‘Racist’ William Shakespeare

That’s right, ONE guy complained, and Independent Television News anchor Alastair Stewart lost his job of 40 years.

RNC Closes Out Best-Ever Non-Presidential Year With Record $26.5 Million For December

The Republican National Committee reported its best-ever non-presidential year on Thursday — the latest signal that the party is outpacing Democrats as they

Elizabeth Warren Proposes Law to Criminalize Free Speech on the Internet

The Massachusetts senator and flailing Democrat candidate for president insisted that if she becomes president, she will jail anyone who she thinks is posting things she disagrees with.

Justice Roberts Blocks Sen. Paul From Naming Whistleblower

“If I have to fight for recognition, I will,” Paul said.

Bloomberg Takes Scoop Of ‘Big Gay Ice Cream’ In Newest Campaign Ad

You read that right, this idiot was all excited that a virus that was killing people was actually a good thing because he thought it was somehow reducing global

Gallup Poll: Race Relations Better Under Donald Trump Than Barack Obama

“Americans’ average satisfaction rating for the 27 issues Gallup has tracked consistently since 2001 is now 47%. This is up three points from a year ago and is