@kelliwardaz Dr. Kelli Ward ??

Well - there’s Obama... https://t.co/kIBMJ6DikD

@morecoffee70 CoffeeJoe

Must watch/Listen. @dbongino destroys Snopes and Bernie fans with an aweful tax reality! (First 20 min.)

Ep. 1188 Why is Bernie Sanders Lying to You? - The Dan Bongino Show® https://t.co/QsSXjxUToq via @YouTube

@cfmalloy CharlesFoster Malloy

Watch "Ep. 1189 The Obama Fixer is Back! - The Dan Bongino Show®" on YouTube

[Dan Bongino has one of the better, more informative shows out there presently. Right now, he's got Communist Bernie Sanders' number.]https://t.co/Uxm3QZw2ey

@CableNewsWatch Cable News Watch

🥳🍾 Congratulations @WattersWorld w/ @JesseBWatters
The 8pm & 11pm (replay) had 4.4M viewers!!
Also,the combined airings had 670K in "ad demo"!

WW Guests#RodBlagojevich @kayleighmcenany @dbongino @SteveScalise @John_Schneider @ChrisRBarron @BrandonStraka @aubrey_huff pic.twitter.com/tQELHjMQCU

@JimDeMint Jim DeMint

So thankful for Ginni Thomas’ conservative leadership. For decades she’s been one of the strongest advocates for life and constitutional government. Media attacking because she’s successfully helping @realDonaldTrump drain the swamp! https://t.co/hyh3ZhSq8N

@GiancarloSopo Giancarlo Sopo

Incredible. Bernie Sanders doubles down on his defense of Castro’s “literacy programs.” pic.twitter.com/mLSnu1NnEd

@NBSaphierMD Nicole Saphier, MD

Apparently, Bernie is also the guy if you want your surgeries to be performed by nurses rather than highly-trained surgeons. Just ask our friends across the pond. https://t.co/D4PRicUQIQ

@ThomasSowell Thomas Sowell

How a man who holds the entire population of a country as his prisoners—and punishes the families of those who escape—can be admired by people who call themselves liberals is one of the many wonders of the human mind's ability to rationalize.Yet such is the case with Fidel Castro

@TVNewsHQ TV News HQ


@johnnydollar01 johnny dollar

Friday cable news ratings sneak, 25-54 demo: @TuckerCarlson @dbongino (for Hannity) @TheFive @IngrahamAngle @maddow 1-2-3-4-5.

Most watched (on ALL cable tv, not just cable news): Dan Bongino 3.5M veiwers!https://t.co/g6GXz9BF21 pic.twitter.com/NGRvY6Pg1v

@TSN_Sports TSN

"I didn't wanna look at another crying meme..." 😂 pic.twitter.com/9zFFo3cDhd

@BurtShur1 Burt Shur

Bernie is completely LYING to his base!!

You don't believe me?

EP 1188 about Bernies huge lie! https://t.co/bbfkNRpyUR

@sgtbetsysmith Betsy Brantner Smith

This has become our favorite podcast of the day. Bongino provides in depth information and then backs it up with show notes so listeners and viewers can do additional research on their own. https://t.co/ysRAqVSw4N

@clferguson59 Cindy Ferguson

Listen to Dan Bongino’s podcast from Friday 2/21 @dbongino . Entire part was about the Biden’s money and that not only was Hunter being investigated but so was Daddy! It all has to do with huge money laundering scheme. This was not a closed case as Joe says it was. Dirty dirty!

@LopezCantera Carlos Lopez-Cantera

Hey @BernieSanders, FYI everything is, was and will be bad about the Cuban revolution. Saying anything else, is un-American. https://t.co/WNMYe3SorX

@MattPalumbo12 Matt Palumbo

The #2 reviewer on all of Amazon says you should read my book pic.twitter.com/JeXCsiGoMP

@davidharsanyi David Harsanyi

Here's what Cubans thought of that 'literacy program.' pic.twitter.com/r6n7m1gT3I

@BryanDeanWright Bryan Dean Wright

The IC briefer who started this mess — Shelby Pierson — should be fired.

But her clownery speaks to how bad it’s gotten in the IC, with staffers like her promoted despite clear incompetencies or placed into positions that are way over their heads.

The IC needs a house cleaning. pic.twitter.com/E86PweUD8V

@EddieZipperer Eddie Zipperer

Al Michaels: "Do you believe in miracles?!"

Bernie: pic.twitter.com/ZySV9udJhT

@WattersWorld Watters' World

The second in the nation caucus is underway. Who will be victorious and who will fall flat? @dbongino and @kayleighmcenany give their fiery take, tonight. #FoxNews 8PM ET.