University of Minnesota is Silent as Student Get Six Months in Chinese Prison for Twitter Posts

The College Fixreported that the University of Minnesota has refused to comment on a situation involving a student who was sent to a Chinese prison for a series of Twitter posts he made while he was stateside.

Nick Sandmann Makes Triumphant Return to March For Life A Year After Covington Hate Hoax

Covington Catholic student Nick Sandman returned to Washington D.C’s March for Life on Friday, one year after he was made the target of a vicious libel campaign that attempted to slander the Kentucky teenager as racist for his encounter with a raucous Native American protestor.

Oligarch George Soros is Whining About a Facebook Conspiracy to Re-Elect Trump

Billionaire oligarch and globalist extraordinaire George Soros said that nothing is preventing Facebook from disseminating disinformation.
President Donald Trump is getting hardcore to wishy-washy GOP Senators who are considering doing the bidding of the Democrats during the ongoing Senate impeachment trial.

Former Vice President Al Gore Flubs Greta Thunberg’s Name While Praising Her Eco-Tantrums

Former Vice President and “An Inconvenient Truth” documentarian Al Gore praised “Greta Thunberry” for speaking out about the evils of global warming.

THE CANDYMAN: Drug-Slinging Doctor in Obama White House Tries Congressional Run as Republican

Scandal-plagued doctor Ronny Jackson, who was appointed to the role of Physician to the President by Barack Obama, has re-invented himself as a Trump Republican after years of running a “Pill Mill” of sorts in the Obama White House.
President Donald Trump made history when he was the first sitting president to speak at the annual “March for Life” rally in Washington D.C.

Georgia GOP Candidate Rebukes Conservatives, Socialism is Not a “Threat”

State Representative Kevin Cooke has now thrown his hat into the ring for the open seat in Georgia’s 14th congressional district, which current Congressman Tom Graves is vacating at the end of the year.

Tarrant County Spits in Governor Abbott’s Face by Voting for More Refugees

Robert Montoya of Texas Scorecard reported on the Tarrant County commissioners court’s decision to approve refugee resettlement.
French intellectual Renaud Camus, who coined the phrase “The Great Replacement” to describe what is happening with mass immigration throughout Europe, has been ordered to face jail unless he pays off pro-refugee groups.
Earlier this week, Big League Politics reported that at least one federal informant ordered an act of anti-Semitic vandalism within neo-Nazi group The Base, which was accused of plotting acts of terror at the Virginia Capitol before Monday’s gun rights rally.

Alleged Al Qaeda Terrorists With Fake Colombian Passports Arrested in Dallas

Three Syrian nationals were arrested on Thursday in Dallas, Texas for their membership in the terrorist organization Al-Qaeda, according to reporting from Colombian news outlet RCN.

Virginia Senate Passes Transgender Educational Mandates for Children and Other Pro-LGBT Measures

Virginia Democrats are not just at war with the Bill of Rights; they are at war with traditional Christian values as well.

Gunmen Kill Woman and Wound 7 People in Seattle Shooting

Several gunmen engaged in a violent shootout outside of a McDonald’s in downtown Seattle on Wednesday 23, 2020.

VICE ‘Journalist’ Points Submachine Gun Toward His Cameraman and Pulls the Trigger

A VICE journalist was caught pointing a so-called “Smart Gun” toward a journalist and pulling the trigger during a segment in a documentary urging gun safety.

Hate Hoaxer Who Stabbed Himself and Blamed Anti-Semitism Now Faces a Felony Charge

A hate hoaxer from Farmington Hills, MI is being hit with a felony charge after fabricating a story about how he was menaced and stabbed by anti-Semites outside of a synagogue.
Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White has has blamed a “programming error” following the revelation that over 500 non-U.S.

Dem Sources: Barack Obama is Plotting to Subvert Bernie Sanders as He Rises to Top of the Polls

Former President Barack Obama is worried by the upward ascent of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) in the presidential primary polls, according to sources within the Democratic Party, and he may come out publicly against the openly socialist candidate.

Pro-Life Activists Arrested at Nancy Pelosi’s Office for Protesting Her Support of Baby Killing

Dozens of pro-life activists staged a sit-in at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s D.C. office on Wednesday, January 22, 2020.
A blockbuster report from True Pundit indicates that an FBI agent who committed “suicide” was involved in uncovering a massive Clinton foundation money-laundering conspiracy that allegedly plundered the U.S.