@IRLILaw Immigration Reform Law Institute

Nearly $30 Million In Drugs Seized After Agents Uncover 2,000-Foot Border Tunnelhttps://t.co/1oHe6E5NaZ
via @DailyCaller @thejasonhopkins

@matildulous MATILDULOUS

Two more weeks until we're two weeks away.

@walterkirn walter kirn

I just had a hell of a time busting through various Twitter warnings to read a simple article on Zinc supplementation and Coronavirus

One we had search engines. Now we have censorship engines

@Klsmith_24 Kirstin Smith

How rich is this @JesseKellyDC: @HarrisCoJudge orders my business closed. I have prop tax payment due tmrw. I called - They want their $$ now, no ability to pay late; what shall I pay them w? Hopes and dreams??

@PhilipWegmann Philip Wegmann

New: @ACLU files a temporary restraining order/preliminary restriction to stop the Ohio Department of Health from deeming abortion non-essential during COVID-19.

@V_of_Europe Voice of Europe ?

*20 coronavirus quotes showing how open borders and political correctness came before public health-https://t.co/v4r7jVJUpy

@FBillMcMorris F. Bill McMorris

Literally the day after the FDA approved Hydroxychloroquine as a treatment for the coronavirus--> https://t.co/vQOZhf9Gkl

@AmySwearer Amy Swearer

My car was destroyed by a drone strike, exposing how the engine wasn't as powerful as it seemed. https://t.co/MPRWf8j1Rv

@adrianzenz Adrian Zenz

The Dutch government has launched a recall of 100,000s of masks purchased from China because they do not meet quality standards and offer inadequate protection.

@OrwellNGoode Orwell & Goode

What is it about NYC? pic.twitter.com/4cEPfrJqwy

@ZachMontanaro Zach Montanaro

But CNN won't air the actual daily press briefings from the Coronavirus Task Force run by people who are actually in charge of fighting the outbreak? Please. https://t.co/dQBbjugnx2

@AndySwan Andy Swan ?

The authors of the widely shared Imperial College study that predicted so much death and destruction have now MASSIVELY reduced their damage estimates.

Because it’s likely that a lot of people already had it and it’s not nearly as bad as they assumed:https://t.co/MoKn7bMVja https://t.co/TflWcABvuW

@TrevorSutcliffe Trevor Sutcliffe

A strange pattern has emerged in COVID-19 CFRs in Switzerland.
COVID-19 has been twice as likely to kill patients in French-speaking cantons of Switzerland than in German-speaking, and more than twice as likely to kill patients in Italian speaking cantons than in French ones. pic.twitter.com/cTJ4m5xfsR

@bobby_dread Bobby Dread

My first thought, man, she’s still tapping into that money meant for Haiti that they didn’t blow on your wedding. It’s prolly just gonna get deducted on her taxes, like mommy did when she itemized you’re daddy’s underwear back in po’ Lil’ Rock days. https://t.co/HB9YENhjrf

@drinksmcgee ? Father Drinks McGee ?


@KrisKobach1787 Kris W. Kobach

If this crisis has shown us anything it's that #BordersMatter! If Congress leaves the backdoor wide open, locking the front door doesn’t solve the problem. Watch my latest video to learn more and support our campaign today >> https://t.co/IjNZkkFuBJ pic.twitter.com/WAkeqReiQ8

@_youhadonejob1 You Have One Job, Stay Indoors

The 8 day in quarantine. pic.twitter.com/bIaLCOqGyp

@robkroese Social Distancing Rob

Fuck these people https://t.co/Xj5irC0va4

@JohnStossel John Stossel

This is insane. These politicians learned nothing from Venezuela? https://t.co/9D7ce2C5Tm

@rachelbovard Rachel Bovard

Corporation for Public Broadcasting also gets $75 million. For #COVID19. pic.twitter.com/szoMarCBNB