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@GChristiemd Grazie P Christie MD

In Miami the part of downtown blighted by the 1980 race riots is still blighted.
It’s criminal to allow the anarchist violent element to destroy the homes, businesses and livelihoods of good hardworking people. Demonizing police consigns poor and minority 2 violent neighborhoods

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@GrayConnolly Gray Connolly

Perhaps one of the Latin King gang leaders could advise Trump? Would be better off than listening to Jared

@BRyvkin Boris Ryvkin

My capital is being vandalized and looted. The city where I live and grew up is being vandalized and looted. My President is tweeting from his bunker. My Mayor deflects & panders while his daughter hangs w/ the mobs. Those w/ a stake in this country's future have been abandoned.

@robincaphill Robin

4 weeks ago, I had a National Guardsman (by Mayor Bowser’s order) ask me to not sit on an empty park bench.

@survivinglife3 Ally

I'm alittle taken back about the in-action from WH & POTUS

@russomanchu Augustus

As the border security, tough on China, free speech, law and order president, Donald Trump moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Oh my god that’s too much winning, stop Mr. President, we can not bear this much winning!

@CristinaTVNews Cristina Domingues

@RochesterNYPD asking for the public’s help identifying several people they say are suspects in Saturday night’s car fires and destruction. If you have info call (585) 423-9300. You can also see those pics here at @PatrolRpd @SPECNewsROC

@TheCptBlackPill Hunter

Now that the whole country has experienced "Charlottesville," maybe more people will believe it was Antifa and BLM who attacked, the police who stood down and let it happen and the media who lied to America about it

@SecondCityCop Second City Cop