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Buttigieg staffers circulated a survey of microaggressions on the campaign.

"Please only fill out this survey if you identify as a Person of color," it read. Answers "will be used to inform our white colleagues about privilege and microaggression." https://t.co/UulPh9UkaA pic.twitter.com/oCRELaOopT

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Human Rights Campaign president rips Sanders's embrace of Rogan endorsement https://t.co/pbHU1f8Tpv pic.twitter.com/pCpcqxyYJR

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“Jesus wrote the Bible” https://t.co/1lRPHJ8NrW

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Another Obama Solar Company Burns Out - DC Solar Owners Plead Guilty to Largest Ponzi Scheme in Eastern California History https://t.co/hJTezmWNTv via @gatewaypundit

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Biden Says ‘No Room For Compromise’ On Transgender Issues As Sanders Faces Backlash For Joe Rogan Endorsement https://t.co/qFwlyu1qLd

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FAIR's Matt O'Brien discusses the hypocrisy behind Virginia AG Mark Herring’s December advisory opinion. In the opinion, the AG calls out “Second Amendment sanctuaries” but continues to support “illegal alien sanctuaries” in the state openly. https://t.co/BUFRMoaoVJ via @thehill

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Sen Lankford describing the Dem Impeachment managers case:

They'd "cherry-pick one part of a sentence and then would not read the full part of the sentence.... Today we got a chance to see the whole sentence.”

It's as if they were reporters!

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Here's @AnnCoulter talking with @LarryOConnor Friday 1/24/2020
Topics: Biden's comments about DACA recipients being more American than most Americans, impeachment and morehttps://t.co/noimb29ymf

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