6.29.30: Knowledge of [DS] fear tactics is ON THE RISE. PANIC is HERE!


6.25.20: Winning! Huge [DS] exposure continues. Buckle UP!


AWK News 6.19.20: All-out assault on RALLIES, LOVE, RESPECT and JOY. PRAY!


AWK News 6.8.20: Stand up! Find your voice. We are the MAJORITY!


AWK News 6.5.20: We are fighting for our SURVIVAL! PRAY!


AWK News 6.3.20: The [DS] lamp is being EXTINGUISHED. Their power is fading.


AWK News 5.31.20: The [DS] has unleashed all assets. POTUS action coming!


AWK News 5.27.20: Full-scale [DS] attack. All assets deployed!


@Tombx7M Rad123


AWK News 5.22.20: FINALLY! We are fighting back against the demonic [DS].