@ComstockRoyalty ??Q Patriot CEO #Gold #Silver Intel #Mining

Sues #NYTimes pic.twitter.com/x2gjLc4NL9

@VeBo1991 VeBee??✝️

Insane cult & Child abuse ! - If your baby boy unsnaps his onesie you better run to the gender clinic, says Dr. Diane Ehrensaft ,“ gender expert “ .Why is she and others like her getting away with it ? And why would any sane person listen to them ? https://t.co/E2ZqcW6SXz

@CFIB Dan Kelly

Spoke to a CFIB member near Ottawa whose business supports the rail industry. Said he will layoff staff at end of this week. He is very angry at the feds for letting this drag on and grow.

@sjmuir Stewart Muir

These brothers were recruited to activism via U.S.-backed river tour jobs. Now they are the media face of the “Wet’suweten” protests, spinning lines like: “We will not stand down because our ancestors never stood down.” So they must be Wet’suwet’en members right? Nope. #cdnpoli pic.twitter.com/6FqGnC8GT9

Cracking Your Skull


@TrueNorthCentre True North

One teaching assistant from McMaster University plans on giving her students university credits for attending an illegal highway blockade in Hamilton. #cdnpoli https://t.co/GHN86vgkcc

@dubsndoo terry l.

Now on power play, pundits and commentators are tripping all over themselves to find ways to end the blockades without once mentioning the only obvious thing to do. If the cops aren’t stopping the blockades, send in the army. Yes the army; this is economic warfare.

@TPostMillennial The Post Millennial

BREAKING: Thousands stranded in Toronto as GO trains blocked by anti-pipeline protestors #cdnpoli #onpoli #topoli #ShutDownCanada https://t.co/sY0aWwo2uV

@ChloeSalsameda Chloe Salsameda

#NEW: The DOJ confirms a 19-year-old Arkansas man has been arrested for allegedly trying to blow a vehicle up outside the Pentagon. He was seen "standing next to a vehicle striking a cigarette lighter to a piece of fabric that was inserted into the vehicle’s gas tank."

@TheTorontoSun Toronto Sun

DEVELOPING: Sources tell the Sun evidence found at the scene of Friday's murder of a 64-year-old woman suggest it was a 'terrorist act.' Saad Akhtar, 30, is charged with first-degree murder https://t.co/u4FCRYEpyf pic.twitter.com/RTJ7n55Ln6

@JillyBeanTukee JillyBeanTukee ♌️??✨☮️

PANDEMIC BONDS: Evidently, there are bonds tied to corona virus. This might explain why the WHO hasn't labeled this a pandemic yet. Guess the elite didn't think this through. Shocking.🙄

cc: @VincentCrypt46 @StormIsUponUs @Inevitable_ET @martingeddes https://t.co/oBrBKUpK6Y

@realPowerTie Power Tie


@MissesJ3 MissJennWilson (here for research, don't mind me)

Amazing Polly - exposing the counterculture of the 1960s for what I think it really was: an attempt to redirect humanity from freedom to technological enslavement. I touch on John Brockman, The Grateful Dead, Hunter S Thompson, Ken Kesey, Owsley Stanley https://t.co/YuQ6Zgk2vj

@entylawyer Enty

Second video like this in the past couple of months. Only a matter of time before people start posting their chip implant videos to TikTok. 18 months ago, people thought I was crazy for saying this was going to be a thing. https://t.co/PmNJcFdlPt

@MapleSu83765869 Maple Sugar⭐⭐⭐

I find it interesting there is a Branson link to NXIVM, Peter Nygard & Jeffrey Epstein.

What will be exposed in the future about Branson and his island?!!!

The Coincidences Just Keep Coming


@Kalashman3 Kalashman

Literal enemy of the people. This is Nazi level propaganda.

@JamesHasson20 James Hasson

This article says that @RichardGrenell just hired “an expert on Trump conspiracy theories.”

The evidence? The aide wrote “a politically charged memo” that “was widely criticized as misleading.”

That was the Nunes memo, which turned out to be accurate.https://t.co/7l3Kyp4lER

@DeltaIrelandfor Ireland for Delta

This is the third or fourth “go fund me” page father has started. Courts made him take down every previous one. Regardless what he does or says - State watches him like a hawk! #PPC #MadMax https://t.co/d0IxDGVEix

@GhostOfJenn The Jenn in the Machine

Smith suggested that by forcing people to say that boys are girls or that girls are boys, the court had totally detached itself from the most basic principles of justice and resulted in large segments of the population questioning the integrity of the court.@FPVaughanIII