Watch: New York Uses Drone Barking Commands to Observe “Social Distancing”

Is America slipping into Hunger Games mode with all of the new government controls? Does anyone else out there think this is getting out of hand?

Watch: Joe Biden Suggests Trump Should Do Things Trump Has Already Been Doing

Here we go again!
Joe Biden gave recommendations on things President Trump should be doing today during an interview on ABC News. The problem is that President Trump is already

America Together: Lone Trumpeter Joins in on Celebration for First Responders

The gratitude for the heroes who are saving lives daily is being openly expressed in unique ways during the coronavirus crisis.
Chris Wallace of Fox News was unwatchable this morning because of his biased and unintelligent questions. He’s in full fearmongering mode.

President Trump Gives Priceless Response to Biden Attack: “He didn’t write that”

A reporter told President Trump today during the daily press conference that Joe Biden attacked him in a tweet.
A Detroit city bus driver who recently made a Facebook video complaining about a female passenger in her 50’s or 60’s that coughed all over the bus without covering her
President Trump let the media have it during the Coronavirus Task Force press conference:
This morning, British security expert Edward Lucas, who’s been warning us about allowing China’s Huawei to build our 5G network, is now warning about the “astonishing speed” with which China
Oh my!
Joe Biden really thinks President Trump wants to sign every check that’s going to Americans during the coronavirus crisis:
While everyone is in crisis mode and trying to work together, the Democrats are doing everything they can to profit politically from the coronavirus pandemic. Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats
Democrats are seizing the opportunity to do everything they possibly can to win in 2020 and put demented Joe Biden in the White House.
3M has been in the news the past few days about shipping their masks overseas to the highest bidder, and that means foreign countries who are paying cash for them (see
Why are Democrats fighting so hard for Mail-In voting in November? Because there’s no way to verify someone’s identity.
CNN’s Jim Acosta just can’t help himself during the daily Coronavirus Task Force press conferences. He’s always trying to score political points by asking ‘gotcha’ questions.

Breaking: Another Tragedy Strikes the Kennedy Family

The Kennedy family has been hit with another heartbreaking tragedy. Just last summer, one of the late Robert F. Kennedy’s granddaughters died of an accidental overdose while visiting the family’s Hyannis
Last week, CBS This Morning featured New York’s Democrat Governor Cuomo in a segment where he talked about the dire situation in New York hospitals. To add to the drama,

NY Hospital Executives Fired For Wishing Coronavirus On President Trump Supporters

Last night, during the Hannity Show, Fox News’ Trace Gallagher reported about two hospital executives in Buffalo, New York who were fired after they discussed their desire for President Trump
The state of Michigan now has the 3rd highest number of Wuhan coronavirus cases in the nation. On April 2, the number of COVID19 cases in Michigan reached 10,791, with
Hospitals and medical facilities across America are struggling to get the appropriate PPE or personal protection equipment needed for front-line workers in the war against the Wuhan coronavirus. On March
White House Trade and Manufacturing Policy Director Peter Navarro let it rip at the daily Coronavirus Task Force press briefing today with a very important message for all Americans: