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Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are making us do exactly what the  Deep State sewer rats and lizards and their pedo minions so desperately want us to do. They are herding the sheeple towards a cashless society.

They want us to be without any cash so that they can control our savings and spendings, our access to money. Crypto currencies are just another brick in the wall of our prison. 

I would not take anyone’s word for the claim that crypto currencies are safe and outside the Kosher Nostra’s control, not even the Pope’s, Donald Trump’s or my Mum’s.

It does not matter what shape the money takes we are agreeing on, gold, silver, pearls, cigarettes, or paper with numbers on it.

What matters is whether a third party is required for the transaction to take place and the monetary unit to be stored.

The problem is precisely that third party requirement because it gives THEM control over our ability to save and spend. Anyone who doesn’t have a problem with that is part of the problem.

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