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The most extreme case, though, without a doubt, must be the case of Germany under Adolf Hitler, peace be upon him. No leader before the white man’s prophet challenged the Satanic tribe as fearless as him. He did not mince his words, he did not pull his punches, which is all good.

However, in the end, 25% of Germans, 20 million in total, mostly civilians, lost their lives, mostly after the end of “hostilities”. The surviving population got impoverished and enslaved. 95% of the civilian infrastructure got destroyed, including countless irreplaceable and priceless cultural treasures. The remaining assets got plundered by the victors. Read Thomas Goodrich’s historic masterpiece “Hellstorm”, or watch the documentary based on it by the same name, if you haven’t yet.

In other words, any leadership who – for reasons I don’t need to explain – comes to the conclusion that their nation has a Jewish problem must think twice. Do they want to ignore it or address it? What are the consequences of that decision?

There is a good reason why the “deep state” is no longer putting family parents in positions of power. They know from past experience that for most parents their love for their children is stronger than their ambition and greed.

Once a leader has decided that the Jewish problem must be fixed, he is faced with the dilemma of having to choose between two bad choices. Whatever he does he must consider what it will do to not only his career.

He must also consider what it will do to his family and his entire country. Who wants his country to look like Germany at the end of World War II? To start with, he must make sure that his country will prevail if the rest of the world, under Jewish direction, gangs up on his.

Only Russia and the United States of America are in such position. However, neither Russia nor the United States needs that kind of grief. Realistically speaking, both nations have to be on the same team. A war between the two would be too destructive for both. What is the point of winning a war, when 95% of your country is uninhabitable and most of your people dead?!

In other words, to fight the Kosher Nostra you must have both America and Russia on your side. That’s requirement number one. Not an easy one, that’s for sure. Secondly, that leader MUST do everything in his power to avoid being labelled an anti-Semite.

As much as the Jews like to argue and bicker amongst each other, they will gang up on you and destroy you the moment they decide that you are “bad for the Jews”. In other words, such a leader must give them plenty of reason to believe that his policies are “good for the Jews”. Now, that doesn’t mean it must be good for ALL Jews. It just needs to be good for some of them, especially their hip pockets. It is okay to hold them responsible individually for their criminal and antisocial activities, as long as you don’t hold them responsible as a group. The most important thing to avoid is showing any sign that you are inclined to believe that their Jewishness could have anything to do with their antics. Now, don’t get me wrong. Research and awareness-building on the “statistically significant” link between Jewishness and sociopathic, narcissist and manic-depressed behaviour are important for awakening purposes. However, it is one thing for an unemployed blogger to make yourself a social leper by publishing unflattering things about Satan's Chosen, and another to voice such views as someone in a position of power. They won’t rest till you – and anyone who supports you - are destroyed. That’s how they have operated for the past 3000-4000 years. So what would have Sun Tzu done in such a situation? How can you fight such a mighty enemy without getting destroyed? How do you chop off the tentacles of the Kosher Nostra octopus without the entire World Jewry ganging up on you? The best way of doing this is by sucking as much kosher dick as you can fit into your mouth without throwing up. Use every opportunity to “prove” your never-ever ending love for Jews. Hire Jews, mary your children to Jews, do business with Jews, have an annual pass to every Holocaust museum in the world. Flatter their narcissism wherever and in whatever way you can. And while you are at it, systematically destroy their main sources of power and income. Destroy their drug income. Destroy their sex slave money. Destroy their media power. Destroy every single dirty money income stream they have. You also have a very close look at their societally harmful activities and if you catch them breaking any law whatsoever, you come down on them like a ton of bricks. Sun Tzu says: You want to kill kosher nostra octopus you better suck kosher dick till you have chopped off all his tentacles.