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Cras tempus condimentum odio commodo

Our credo

We believe that all humans - regardless of their race, ethnicity, religion, nationality or gender - share common universal values. All too often, though, these values are compromised by competing values, prejudice, anger, fear, greed and over-zealous loyalty. The aim of the Rebel Media Group is to use information as a weapon against engineered consent with abuse of power, exploitation, discrimination, racism, colonialism, imperialism, tyranny, militarism and any other form of injustice.

Our site

Since its launch on December 15, 2005, this site has experienced a phenomenal growth, with thousands of readers from around the world visiting us on each and every day. With tens of thousands new visitors discovering our site every month, we were able to welcome our one millionth new visitor within the first seven months since our launch.

Our political position

Coming from a progressive, antiwar background, we have learned over the years that political positions are just that: positions, view points, that allow us to see things that people with a different view point are often oblivious to. They provide us with frameworks that enable us to interpret 'reality' and come up with working solutions. That's why we welcome authors from the entire political spectrum, regardless how provocative some of their views might be. True leadership and political maturity requires the ability to 'switch frames' in order to come up with the best possible interpretation of what's actually happening and how to deal with it.


Given our highly critical attitude towards Zionism in general, and Israel in particular, it doesn't come as much of a surprise that we are being accused of being 'wildly anti-Semitic'. There are a lot of people out there - including the editors of US based online dictionary Webster - confusing criticism of Israel or Zionism with Anti-Semitism, some of them deliberately, some due to decades of brainwashing.

The Rebel team strongly opposes trailor-trash racism, in fact we believe that a lot of groups and organisations promoting racial hatred against Jews are seeded with Zionist agents provocateurs, frightening ordinary Jewish folks into blind support for their criminal leadership. We consider Israel to be the most racist and evil country on this planet, an illegal political entity, controlled and protected by a Mafia-like criminal network with a 19th century style colonialist and social-Darwinist agenda. We fight for Israel's replacement with a free, united, egalitarian and secular Palestine.

The 'Holocult'

We refuse to believe in self-evident truths and known facts, promoted by psychopathic liars like the Zionist masters of deception and enforced by criminal codes. We refuse to believe in dogmas that have become such a taboo that mentioning even the slightest doubt in some of their most non-sensical beliefs, leave alone in their three core dogmas - a plan to kill most, if not all European Jews, 6 Million Jewish victims, and the use of chemical slaughter houses - is treated like medieval heresy, punished by job loss, financial ruin, social shun, and - in thousands of cases - even prison. We believe that for truth to prevail and mankind to progress, there must be no taboo. Any belief, 'self-evident truth' or 'known fact' must be open to questioning, regardless how popular and useful they might seem.

Why we can't publish a mailing address or phone numbers

As an anti-Zionist site, we measure our performance by how much hate mail and how many death threats we receive each week. Less than 3 is poor, 3 to 9 medium, and 10 or more excellent. In the interest of the safety of the Rebel Team and to avoid harassment and disruption by overzealous Zionists, we are forced to refrain from publishing any contact details with the exception of email.

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What other people say about us

"... firmly anti-Zionist" -- The Jerusalem Post

"... racially intolerant material" -- Google Australia

"I have seen worse!" -- Benjamin Netanyahu

"Ziopedia is very witty." -- Stokely Karmala

"... borderline holocaust denial site" -- Marc Cooper

"I know only a handful of men with the courage of the editor of ZioPedia. He is an intelligent man of good will who has uncovered the truth and shattered the lie." -- Dick Eastman

"... a bunch of sick fucks" -- Gator Flaum

"... very well done and a great resource" -- Sonja Karkar, Women for Palestine

"... virulently anti-Semitic..." -- ADL

"... one of the internet's most vital anti-Zionist websites" -- Curt Maynard, Politically Correct Apostate Blog

"Sheer evil with a slick web interface." - Little Green Footballs

"It goes without saying that your ZioPedia site is excellent and serves enormously to open people's eyes and break the shakles of fear." -- Adrian Salbuchi

"It’s an anti-Jewish hate site, pure and simple." -- Zero Boss

"Ziopedia is an excellent website with a wealth of great articles on current and historic information that we all need to know. " -- Nashid Abdul-Khaaliq

"... a virulent anti-Semitic Web site." -- Ha'aretz

"... a truly indispensable resource for helping others to grasp what supremacist Jews are foisting upon our world." -- Patrick Grimm, Zionist Watch

"... a virulently Jew-hating website." -- Elder of Ziyon Blog

"Something like Ziopedia is necesary. Your success shouldn't surprise anyone." -- Eduardo Gzegz

"The most delusional and unmedicated puddle of vomit I’ve stepped in anywhere on the Internet" -- Joshua

"A necessary site!" -- Xymphora

"Go to hell. May you all fall of the face of the earth... " -- Ron Danko, PowerChip S/W Pty.Ltd (www.yogazone.com.au)

"Absurdly anti-Semitic" -- Nicholas Gottlieb

"The articles on ZioPedia.org are not anti-Semtic at all.... A look at the front page today counted 13 articles, and I could not find one anti-Semitic piece among them, but then I am not a paranoid Jewish victim addict or fellow traveler." -- Robert Lindsay

"...a well-known forum for anti-Semitic views." - Jonathan Bernstein, Anti-Defamation League (NY Chapter)

"Ziopedia is a very complete and well-stocked site." -- Mary Rizzo, Peace Palestine Blog

"I think the site is quite good. The wiki layout is an excellent professional looking design. The best part about the site is the large compilation of news articles and your newsletters. The encyclopedia is lacking a bit, but I assume that will grow with time so I look forward to that." -- Dailas Soura

"Ziopedia fulfills an extremely valuable bridge function between the anti-Zionist left and right." -- Fredrick Toben, Adelaide Institute

"ZioPedia doesn't sound like the site claims to be objective, so any bias is fair." -- Robert J. Kaper

"... pretty much anti-anybody who is critical of Islam" -- John K.

"... crypto-fascist... An Australian site who use their 'anti-Zionism' as a cover for extreme anti-Jewish racism. " -- People-of-the-book

"An ill-concealed anti-Semitic site..." -- Babble Rouser

"Ziopedia is not just an anti-zionist blog - it’s a damaging mix of conspiracy theory, pseudo-politics, anti-Judaic hatred, with some anti-Zionism, but the anti-Zionism is mostly mixed up with anti-Israeli Govt/ism and anti-US Govt-ism, and anti-semitic Judeophobia." -- Luther Blisset

"I continue to learn much from reading the canopy of fascinating articles on Ziopedia.org. Thank you." -- James Deuter