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Date: 26 July 2018
Author: Andrew Winkler

Formerly known as "The Rebel", "Ziopedia" and "Rebel News", TWOO - short for TRUTH WILL OUT ONLINE - is a free speech community building and knowledge sharing platform. On this site, "red pilled" political dissidents and activists can get together and organise themselves, as well as share their knowledge and resources. It also gives them a "free speech zone", a safe space to voice and debate their opinions.

Apart from being a 24/7 breaking news and opinion site, TWOO is also a Reddit-style content sharing, Facebook and Twitter-style social networking, YouTube-style video broadcasting site, archive and encyclopedia, just without the censorship. The idea behind providing these features is that there is no point trying to fight with weapons that the enemy controls. The moment you are getting good at using those weapons you will be deprived of them.

TWOO, or more precisely its predecessor, therebel.org, was founded in December 2005 and is run by Australian-born German dissident media activist Rebel of Oz. What started out as a humble blog, soon became ziopedia.org, in acknowledgement of the outstanding Jewish contribution to the way the world presents itself today. Next it was renamed to rebelnews.org, in recognition of the part the "shabbos goy" are playing in the mess we are in. Then it went full circle back to therebel.org since it was no longer just a news and opinion site and - after a forced 2-year hiatus - to its current format.

All these name changes were triggered by frequent cyber-terrorist attacks, occasionally making a complete rebuild necessary. Those events were not only stoically welcomed as an opportunity to create an even better, state-of-the-art site but also to rebrand.










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