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Red Pillers

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Personally, I think it's neither the Chinese nor the American government who is behind the virus spread, but - not unlike 9/11 - rogue members of multiple governments working hand in hand for the Deep State. As per usual, they are trying to kill multiple birds with one stone, most notably to crash the world economy and - if possible - trigger a world war, in order to prevent Donald Trump from draining the swamp.

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Who or what is behind the Wuhan virus?

Was it an accident or done on purpose? Was it the US government engaging in biological warfare against the Chinese? Or the other way round? The Deep State trying to sabotage the re-election of Donald Trump by crashing the economy?

Red Pillers
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I didn't vote for Trump in the primary. I voted for Cruz. I obviously voted for him in the general election against hillBILLary because I didn't have a choice and I've been happy with him for the most part. There is absolutely no doubt he has been and hopefully will continue to be much better for freedom, foreign policy and tax cuts. I actually believe foreign countries have some respect for us again. He's making them pay their far share in NATO for the first time in awhile. I love my Euro bros but come on guys. The American taxpayer isn't responsible to keep Europe safe. We'll certainly help out but you gotta chip in. The MSM lies relentlessly about his tax cuts claiming it was all for big business but that's completely false. I've done my taxes now for 2 years under Trump's tax cuts and both times I got far more back than I did under obama. It's actually not even close. My taxes were cut by over a thousand dollars a year. TRUMP 2020

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I didn't trust Trump at first. That totally changed for two reasons. a) the unhinged hatred of the MSM towards him, and b) this speech:

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Trust no man. That being said I have some trust in Donald Trump, more than I've had in decades for a US president. I honestly believe he loves this country and not only the people in it but also the culture and heritage and that's a world of difference from the islamic filth that invaded the White House for 8 years prior. I trust Trump to appoint conservative federal judges to lifetime appointments to the appellate courts and if reelected he'll get to replace RBG at the very least in the Supreme court. He's tried many times to enact laws that have been struck down by left wing judges in the 9th circuit court, a west coast district in California for those who don't know, on immigration and sanctuary cities which is why we need him around to continue his appointments of judges. He has tried getting money in the budget for the wall and even went as far as to try taking money from the military budget and claim it as defense spending but the Democrats fight him on it in the courts. The...

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