Christmas in the Trenches

xmas trenches

This will be my eighth Christmas in the trenches. Some of us call it World War III, some the 3000 Year War. Do semantics matter? They do and they don't.

Most people only have the mental strength to fight one battle at a time. They would crush if they had to face the horrible truth. But then again, when you are at war, you need both kinds of soldiers. Those who fight the daily battles, and those who fight the war.

It has been a very long five years. Eight years of neglecting my family. Eight years of neglecting my health. Eight years of living in a parallel universe.

This war is a war like no other. It's a "Matrix" like war, that takes place in another dimension. The few of us who have developed blue pill resistance are able to see the big picture. The rest of mankind can only see the collateral damage, without the slightest clue what is going on.

Once you have recognised the evil forces at work, there is no going back. Enjoying life, providing for the loved ones, as important as they are, are no longer a priority. In the face of imminent death or enslavement, it is our holy duty to resist.

Christmas in the trenches is a good time to reflect what I could have done differently. Some people seem to think "If you can't beat them, join them", but all they are doing is to buy a little time for themselves at the cost of everyone else.

Others are trying to make the most out of the little time mankind has left, like those people partying on the sinking Titanic, but you can't go drunk through every day life.

Even if I had not burned all my bridges by revealing my identity on the Internet, there would be no way going back to my old life. Once you have looked into the eyes of the evil machine, you have no choice, but either kill yourself or stand up and fight.

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