Opera Gallery presents unique collection of artworks from Middle East

Artists are carefully selected from different countries and cities ranging from Cairo to Tehran, Baghdad to Damascus, and Jerusalem to Istanbul.

Algerian president casts ballot

In Algeria, President Abdel-aziz Bouteflika has cast his ballot in the country’s presidential election.

‘Russia doesn’t want war, US does’

A political commentator says that it is the United States that “wants war with Russia” not the other way round.

Nine dead in South Korea ferry tragedy

Nine people have been found dead after a passenger ship capsized in waters off South Korea’s southwest coast, according to local media reports.

Taste of multi-art: Liverpool Arab Arts Festival returns to city

Eclectic festival will cover plethora of cultural mediums and genres, with family activities, visual arts, film, performance, music, dance, food, interactive workshops.

US visa ban to Iran envoy stuns Russia

Russia has criticized Washington for its refusal to issue a visa to Iran’s appointee for the position of ambassador to the United Nations, saying the move is in violation of the US commitments as a host of the UN headquarters.

​Medical misdiagnosis affects 12 million Americans a year – study

Around one in every 20 adults who seeks medical care in a US emergency room or community health clinic receives a misguided diagnosis, a new study found, estimating that 12 million Americans a year are affected by erroneous medical conclusions.

Lebanese star Haifa's movie censored in Egypt


'We don't need Alaska, sold it once, have enough cold territories' - Putin

During an annual Q&A session, a Russian pensioner asked Vladimir Putin about his plans to annex Alaska. The president answered that Russia sold the territory...

Artificial blood to use lab-made cells

Successful attempt at generating red blood cells at the laboratory has raised hopes of the production of artificial blood.

Palestinians rally for solidarity with Israel-held prisoners


US mudslide death toll hits 39

The death toll of the massive mudslide that covered the town of Oso in Washington has reached 39, official said.

Sallie Mae cheated US soldiers

Federal investigators have uncovered evidence that Sallie Mae cheated active-duty soldiers on federal student loans, according to people familiar with the matter.


Iran, P5+1 experts to meet in May

Iran and six world powers are scheduled to resume expert-level talks on Tehran’s nuclear energy program in New York.

Turkey may clinch bid to dismantle Italy’s wrecked ship


US ‘duplicitous’ over Ukraine crisis

Eric Draitser, the founder of StopImperialism.com, describes the US behavior with regard to the developments in Ukraine and its threats to impose more sanction on Russia over the crisis as “hypocritical and duplicitous.”

Putin on Kiev op: Tanks, jets against own people?! Are they out of their minds?!

Russian President Vladimir Putin has acknowledged that Russian troops were present in Crimea before the referendum and argued that was necessary to let Crime...

Sub completes first search for MH370

A mini-submarine searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines plane has completed its first full mission at the third attempt.

Israeli, Palestinian negotiators to hold meeting with US envoy

Palestinian president

‘Washington has miscalculated the wishes of Ukrainian people’

RT:What do you think of the CIA Director John Brennan's “surprise” visit to Kiev just days before this crackdown we're now seeing in eastern Ukraine? Annie Machon: It’s very interesting timing.