Now I can watch most of my favorite channels from this platform?
Or does my comment here go to the X22 report youtube channel? 
Testinnnn  :lol:

Andrew Winkler This site actually "imports" the content. The idea is not to fight with wepaons that the enemy controls. All comments made remain within the TWOO site. If there are any of your favourite sites, Twitter feeds or Youtube channels missing, let me know and I will add them. I'm pretty certain I'll like them too. The two of us seem to have a very similar taste. 4 weeks ago

What if... Instead of being mesmerized by “politics” whether from the Left or the Right we looked at what else is happening, will happen?
#BePrepared please watch... do it…

This guy understands it all (MSN narratives to divide us, Trump’s great Plan, Vaccines schedules explained in depth) All documented evidences are supplied!

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No longer a mystery to me. I believe that Trump (Q+) does have the - Magic Wand - Time Travelling - 
Thanks to Tesla and Trump's uncle, we can breathe again, we can trust "The Plan to save the World"  

This is “their” plan! We The People do not consent.

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