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Christopher Just look at those statistics, 50 people shot in 1 day. 50. All of Chicago's major crime statistics can be checked at the website I posted below. It also shows the completely politically incorrect statistics on race in the shootings and murders. The murder rate in the city of Chicago would go down by almost 80 percent if blacks were removed from the city. This is not a racist statement, it is a factual one. Colored folks commit far more crimes than White people do. I challenge anyone to prove me wrong.
(Pro-tip, you can't)
How much do "black lives matter" in Chicago?
Will there be protests?
Will there be riots?
No. There won't be.
This is life, and death I guess, in Chicago. The statistics on that site for murder go back to the 50's. I went through the Chicago public school system in the 70's, even back then armed, uniformed Chicago police officer were on every floor in the high schools.

Chicago is a very violent city, and there's only one group of people that are responsible for it...
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