Can anyone explain this to me? How is it that 10 newspapers between 1915 and 1938, all published BEFORE WW2 and the Nazi death camps, keep using a 6 million number in the context of poor suffering Jews?

Facts aren’t antiSemitic, facts are facts.

The Sun (New York)
Sunday June 6, 1915
Section 5, Page 1
” Six million Jews”

New York Times
Friday October 18, 1918
Page 12
“Six Million Souls”
“6,000,000 Jews Need Help”

New York Times
Monday September 8, 1919
Page 6
“127,000 Jews Have Been Killed And 6,000,000 Are in Peril”
“6,000,000 souls in Ukrania and in Poland have received
notice by action and through word that they are going to
be completely exterminated”

New York Times
Wednesday November 12, 1919
Page 7
“6,000,000 souls, or half the Jewish population of the earth”(sic)

Atlanta Constitution
Monday Feburary 23, 1920
Page3, column 4, continued from first page
“…the lives of six millions of Jewish people may be saved”
“…suffering of the 6,000,000 Jews…”

New York Times
Friday May 7, 1920
Page 11
“…where six millions face horrifying conditions of famine,
disease and death…”

New York Times
Wednesday July 20, 1921
Page 2
“Russia’s 6,000,000 Jews are facing extermination by massacre.”

Montreal Gazette
Tuesday December 29, 1931
Page 6
“Six Million Jews Face Starvation”

New York Times
Sunday May 31, 1936
Page 14
” “the European Holocaust.” ”
“…the victimized and persecuted Jews escaping the
European Holocaust.”

New York Times
Wednesday Feburary 23, 1938
Page 23
“…6,000,000 Jews…”

Can anyone explain this numerical coincedence?

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Rebel of Oz Liberty, Equality, Brotherhood was the catch-cry of the Illuminati who almost ruined a once great nation with their terror. 3 days ago

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Rebel of Oz By the way, Daily Caller is featured on this site. If there is any particular article you want to point out on this page, you can simply comment on it, on this site. That will make an entry on the frontpage news stream with a link back to the article. 1 week ago

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Redpill the masses.
Based Christian pastor tells his flock about the realities of Israel, the mossd, the jew and Jeffrey Epsteins island

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Rebel of Oz I have been through that deplatformlng and defunding exercise a few times myself. It is Satan‘s little helpers way ofsaying that you are doing a good job. It‘s a compliment. Who said that fighting for the "good guys" was financially rewarding?! 2 weeks ago

It's good to see some folks waking up to the real history of slavery.
Louis Farrakhan has been trying as long as I can remember but the media does whatever (((they))) can to either keep him out of it or discredit him.

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