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Christopher Damn man I actually loled. Living a rural life for the last 30 years I know a lot of farmers and am now working for one. It's a rough job. Cattle don't care that it's Christmas, they still want to eat. If it's 25 below zero and the water is frozen you need to go figure out why, they need water too.
Hell anyone who's ever tried to grow a garden knows what it takes. Try raising a 1000 acre garden.
He made a very, VERY uniformed statement.
20 minutes ago

Rebel, she was probably thinking, "thank God this glass is bullet proof"

Rebel of Oz commented on Christopher 's photo 1 hour 49 minutes ago

I wonder what Stasi Ferkel was thinking that very moment.

Christopher shared 9 photos in the WWWP album 1 hour 51 minutes ago

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Rebel of Oz commented on Christopher 's photo 1 hour 52 minutes ago

Now that's funny.

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