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'Apartheid Israel'

Once again, a well-meaning but naïve writer is pushing the 'Apartheid Israel' line, comparing the Zionists' genocidal siege of Gaza with the worst crimes carried out at the height of South African apartheid.[1] It's almost like a new brand is being created, and I sometimes wonder whether that's what the likes of former US President Jimmy Carter are trying to do. Quite frankly, to call the Zionist entity an apartheid regime is an insult to South Africans. I can think of much worse labels, such as 'IsraHell', the 'Jews-only state' or the 'Fourth Reich'.

If what the Zionists are doing comes close to any historic event in modern history, it is the Judeo-Bolshevik narrative of the Warsaw ghetto during German occupation. Like the Jews surrounded in the Warsaw ghetto by German troops, starving, and deprived of a life in dignity, the Palestinians in Gaza are barely surviving and without any real defense against the regular murderous Zionist attacks.

Mind you, living in ghettos wasn't something that was forced upon Jews by anti-Semitic Gentiles, but a fate of their own making. Thanks to the tireless efforts of the Judaic propaganda machine, most people are unaware that is was the rabbinic leaders who literally begged the local Gentile kings and princes for permission to surround themselves with high walls so that none of their captives could escape their terror.[2] Maybe that's another reason why they think that there is nothing wrong with locking the Palestinians in virtual concentration camps. Not just because their rabbis are telling them that the Arabs are modern days' 'Amaleks' whose 'seeds must be destroyed', the Talmud term for genocide.[3]

What Jimmy Carter and his cohorts are effectively doing is build a line of defense for the Zionist entity. By creating the 'Apartheid Israel' brand, they are helping the Zionists prevent a much worse PR disaster.Classic gatekeeper stuff! I'm not saying that the writer of above mentioned article was a gatekeeper. I'm talking about the likes of Chomsky, Finkelstein, Mearsheimer, Goodman, Ritter, Hersh etc. What these people are doing is hijacking and funneling dissent where it is less damaging for the Zionists and their Western puppets. Why else do you think they get all the media attention? And why else do you think that those 'alternative media' who champion their views get all the advertising dollars and the highest search engine rankings.

From our ruling crime families' point of view those gatekeepers are like safety valves. Seemingly annoying, they are actually an integral part of the matrix, that evil machine that is creating our virtual reality. It's the gatekeepers that are preventing the Zionist entity and her neocon fifth column to be held responsible for 9/11, by spreading the nonsense that's it's Arab frustration with US help for Israel that made Al-Qaeda attack America. It's the gatekeepers that are preventing open research and discussion of the veracity of the Holocaust narrative, by narrowing the discussion to the worst abuses by the Holocaust industry.And it's the gatekeepers who prevent a frank discussion of Israel's 'right to exist' by diverting the discussion to the most obvious human rights abuses.

It's only thanks to the Internet that an increasing number of people are becoming aware of what's really happening. Who only 5 years ago knew even that something like gatekeepers exist? That's why organisations like Jewish owned Google are at the forefront of efforts of silencing genuine dissident sites like therebel.org. That's why Australia in a few weeks is going to introduce Chinese style Internet censorship. That's why the likes of ADL are scrambling to shut us down or starve us out. And that's why we are attacked almost daily by tax payer funded hackers who vandalise our sites or bombard them with traffic to make them unusable.

I can't put it otherwise than saying that this world sucks. Let's make it a better one.

[1] Chris Hedges, Israel's 'Crime Against Humanity'

[2] Douglas Reed , Controversy of Zion

[3] Michael Hoffman, Judaism Discovered

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