The Talkative Corpse: A Love Letter

1,268 words Ann Sterzinger The Talkative Corpse: A Love Letter Chicago: Hopeless Books, 2014 Grim Reaper: “Shut up, you American. You Americans, all you do is talk, and talk, and say “let me tell you something” and “I just wanna say.” Well, you’re dead now, so shut up.”[1] Having already said, in my review of…

Shooting at a Kansas City-Area Jewish Community Center is a Hoax

What’s with the Zionists? Do they have hoax-o-mania? Is it that they are in a kind of contest to create what is the most inane, ludicrous hoax conceivable?

Are Jews Human?

This might seem like an odd question to ask, but are you sure that Jews are actually humans? They certainly don’t act that way! To say the least, they don’t seem afflicted by what makes humans human, the ability to feel for the suffering of another living being, commonly refered to as ‘empathy’.

The Troubling Truth Behind the Ebola Outbreak

Since the outbreak of the deadly strain of Zaire Ebola in Guinea in February, around 90 people have died as the disease has travelled to neighbouring Sierra Leone, Liberia and Mali. The outbreak has sent shock waves through communities who know little of the disease or how it is transmitted. The cases in Mali have added to fears that it is spreading through West Africa.

Former Australian Foreign Minister Confirms that the Israel Lobby Controls Australia’s Foreign Policy

In my series of extended essays entitled “ The War on White Australia ” I described how Jewish activism was pivotal in ending the White Australia policy and initiating the mass non-White immigration that is rapidly transforming that nation. In addition, I showed how Jewish activism was instrumental in establishing multiculturalism as the ideological and legislative basis for social policy in Australia. Recently I explored the Jewish role in pushing for the enactment and extension of laws banning speech deemed contrary to their interests. Given the profound impact of Jewish ethno-politics on the Australian nation, nobody will be surprised to learn that Jewish influence also extends to the determination of Australia’s foreign policy.

Hard Proof that the FedEX Truck – Tour Bus Crash was a Pyrotechnic Hoax

For those who have the intelligence to think it will be proven, here, irrefutably, that the claim of a real crash of a FedEx truck into a tour bus is a fake. It will also be proven that there was no accidental fire, that, too, there was no possibility that the FedEx truck, as acclaimed by some so-called witnesses, was on fire at any moment while in motion.

Ukrajina jako model Evropského jara

Role geopolitiky a zájmů mocných národů a skupin  – zejména když se navzájem dostanou do konfliktu nebo naopak rovnovážného stavu – je v národně osvobozeneckých, nacionalistických a dalších podobných politických zápasech trvale podceňována.

Ukraine: The Anti-Maidan Begins

It was predicted that the regime in Kiev would not last long, and that almost immediately there would be a backlash. First, opposition would come from eastern Ukraine where Ukrainians stand by their nation’s long historical, linguistic, cultural, economic, and strategic ties to Russia. Then opposition would come from western Ukraine, where people, despite their perceived anti-Russian sentiments and initial support for the “Euromaidan” protests, would find the corrupt client regime in Kiev intolerable as it integrated the nation into the EU while imposing IMF-engineered austerity measures already spreading socioeconomic chaos across the rest of Europe.

Turmeric, Curcumin Shown to Prevent Numerous Cancers in Many Studies

Used mostly in the Middle East, the spice turmeric is gaining popularity fast around the world as study after study uncovers its anti-cancer properties.

RoundUp Tainting our Food: Monsanto Misleads on Glyphosate-Tainted GM Crops

A recent analysis revealed that GM crops accumulate dangerous pesticides, and Monsanto’s research to the contrary is completely misleading.

Groundbreaking New Study: 42% of Drug Reactions are Vaccine Related

A new study testing the safety of common pharmaceuticals revealed that nearly half of all adverse drug reactions in Shanghai were caused by vaccines.

Thirdhand Smoke Causes DNA Damage, ‘May Cause Cancer’

Do you about the dangers of thirdhand smoke? Studies have indicated that thirdhand smoke isn’t only dangerous, but could lead to DNA changes and cancer.

Maryland Lawmakers Working to Get Medical Pot Bill Right

In Maryland, medical marijuana was legalized last year, but it wasn't working. Now they are trying to ensure cannabis is available for those who need it.

The Fake Dead of the California FedEx Truck Crash Hoax

On April 12, 2014, there was no crash of a FED-EX truck against a tour/passenger bus. Instead, it was a drill, a mere pyrotechnic display with a fully man-made fire. Therefore, no one died, and no one was injured.

Bye Bye Blue Sky

We are all caught in a circus of total insanity. If this constant onslaught of lies, deception and criminality are allowed to continue, we well all very soon pay the ultimate price. The nonstop spraying of our skies with toxins is nothing short of genocide and ecocide, if these programs are not stopped, it will soon be game over for us all.

The Adjustors : Chemtrail Bong Hits


The Death of Yarmouk Palestinian Camp

This observer does not write these words casually. And he is no huge fan of some of the intellectually lazy quick spun internet conspiracy theories, too many of which appear given to flights from reality when facts get complicated and dispositive information is obscure.

Blood Moons, Quakes, Volcanoes, 20 Fukushimas And Tesla

I would like to begin by stressing the solution to the potentially catastrophic problems I will describe today. I have two audiences. Those Inside Government and those on the outside. The solution ...

British MP George Galloway: Gaza Is A Warsaw Ghetto

Edited/Translated by Mossad's free misinterpretation service for Middle-Eastern languages.

FBI Dumps Jewish Hate Groups

FBI unceremoniously jettisons SPLC and ADL as “resources” on hate crimes.