Autism Rates Jump 30% in 2 Years, Begs for Toxic Chemical Reform

Researchers agree that environmental exposure to a number of toxins creates a stew of gene-altering mechanisms in the body, increasing the risk of autism.

Gov’t Pays $21 Million to Medicare Doctor: 6,400% more than Peers in Same Field

One doctor who treats degenerative eye diseases in seniors made $21 million from medicare, more than 64 times that of his peers in the same field. Fraud?

Cosmetics-Giant Avon Removing Hormone-Disrupting Triclosan from Ingredients

Cosmetics-giant Avon announced recently it would be removing the toxic, hormone-disrupting chemical triclosan from their products in coming months.

Leading Egyptian Women's Rights Activist: Global Zionism behind Problems in Egypt and the World

Edited/Translated by Mossad's free misinterpretation service for Middle-Eastern languages.

Obama Should Listen to Harry Barnes

Does President Barack Obama realize that he is leading the United States and its puppet states to war with Russia and China, or is Obama being manipulated into this disaster by his neoconservative speechwriters and government officials? World War I was the result of the ambitions and mistakes of a small number of people. Only one head of state was actually involved—the president of France.

The Jewish Disease

If the Jewish condition is not genetic, what exactly is it that makes the Jews so obnoxious, 2000 years ago no different from today?

Fukushima Spring: 50% Genetic Damage found at Trader Joe’s

This was written by an online friend best known to her followers as Rad Chick. I posted it here because she has written something you need to know.     Perusing the floral section in the ...

Eric Holder: The Big Bank’s Bodyguard

Attorney general protects criminal bankers.

Eric Holder: The Big Bank's Bodyguard

United States Attorney General Eric Holder and hisDepartment of Justice (DoJ) cohortsare the "Praetorian Guard” of the international banking empire, grinding their jackboots on the throats of oppressed Americans.

Pittsburgh Stabbing is a Diabolical Zionist Hoax

They are at it once again, the people behind the Zionist cabal, faking a violent act. This is easy to realize as a fake. It makes a person wonder, though, how many people have been fooled. Is it hundreds of thousands, or is it millions? How many people in Pittsburgh-area alone have been bamboozled? After all, it is right out of Zionist TV land, that is this Pittsburgh-area school ‘stabbing.’

"New" Cold War, Same Old Tricks - BFP Roundtable #05

The BFP Roundtable convenes once again, as Peter B. Collins, Guillermo Jimenez, James Corbett, and Sibel Edmonds unite to discuss the Russia-NATO conflict ov...


A friend sent me a link to the talk given at a civic center in Eureka Montana at a civic meeting recently - regarding the crimes against his friends and neighbors by jew puppet POTUS Obama's jew cr...

Chemtrail Ghostriders

One day I met a woman, and she had been to school
She had a physics class, and she knew all the rules
“Them there ain’t chemicals trailing in the sky…
those are ice crystals!”…and she flashed an evil eye

Bravely Facing the Awful Truth

Our planet’s resources are being polluted faster than we can identify. Everything in every sphere we just years ago held dear and tried to naturally defend has been so drastically altered it’s beyond identification or comprehension.

Battling Disinformation Trolls on National Radio

Dane Wigington

UK opposition leader falls for Zionist propaganda

Stuart Littlewood reminds us of UK opposition leader Ed Miliband’s broken promise – that he would visit the occupied West Bank and Gaza Strip – and views his decision instead to regurgitate Israeli...

Watch: Australia’s man of principle exposes Zionist lobby power

"Extreme right-wing" pro-Israel lobbyists wield “extraordinary” and “unhealthy” influence on Australia's policy towards Israel and the Palestinians. These are the word of former Australian Foreign ...

Jew Money Panic! Bailout! Bailout! Bailout!

Are you ready for the biggest Jew money panic of all time?  It is here, it has arrived, the panic is on!   The stock market record highs are an illusion causing a false sense of security during the middle of collapse of the American republic.  The Jewish money masters have created another bubble with their magic money machine.  It's going to crash and the illusion of prosperity will yield to the reality of misery and default.

Filthy, deadly mayhem in India

Graham Peebles highlights the debilitating effects of pollution in India, arguing that it is time to end the official corruption and complacency that is turning India into the world’s biggest sewe...

Craft Silent About Alleged Role in Boston Bombing

In the aftermath of the Boston Marathon bombing of April 15, 2013, there were allegations made on various websites that employees of Craft International LLC of Dallas, Texas, had been involved in some unexplained activity near the finish line.  The men wore tactical outfits similar to those worn by Craft employees.  I decided to contact Craft and ask them if their employees had been involved at the Boston Marathon.  After several attempts by email and phone, I have not yet gotten a response, yes or no.