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Here it is, on June 3rd, 2014, the sun being at solar max is nearly spotless.  How is that possible?  No big solar flares while at solar max.  No big Coronal Mass Ejections aimed at earth. Something very strange is going on, last winter Niagara Falls froze solid, twice.  The Great Lakes became a solid sheet of ice.  We were told that the earth was in runaway Global Warming caused by carbon dioxide increases from burning fossil fuels.

The cold north winds of the polar vortex smashed the theory of the climate change pigs who feed at the pit of government largesse.  As we meander into another Maunder solar minima you have to wonder how humankind got so taken in by the Global Warming hoax.  Just last week the President, now the Predictor in Chief, warned the nation of upcoming devastating hurricanes. This White House Vaudeville show a big laugh, Obama now a climate wizard.

What a joke this Barry Soetero character, he's all confused and befuddled as his scurrying minions run around the White House with their discredited climate theories weaved into Presidential speeches.  What a friggin' hillarious show this is, the lack of hurricanes is a sure sign of a lack of heat, warm water drives hurricane formation.  The suckup minions of power running the nation are complete idiots.

The nation is doomed, Barry is shutting down all the coal fired plants as we slide down the ice sheet of lunacy into glacial temperatures of a new ice age.  I says its the damn Jews!  Unlimited executive power strategery of the supremacist Jews has given us a mad Nero-esque President and his muscle bound big shoulders transgender wife Gotagrrippaonobamasballs.

The Lag

Someone way back when made an incorrect inference as to CO2 and earth temperature, the two curves parallel one another, except CO2 lags by something like 800 or 2,000 years depending on which scientist does the measuring.  CO2 increases as the ocean temp increases, then decreases by a slower rate as the ice age waxes and the oceans cool.   The lag is short going up and long going down.


CO2 lags, that is what matters, CO2 is NOT a driver.  The entire global warming meme by CO2 forcing was all started by one incorrect observation of chart data, when you gaze at one of these CO2 vs. temperature charts from a long  time scale, you might get the cart before the horse.  CO2 is not causal, it merely reflects the trend, as the oceans warm, CO2 comes out of solution and increases in the atmosphere.

The next two charts illustrate this misperception of the data.  Both charts cover the same data, the first shows the two curves separated, temperature and CO2 seem correlated:


But when you overlay them, CO2 lags temperature:


Decreasing Solar Cycles A Bad Omen for Global Warming Looters

It's been near 3144 days since the last hurricane made landfall, the current solar cycle wasn't strong enough to produce strings of hurricanes.  When the sun is spotless, the earth cools, sunspots are directly correlated to earth temperature trends, so what this means is a spotless sun means diminishing solar irradiance, a cooler earth, an ice age trigger.  Someone should inform the POTUS that their ain't no damn hurricanes during an ice age.

Don't believe the near term temperature data, it's manipulated.  There are websites now tracking how they massage the data. Science is corrupted by grant money, hacks deliver predetermined results to the bureaucratic overlords who are herding society into a new Jew order of kosher carbon taxes and the dehumanization of breath.


As the solar cycles decrease in intensity and extend in length, break out the fur coats and the Jack Daniels.  It's going to be a long bitterly cold century that might trump the last mini ice age in record cold.


Holocene temperature profile threshold

interglacial dropout

Global Warming Folly

Humans continuously project trends incorrectly.  The reason for this is that Nature is cyclical, but the human mind thinks linear.  In the last couple of decades there was a smaller cycle warming trend, that trend was projected into the future as runaway global warming.  The past winter destroyed that projection as the reality of a long cold spell overturned the idea that it was warming.  Another long cold winter will convert even more people away from warming cult.

Hockey stock - 21st century

The runaway warming meme was wishful thinking of carbon tax globalists.  The temperature is now falling into a grand minima, CO2 concentrations irrelevant.  There is nothing humanity can do to stop this trend, millions will starve and be forced to move south into warmer climes.  Amerika is about to invade Mehico.


The global warming meme is a stain on the intentionally scrubbed mass mind, there is no way these fools can walk away from this one, they spent billions programming everyone to accept runaway temperatures as a science fact.  The United States government will sink into oblivion of their own lies.


They made a classic mistake, they projected a trend into a future while riding the very tale end of the trend.  Temperatures were having  a blip on the chart cycling up.  They ain't goin' up anymore you damn fools!  Temperatures are now headed down, hard down, cold is coming, freezing ass cold temperatures are going to bite the asses of the global warming liars.




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