Tomorrow has been stolen

The dawn of a new darkness casts its shadow over a mangled furture.

Nothing ever gets solved

Don't get me wrong. I love true believers. I have the greatest respect for those who say "the truth always comes out in the end". The trouble is, it doesn't. In fact, it's more accurate to say "the truth never comes out in the end". How many examples do you need?

The elderly are the lucky ones

How can anybody who calls themselves a decent person support what the United States is doing, not just to unsuspecting innocents overseas, but to well meaning people inside America who have only tried to be good citizens and raise happy families. What have those people done wrong to merit such abusive treatment by those who are supposed to protect them? There can be only one answer. The USA is no longer run by Americans. 

Murder by plane crash

Many intelligent people have tried to piece together the significant facts about the missing Malaysian jetliner that has finally been declared crashed and lost in the unexplored recesses of the Indian Ocean near Antarctica, but one fact leaps out of this morass of tragic and confusing details that tells the whole story in a single thought.

Nature has been made illegal

As I see it, the only truly valid instruction we receive in this life comes from our parents when we are little. They warn us against burning ourselves, to avoid being hit by a passing car, and most especially, not to lie, or people won't believe what we say. Which is why it always puzzled me that all the information we receive from society throughout our lives seeks to break down these initial instructions, these common sense safeguards given to us by the two people who love us most, our parents. 

America, minus the mask

First and foremost, a nation of killers

On a shrink and a prayer

As hope for the future grows ever darker, psychology and religion deal in irrelevant truths.

Agents of deception

Dulled and dimwitted by an onslaught of brain damaging anesthesia — fluoride, TV, fast food, chemtrails, meaningless distractions — most Americans can no longer remember the past in any meaningful way.

The Curse of Lions

So I was sitting in my doctor's office the other day, pondering why my blood pressure was 40 points higher in my right arm than in my left, when my gaze drifted across a recent National Geographic magazine, which featured a cover story about sugar — which happens to be central to the issue of my blood pressure — but also contained a fascinating story about lions, whom I was surprised to learn seldom lived past the age of 10.

The larger picture - The hive mind is the tomb of humanity

Why yes, Sahib! Your religion is the only genuine system of belief, the one true path to your impeccable Holy Father and his eternal salvation. All those other people pimping all those other creeds and belief systems are frauds, degenerates, perverts and infidels! They are misled by deluded charlatans who only want to build amusement parks and hire prostitutes on the sly.

Leaderless America and the out-of-control world

Look around you. Look anywhere you like. Where are you going to find a presidential candidate who will fulfill the promise of America? Who will protect the people he is sworn to serve? Who will tell the truth about what the U.S. government is actually doing?

Apologies are not enough

Jew musician's crocodile tears can't atone for centuries of crimes against humanity.

Ghost government and the slave state

Don't kid yourself, bucko. The world is full of hungry people who will do anything for money and a square meal. They never wonder about the consequences of their actions until it's too late. And when it is too late, then they'll see that their own actions are what brought them down.

The battle for human survival

Americans have lost their right to privacy and all their other Constitutional rights because of the malignant influence of Jews on every aspect of American life. For the past one hundred years, the creation of the Federal Reserve, which is owned by 13 Jewish families, has resulted in the destruction of the American economy and the well-being of the vast majority of American citizens. The dollar has lost 95 percent of its value and a multi trillion dollar debt has been created that can never be paid off. Today, millions of people face starvation and ruin directly as a result of these criminal Jewish deceptions.

The real terror is that there will be no Christmas

To the child inside of all of us, the real terror is that there will be no Christmas. The real terror is that our lives are worthless and meaningless, and that all we have done in this life will not be understood, appreciated or forgiven by anyone.

Banks and the State

In the Soviet Union, it was the state that swallowed up all the property, as well as tens of millions of lives, in its insane drive for total power and control. In the United States today, it is the banks who are fulfilling that function, seizing property on the premise that they are the impartial arbiters of financial power, just as the Soviet government pretended it was a legitimate authority of benefit to its people.

The Big Bite

How insane do you have to be to bite off the foreskin off a baby's penis and call it a holy ritual? And then, when confronted by complaints from doctors about how unsanitary and disease producing this method is, to say that your religious tradition is more important than the conclusions of modern medical science clearly demonstrates what a danger you are to every human being on this planet, including yourself.

Desperate media network foments war on truth tellers

The latest strategy of the corrupt U.S. establishment's war on freedom of speech has been defined. CNN, the Jewish network, deployed its star homosexual anchorman, ex-CIA spook Anderson Cooper, to introduce one of its many shill flunkies to declare that "Conspiracy Theorists Are Potential 'Suicide Warriors' and Are Mentally Disturbed". Observe the following short video.

The Unforgivable Sins of Mark Weber

Mark Weber must be forced out of the IHR along with his Board of Directors and a brand new Board should be appointed by a committee made up of at least nine recognized historical/holocaust revisionists, each with a track record of honesty and commitment. This is the method Weber used in the early nineties when he played a major role in ousting founder Willis Carto from the IHR, so it can't be called unfair.

Chipping children

It's now fashionable to lash out and hurt someone. It's even more satisfying than drugs. It's the new drug, actually. Verifying your own power by hurting someone else. Getting revenge on the pain you so desperately try to escape. Victory over meaninglessness.