'Cherchez le juif' at SAP

Only the paranoid survive. Andrew S. Grove, former boss of Intel Corporation

It is amazing how much unexplainable in business and politics suddenly becomes explainable once you have figured out the Jewish factor. I call this phenomenon 'Cherchez le juif', which is French for 'Look for the Jew', a term based on the expression 'Cherchez la femme', or 'Look for the woman', which implies that most irrational behaviour of males is caused by a female. What 'cherchez le juif' refers to is my observation that a lot of historic and current events only make sense for someone who is in the know of the role Jews play in it.

A good example is the case of the SAP product. SAP is the world leading Enterprise Resources Planning package.[1] Most Fortune 2000 companies are using it, partly due to the fact that it is heavily promoted by all leading consultancies catering to the large enterprise market. What makes the total dominance of SAP so stunning for insiders is the fact that most SAP implementations are a near death experience. Enterprises that go through the grueling process effectively put their organisation on hold for the 1-2 year implementation period. They also forgo any prospects of profits during that period, due to the exorbitant hardware, software and implementation cost.

SAP sales people always stress how much clerical staff enterprises will save thanks to the efficiency gains resulting from the use of their application. What they don't tell is that this reduction of staff is mostly the result of frustration with the implementation process, and it is usually the best people who leave because they don't need to put up with it. Even after the initial implementation the financial leakage caused by SAP is considerable. There is the obscene annual maintenance fee enterprises are forced to pay to SAP every year and the equally outrageous ongoing consulting costs caused by the need to constantly update and (re-)customise the application to the business needs of the organisation.

The mystery question that cannot be answered without 'cherchez le juif' is why large enterprises all over the world put themselves through the pain of implementing the clumsiest, hardest to implement and most costly application especially since it is made in Germany, not exactly a country renown for quality software products.

Shai Agassi
Shai Agassi, Mossad's former controller at SAP, now runs his own company 'Better Place' aiming to improve Mossad's control over our mobility[2]

As it turns out, SAP is a Mossad operations, a fact that can be easily concluded from the composition of its senior staff, Israeli vice-presidents and all, and its thuggish business practices, blackmailing CEO's along the lines of 'I know what you did last summer...'. SAP provides Mossad with yet another, extremely productive cash-cow and - at least as important - a backdoor to sensitive business information.

This is why all the big (Jewish controlled) accounting firms recommend SAP. This is why CEO's all over the world ignore the recommendations of their own staff with their decision to implement SAP. This is why boards of public companies - instead of putting shareholder value first as they are supposed to - allow SAP and the associated consulting parasites siphon off a good proportion if not most of their profits. It's just another Jewish tax for the benefit of IsraHell.

Footnotes :
[1] ERP packages attempt to replace all commercial applications within an organisation with one centralised application.
[2] 'Better Place' is a network of refueling stations for electric cars currently roled out in the Zionist entity. Once a driver is locked in with Agassi's company, he not only dictates the prices at which drivers are refueling their cars, but Mossad knows where and when you are doing it.

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