Holocaust I, II and III

From a cockroach's point of view, all anti-Cockroachism is evil, but that doesn't mean that we have to pamper and protect them instead of squashing them at first sight.

leaving iraqOur beloved tribe likes to indulge in blood trenched horror stories about being somehow victimised and then miraculously rescued, usually in a grotesque slaughter of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of those nasty 'haters', to be celebrated ever after as a religious holiday. That's the beauty of being Satan's 'Chosen People'. They have perfected the system to an extent that most people are now conditioned to brainlessly consider any Jewish monstrosity as a legitimate act of self-defence, whereas all criticism or even questioning of the Jewish position is regarded as a crude act of racism.[1]

There is for example the case of the mass-murder of 750,000 Persians on behalf of the (Jewish) Queen Esther, celebrated on the Jewish holiday of Purim. The story even made it in the Christian Bible.[2] And let's not forget Holocaust I, II and – still in the making – III. Holocaust I, the murder of six million Jews during WWI (!), did interestingly never fly, in spite of the best effort of the Jew media. People just laughed at them: sure, whatever... [3] Holocaust II made up for it though, mostly due to the fact that it distracted from - if not justified - the war crimes committed against the German people: 1 million civilians burned and crushed to death by the Allied terror bombing, millions of civilians murdered and raped by the Bolshevik troops, plus the millions of German POW's deliberately starved to death by the Americans and the Russians.

Holocaust III is definitely in the making. My bookie reckons that this round will go back to the Persians. I'm not so sure, because there are too many 'chosen ones' living in Iran, making it a bit tricky for Satan's little helpers to simply nuke the place. And then there are of course those pundits, the likes of Alan Hart, who are warning the Jews of a new Holocaust because the way they are misbehaving towards the Palestinians. Anti-Zionist feelings, they say, might quickly develop into anti-Semitism. Good on you guys, but next time you try to scare them, can you please do it without validating the holy hoax?

Why would the Germans have spent years to arrest, ship around the country, gas and cremate millions of Jews if they could have killed them within a week, the way General Eisenhower did it with 1.5 million German POW? And why would they have used non-poisonous exhaust fumes coming from a captured Russian tank's diesel engine to kill 2 million people in Treblinka and Majdanek? Their chemists and engineers would have known better, wouldn't they?[4]

I also object to that silly notion that – if the Israelis don't improve their ways with the Palestinians - anti-Zionism might soon turn into anti-Semitism and some kind of pogroms. As well-intended such a warning might be, I'm shocked how otherwise intelligent people can put such a negative spin on 'anti-Semitism' when some of the greatest minds in human history were highly 'anti-Semitic'. Doesn't the thought ever enter their heads that if all those amazing people have come to the conclusion that the Jews are a sick bunch of parasites and a deadly threat to the very survival of mankind, there must be some truth to it?!

The heretics dilemma: Attack or not attack the Zionist Achilles heel

[1] Of course, criticising, disliking or even hating Jews has nothing to do with racism, simply because Jews are not a race, just like the Swiss are no race. They are three or four distinct ethnic groups, some interbreeding not withstanding.
[2] Queen Esther is also featured in the logo and on the cups of Starbucks Coffee, which is run by Zionist poster boy Howard Schultz, known to raise hundreds of millions of dollars every year to fund worthy Jewish charities like those student exchange programmes where US students get sent to IsraHell to learn why apartheid is not apartheid and genocide not genocide if performed by Jews.
[3] Germar Rudolf, Lectures on the Holocaust
[4] You won't believe how ridiculous some of those Jewish accusations are after watching this documentary: One Third of the Holocaust

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