The Jewish Problem

Jews have a huge problem and it will not go away by ignoring it. Or blaming others. Denial causes the problem only to become bigger. It has been around for more than two thousand years, and if we don't fix it now, the consequences will be catastrophic.

I want to make it very clear: The problem is not anti-Semitism. The latter is just a symptom of the problem, not its cause. The problem is Jewishness itself.

Being Jewish does something to the human brain. It affects how we think, feel and act. It makes us feel both superior to and afraid of non-Jews. It makes us treat other human beings in ways that cannot be reconciled with universal human values.

What makes a Jew a Jew? The answer to the question what makes a Jew a Jew is not as easy as it might seem. Since modern Jews consist of three ethnically distinct groups, Eurasian Ashkenazi, Afro-Iberian Sephardic and Middle-Eastern Oriental Jews, it is not ethnicity. Given the fact that the vast majority of modern Jews are atheists or agnostics, it isn't religion either. The determining factor is merely the belief of being Jewish and the state of mind that comes with it. That state of mind has much resemblance to clinical manic-depression. On the one hand, there is this strong sense of superiority and chosenness, on the other hand an intense paranoia.

Jewish Supremacism

The reasons for the strong sense of Jewish superiority vary from person to person in any possible combination:

Chosenness: founded in Torah teachings that God favours Jews over non-Jews,

Religious racism: founded in Talmudic teachings that non-Jews are animals in human shape, created by God to serve and enrich Jews,

Ethnic racism: founded in beliefs that Jews have historically proven to be more intelligent, clever or otherwise genetically superior to non-Jews,

Social-Darwinism: founded in the belief that Jews are an ethnic group superior to others, to which they are in competition for the survival of the fittest.

Jewish Paranoia

Jewish paranoia is caused and maintained by the typical Jewish diet of reports on acts of anti-Semitism, especially the gruesome narrative of the so-called Holocaust. In fact it is almost impossible to be a Jew without being constantly bombarded with stories, books, news, films, conferences, museums etc containing the most graphic descriptions of acts of hatred against Jews. While this daily dose is strong enough to brainwash even the most robust adult into believing that the world is full of people out to kill him, the effect on impressionable young children and teenagers is in fact traumatic.

Jewish Psychopathy

It is unclear whether the high occurrence of clinical psychopathy amongst Jews is the result of the limited Jewish gene pool or the deadly mix of Jewish supremacism and paranoia. What is clear though is that the unconditional support of many Jews towards other Jews, even to the most horrid gangsters and psychopaths, protects and encourages those monsters and makes it difficult for society to rid itself of those threats to human society.

Our mission

Our mission at the Rebel Media Group1 is to help Jews realise that they have a huge problem that they can no longer ignore. That Jewishness is neither a race nor a religion, but a pathological mental condition that requires urgent treatment for the sake of mankind as a whole. That for a Jew to become a valuable human being, he must recant Jewishness and become what's known as former or recovering Jew. He must become Earthian, no more and no less.This is the first step for Jews to embrace all of mankind, regardless of heritage, nationality, religion or race.

[1] This article was first published on Rebel Media Group's now defunct 'Jews Anonymous' website. The project was abandoned after its founder realised that the only solution to the Jewish problem is their forced removal from the rest of mankind.

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